Like Double Anal? Try Double Anal Only This November!

Every No Pussy November, women around the world challenge themselves to try a month of anal only (AO) and often end up getting introduced to the anal only lifestyle and choosing to stay anal only afterwards. But just because you’re now anal only doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there, challenge months like NPN can provide you with the opportunity to try new challenges.

This year, more than a few women have already expressed their interest in trying what others started exploring the past year or two, and going double anal only (DAO) for the month of November to see how they like it—and then, of course, remaining that way going forward if they do!

As a result, this is going to be the official challenge this year for No Pussy November for any women who are already anal only and/or really enjoy or like the idea of double anal sex. Start training and preparing now with dildos or with partners so that come November you’re ready and eager to dive right in to a month of 100% double anal masturbation and sex!

What does this mean? When masturbating, you should use at least two dildos in your ass at the same time. When having sex, if you have one partner, you should have their penis and a dildo in your ass at the same time; or, if you have two partners, you should have both their penises or strapons in your ass together at the same time in whatever combination your partners have. And you do this every time you have sex, without doing single anal penetration.

For everyone else, fear not—there will be plenty of other fun challenges to try as well if double anal isn’t your thing! Stay tuned for coming announcements leading into No Pussy November 2020.

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2 responses to “Like Double Anal? Try Double Anal Only This November!”

  1. JennyAO says:

    I’m going to do this!! My boyfriend and some of his friends started doing double anal with me this year and we really love it, so I’m going to suggest we do it every time for November!

  2. Courtney Winterbottom says:

    I have been double anal only since 2005, if I can’t have 2 men’s dicks , then i use a dildo at the same time as a guy fucking me

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