Article: Press pause on your outrage over Teen Vogue’s anal sex tutorial

I understand the outrage over Teen Vogue’s tutorial on a specific type of sex.

Not because I’m outraged by the tutorial — I’m not.

But because I am often outraged by the stuff magazines throw at teens — stuff that causes them to daily, hourly, question whether they’re skinny enough, popular enough, flawless enough. (More on that in a minute.)

First, a recap: Teen Vogue recently ran an article headlined, “Anal sex: What you need to know.” The tone is dispassionate, bordering on clinical, but it still manages to be accessible and nonjudgmental. The perfect — and not easy to achieve — delivery for all things sex ed.

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Message: No Reason For Vaginal

Jess: I really think there’s no reason at all to ever have vaginal sex. I did it before I knew better, but since I went anal only I have no interest in ever having vaginal again. There are ways to get pregnant without doing vaginal, or you can adopt, and I’d rather do either of those things than get my pussy fucked.

Anal is better for everything, but it’s also just better to never use your vagina in any way. Not using it makes everything else better. Everyone should be anal only.

I like your enthusiasm and wholehearted approach to the anal only lifestyle. Everyone has their own interpretation to it, and yours is certainly a very literal one, which is great if it’s what works for you!

Most people, even if anal only, are probably going to still utilize vaginal sex for reproductive purposes, which I think is fine if that’s what they need or want to do, but you’re right that there are certainly alternatives, and there are people who have gotten pregnant without having vaginal sex, so it can be a viable option for people who want to try pure anal only pregnancy.

You touch on something interesting and quite true regarding anal only not necessarily just being about anal being better, but also about the exclusion of vaginal being an improvement for everything else. That’s very true, for sure, and a nuance that not everyone picks up on.

The Anal Only Lifestyle is the Future

Let’s be honest up front: while anal sex and the anal only lifestyle have been growing in popularity over the past decade, they still have a long way to go before we reach levels of widespread adoption. This is a long-term look at the future of human sexuality and an appeal for the anal only lifestyle to become the default for everyone.

That might be hard to process for many people who have not yet experienced the benefits of going anal only, but hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of why anal sex is not only better than vaginal, there are a lot of reasons why you should completely replace vaginal with anal for non-reproductive sexual activity.

Overpopulation is a Growing Concern

With climate change and other effects of overpopulation stressing our ecosystem in increasingly noticeable ways, drastic measures need to be taken to reverse the trend of exploding and unsustainable population growth. Global population numbers need to start going down before leveling back out again and remaining stable.

Widespread adoption of the anal only lifestyle has the natural side-effect of providing universal natural birth control to everyone, resulting in a near-complete elimination of unplanned pregnancies.

Sex for Pleasure, not Reproduction

Vaginas and vaginal sex still have their place in the anal only lifestyle, but specifically for planned reproduction, when a couple is ready to have a child, and know they want one. Separating reproductive vaginal sex from the intimacy, pleasure and recreation of anal sex, and ensuring that it remains only for that purpose, makes a lot of sense, since anal is better suited for pleasure and intimacy anyway, and is totally natural birth control.

Modern Values About Sex Are Changing Rapidly

We’re moving past the idea of primarily existing for biological purposes of reproduction. Women aren’t just for getting pregnant and making babies, spamming our world with copies of ourselves—we’re all equal partners now in life and pleasure, and our sex should evolve along with that. Women who have anal sex and who are anal only have far more satisfying sex lives, orgasm more frequently and more intensely, and enjoy closer, more trusting and more intimate relationships with their partners. By going anal only, you’re making sex about you and your partner and your shared pleasure and intimacy, rather than simply existing to reproduce.

Article: Why Women Should Have Anal Sex

Anal sex gets a bad rap. It’s not hard to understand why. It’s been considered taboo for centuries and often considered to foster homosexual tendencies. But I am a warm blooded woman that happens to love anal sex.

I get why (even I back then) women are cringing at the thought of a man’s you know what coming even close to their back doors. It’s a sexual act only shown on the adult websites and never in coming of age or romantic movies. It’s been made to sound painful and dangerous by scores of women that had a terrible experience with it. Awful, because I feel sorry for their experience, yet that’s understandable. But even more appalling are the ridiculous articles by women who do love anal sex as a degradation to the female race.

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Discussion: I’m a girl, I prefer anal, and never lost my vaginal virginity AMA

So begins an AMA on Reddit by a young woman who has only ever had anal sex and prefers anal. When asked how she knows that she prefers anal without having lost her vaginal virginity, she answers:

Because I’ve tried vaginal penetration through methods other than sex (fingering, dildos, etc). And did not enjoy them nearly as much as I enjoyed anal sex

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Historical Examples of the Anal Only Lifestyle

Anal sex is nothing new, and neither is the concept of the anal only lifestyle. There are multiple examples throughout history of civilizations which frequently and openly practiced anal sex as a regular and equal part of their sex lives, in many cases using it as a form of birth control, engaging in anal sex for their day-to-day pleasure and intimacy and only having vaginal sex to get pregnant.

The Moche Culture

Moche pottery depicting anal sex
A Moche sex pot depicting anal sex

The Moche people lived in northern Peru between approximately 100 to 700 CE. They left behind extensive ceramic pots with intricately carved scenes, many of which are sexual in nature, and which almost exclusively depict anal sex, with vaginal virtually non-existent in depictions.

Many theories have been developed to try and explain this as some sort of symbolism, or various belief systems, but far more likely is that their culture simply recognized that anal could provide pleasure and intimacy without the often unwanted and negative effects of vaginal sex, and used it as a form of birth control—or simply preferred anal pleasure for its countless benefits beyond the inability to get pregnant from it.

Other scholars believe the absence of vaginal sex in the pottery could also be indicative of another form of gender equality that gives women the same right to physical pleasure as men. By portraying women as in control of their own bodies, with their own sexual agency, the erotic ceramics might cast them as more than just future child-bearers whose value relies on their virginity.

Object of Intrigue: Moche Sex Pots, Atlas Obscura

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Ancient Sumeria

Records show that anal was considered to be a normal and non-taboo part of sex in ancient Sumeria, and there are frequent references to it. In addition, certain priestesses were forbidden to produce offspring and so adopted an anal only lifestyle in order to ensure they did not become pregnant.

Ancient Greece

In addition to the more commonly known homosexual activities in Ancient Greece, Greek courtesans (and likely many others) frequently went anal only as a form of birth control.

Message: Your Blog Made Anal Sexy

I want to thank you for this blog, discovering it changed my life and my outlook on anal sex. I wanted to learn more about it because my boyfriend wanted anal but I didn’t find the idea sexy and didn’t even want to try. But after reading people’s stories and how good it could feel and how sexy it was to them, I got really turned on and decided to try it myself. I tried it by myself first, like you say, and then I had my boyfriend start to play with my ass, and last month we started having anal sex for the first time.

I really, really love it. And I never would have done it without this blog. So thank you. If any other girls are out there who are curious but afraid to try, don’t wait, try it for yourself! It’s amazing.

I’m glad I was able to inspire you to get over your fears of anal and try it for yourself! So many people refuse to try it because of their misconceptions and end up missing out on the best way to have sex as a result.

Now that you know how enjoyable anal sex is, maybe your next step should be trying to go anal only for a few months and see how much better it gets when you eliminate vaginal entirely!

Discussion: How is Anal Sex Pleasurable for Women?

A Quora user asks that question, and receives the following answer:

There are many possible reasons.

Psychological – doing something “unusual”, or that a woman thinks makes her more desirable or sexy. This is a short term and honestly quite fake pleasure.

The anus for many (men and women) is very sensual and produces a great pleasure.

It may provide (with the proper knowledge and mastery on behalf of the partner) access with different quality to various areas of the woman’s erogenous areas, mainly the G-spot (region actually) and glands in the area. Some women would achieve more intense female ejaculation and/or orgasms from anal sex.

It can provide a sense of a much deeper penetration which is pleasurable for many.

Since it is very pleasurable for many men – the woman will sense their elevated sexual energy and respond to it.

The recommendation would be for cautiously trying it, testing it. With communication, sensitivity, care and slowly.

Only if you both find it pleasurable do it. Don’t force it upon yourself for any reason.

Ben Shomer, Quora

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Anal Only Valentine’s Day

Still looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift to give your boyfriend? If you aren’t already anal only together, why not go anal only for him? Whether it’s for the day, for a week, or for a month, tell him you want him to have anal sex with you as often as he wants without doing vaginal at all.

And if you are already anal only, this could be the opportunity to introduce something new, like clitoral denial, long-term butt plug wear, or working up to double anal, fisting or larger anal toy use into your routine.

And if by the end of your day, week, or month of anal only, you find that you really enjoyed it, just keep going with it! A trial period like this is a great way to discover that you actually prefer being anal only.

Discussion: Why Do Girls Prefer Anal?

That’s the question a Reddit user asks, and receives a few good responses, including the following.

I love having my ass filled with cum. I like the feeling of the dick in my ass and it makes me feel like a dirty whore and it’s especially great when you do it for a guy that hasn’t been able to experience it with another girl.

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