Quote: Anal and Depression

One of the reasons I so passionately started reviewing anal toys and exploring more and more butt play in my partnered and solo sex, was because I was experiencing difficulties climaxing from genital play. I’ve been taking SSRIs, a class of antidepressants that’s highly effective and most commonly prescribed, but often makes people experience sexual side effects, some of which are: decreased libido, reduced sensation in the genitalia and anorgasmia. In other words, I couldn’t come the ways I would normally come before the pills – from vaginal intercourse and combined with clitoral vibration.

Anal sex and butt toys opened new doors to pleasure and different sensations for me, someone who thought knew their own sexuality and pleasure response. Anal play is now a really vital part of my sex life. And I wish more people gave it credit and acknowledged how strong and delightful pleasure from butt stuff can be.

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Forum: Anal Only With New Guy

I started seeing this guy a while back who didn’t want kids (or marriage/cohabitation). Initially I broke it off with him because I thought I wanted those things, but as time went on I realized I don’t want kids or marriage either. He got back in touch with me about 3 weeks ago and we’ve been holding off on masturbating for 2 weeks. He finally came over last night and he unloaded two big loads in my ass. It felt great! The second time was the best anal I’ve ever had, just sliding smoothly in and out with no pain or discomfort. I thought I was going to have my first anal orgasm, but he came before I climaxed. Although he fingered my cunt lots, his cock never came close and I’m totally ok with him never penetrating me vaginally.


I was the first woman he’s ever done anal with, and i can tell he loves it! Hopefully he’s hooked! I think I’m going to try and be anal only with this guy – I doubt he’ll ever try to put his cock in my cunt. He’s hot AF too! I’m hoping t have my first anal orgasm with him.

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Discussion: I (30f) am anal-only with my (30m) Dom. AMA!

A reddit user posts an AMA about her anal only relationship:

I do still get to have pleasure from my greedy clit. He allows this because He wanted me to learn to have pleasure in anal activities, which I do now. I have anal orgasms and they are amazing. I wish that I could be able to say I am truly 100% anal-only meaning no clit action at all. I’ll get there some day!

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Message: Communication is Key!

CS: My wife of 5.5 years is pregnant with our second child, something we agreed to. Prior to actually trying for a baby, we were doing anal nearly every time we had sex; vaginal served almost as foreplay for it. In the last year, I had mentioned “Maybe one time you’ll be so into it, you’ll suck my cock after.” “Is that what you want?” she asked. And now ass-to-mouth is something we do regularly, provided everything is clean.

As for the pregnancy, I had mentioned that I found this blog… and as we got into the topic more, she admitted that, aside from wanting a baby, she doesn’t even like vaginal sex that much. The thought that she strongly prefers it in the ass for more than just my desire sent me reeling. She also mentioned that when we’re able to get back into our active sex life, she’d be willing to practice getting off more regularly without clitoral play.

For anyone wanting to try new things, be it anal or not, just talk about it! It’s all about trust in your partner that makes it so passionate and exciting.

Congratulations to the both of you! Communication absolutely is key, and if more couples communicated about such things, many would find that they strongly shared a preference for anal, or that the other would at least be very willing to try an anal focus for their partner.

You’ve both got something to look forward to now as you shift to anal only when returning to an active sex life, and it’s going to be so much fun and so satisfying as you do so.

Halfway Through Anal Only April 2019

Craving something new? Why not go anal only for a whole month? Challenge yourself to Anal Only April.

We’re now halfway through Anal Only April, our annual event encouraging people to try going anal only for a whole month to experience what it’s really like to do just anal long-term and discover the benefits of doing so for them. Read our introduction post about it from the start of the month here.

If you are just discovering this now, or haven’t have a chance to try it yet, it’s not too late to get started! You can either plan on taking part in the next two weeks until the end of April, or you can just get started on a full month right now!

If you have been taking part, don’t forget to check in and let us know how things are going. Updates, questions, and requests for advice are all always welcome from anyone and everyone.

Sparking an Anal Revolution

In some ways, we’re already in an anal revolution—anal porn is immensely popular; anal sex is far more popular, especially among younger people, than it has been for generations; and rimming and other anal play are practically mainstream at this point. But we still have a long way to go, and the revolution can be far larger.

Being more open about your own love for anal and how good it is for everyone when done right can be a very powerful way to help inspire others to try it as well. Positivity is a powerful thing, and can quickly counter people’s negative impressions of anal, especially when the positivity is coming from a trusted friend while the negativity is more of a vague generalization that surrounds it.

Offer advice to friends who ask, encourage them to try anal the right way, and suggest that friends who already enjoy anal try going anal only for a month or more and help them along the way with that process of giving up vaginal sex.

Together, we can all help make anal not just more popular, but the new normal.

Discussion: How Can You Have Anal Sex and Keep Your Anus Unchanged?

This Quora discussion gets into the common myth of anal sex causing damage or permanent alteration of the anus, and whether it’s possible to have anal without causing such harm.

Very easy. The human anus is made of muscle. It is able to stretch and accommodate the passage of objects larger in size than a human penis. Like any other muscle in the body, it is able to stretch out and then return to its original size, shape, and physiological state. In fact, just like any other muscle in the body, the more it is exercised the stronger it gets!

Michael McClennen, Quora

By going slowly, stopping when it hurts, and using enough lubrication.

When done correctly, anal sex does not do damage to the body. It is important that the person who is being penetrated is relaxed and aroused, and that a lot of lubrication is used to reduce friction. STOP when it hurts. Go slower.

That is how.

Elizabeth Retief, Quora

Much of the myth and confusion surrounding this topic relates to the fact that by having anal sex or masturbating anally on a regular basis, you’re not only strengthening your anal muscles but keeping them much more active and warmed up, which makes it much easier to relax them. Some people confuse this with the idea of them being “loose” or “stretched”, as if that’s some sort of permanent state. But there’s no loss of control, there’s in fact an increase in control, and it’s easy to loosen or tighten them at will. The default resting state is still for the anus to be closed and tight, but it can open up for sex much more easily with experience and practice.

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Article: Teen Vogue is Teaching Sex Ed the Way Public Education Should

On July 7, Teen Vogue published a column titled “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know.” The article detailed the benefits and nitty-gritty details of what it’s like going in the back door, from how to approach anal sex with your partner to what to expect during your first attempt. They claimed the guide was the “anal 101 for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.”

Needless to say, conservatives were not pleased about it.

Within the following weeks, Fox NewsBreitbart, and other conservative news outlets wrote their responses to the article, criticizing the piece and calling it “agenda driven” and “smut.” A mom blogger called The Activist Mommy even posted a videoof her burning the issue, calling for a boycott of Teen Vogue for “teaching sodomy to our children.” It’s no surprise that some people didn’t like it, but some went as far to say that it was a “parent” issue — that talking about sex with teens was not okay.

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Forum: 7 Months and Counting

User Hitman1386 on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum shares an update on his anal only life with his wife:

I am happy to let you all know that my wife and I have been anal only for 7 months. She hasn’t felt or wanted my cock in her pussy at all. She has been having multiple orgasms without any clitoral stimulation at all and she has been loving it and so have I.

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