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Message: How Big To Go?

Anonymous: I’m a self-described anal only slut and I just can’t ever seem to get enough of big things in my ass. I’ve been doing anal since I first started masturbating and knew right away I liked to put my finger in my butt more than my pussy, and pretty much have been anal only ever since, only trying it in my pussy a few times along the way, but otherwise it’s barely been used and I’m done trying, I just want it all in my ass all the time! I cum easily from anal and never have from my pussy.

I like using big toys, stretching my ass as much as I can and making it bigger until it gets easy and I go even bigger yet. I really like fucking guys one on one still too and it feels great but I’m compelled to stretch it more and more as well. I started doing double anal pretty often last year and that’s a lot of fun, both on my own with toys and with two guys at once. I think that’s my current favorite, but I’m getting into fisting now too and I’d like to start doing triple anal.

But how big should I go? Should I stop somewhere or just keep chasing my need to go bigger and bigger? I know how to be safe and not hurt myself and I always stop if something starts to hurt, I don’t want any long-term injuries or ill effects, and I don’t have any problems as a result of my passion even though I’ve been at it for years now. I saw you posted about some girls going double anal only and I’d like to try that at least for a while. I wear a 2″ plug every day and sometimes bigger, should I go larger with that?

Thanks for the message! Sounds like you have an awesome and healthy anal only sex life! While not everyone craves going to bigger and bigger sizes, there’s nothing at all wrong with that desire and I think it’s totally normal as you really get into anal and the anal only lifestyle, especially when combined with a slut lifestyle.

Go as big as you want and keep chasing that craving. As long as you play it safe, you aren’t going to hurt yourself or develop long-term issues. And don’t worry about getting “loose” either, assholes don’t really get loose, they just increase their upper size limit. And you can have a lot more fun with a well-trained, flexible asshole than an overly tight one! So definitely keep doing what you enjoy most.

Double anal is definitely becoming more popular lately. It’s been a popular porn genre for a while, but in recent years I’ve seen a huge uptick in real women starting to practice it, some occasionally, some regularly. I know several who have gone “double anal only”, as you mentioned, and who have made it their primary sexual activity, only having sex with two or more partners penetrating them anally at the same time. If that sounds appealing to you and you have the partners to make it work on a regular basis, it could definitely be something to explore. It’s a very fun idea for the right person.

There are a lot of large plugs out there. If you find your everyday plug really comfortable and not pushing your limits anymore, you might try going to a larger one as your primary one, which will help keep you relaxed open for bigger and better things.

Good luck, and let us know how things go. I’m sure you’re in for a very fun time going forward.

Message: How Does Anal Prolapse Happen?

Anonymous: I really like to watch prolapse porn, for me is such a turn on to see a girl like Proxy Page having her asshole hanging out after being fisted. I just would like to know how this happens. It’s because having regular anal too often, or it’s because the regular insertion of big toys. I would like to do this with a girl someday, but also I wouldn’t like to hurt somebody.

There are a few different things which people refer to as anal prolapse, but they’re kind of different. The medical condition of anal prolapse is generally involuntary and problematic, and it also isn’t known to be caused by anal sex—it’s more of a preexisting condition or something one might be already prone to. It’s quite rare.

In porn, what is often referred to as prolapse or rosebudding is something that is done a lot more deliberately, and occurs as the result of the anus being significantly loosened and relaxed in the short term through the use of large toys, fists, double/triple anal, etc., and then pushing out hard as if straining when going to the bathroom in order to force part of the rectum into view in the gape.

The former is generally quite a bad and unwanted thing, but the latter isn’t generally an issue or something that occurs outside of deliberately trying to do it after or during a long anal session.

Will I Stay Loose After Double or Triple Anal?

ebrock1972: Have you or would you do a double or more anal?

ditzystella: Omg! Thanks for the question!!🌸🌸

I am going to do an about me page today answering a lot of this, but I am more than happy to tell you that no I have never done it YES I would do double, but probably not more than double because I like how small I am and if I take three I’m worried that I won’t be able to go back down to size…

Maybe this is something I should ask @analsexonly … if i have a gangbang of three big cocks in my ass, am I going to go back down to a normal size ever again?

Stella, the anal only bimbo slut next door 🚪

You aren’t going to stay loose all the time after double or triple anal, no. Instead, over time your upper limit will increase and you’ll be able to stretch open more easily to accommodate such a size, but still tightening up again when not in use. Buttholes just don’t really get permanently loose or gaping. You can enjoy two or three cocks one day and just one another day. Especially as you train and strengthen your anal muscles, that also gives you a lot more control to both relax and loosen and tighten.