Message: I’m Repulsed by Anal and It Makes Me Feel Like a Weirdo

Anonymous: idk if im the only one that feels this way, but on a personal level, for me, i always get repulsed or disgusted when i hear the mentions of vaginal penetration or even see vaginal penetration, i dunno why, but this is how i actually feel to be honest. vaginal disgusts me for weird reasons (being on birth control, having menstrual cycle, afraid of getting pregnant, mainstream porn, negative perceptions). im not saying everyone should not try anal, it’s just that i hate it when people who have positive anal sex treats anal as dirty and kinky, when it’s literally pleasurable and hot, like?? anything sex (except anal sex) repulses me. i sorry for bringing some negativity and sounding like a prude, i wanted to rant since this situation had got me feeling icky and terrible (im a girl btw)

You’re definitely not alone, a lot of people share anywhere from a disinterest to an active dislike of vaginal penetration or sex, for a variety of reasons. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed or weird about it, if you don’t like it you don’t like it, and anal is definitely the better option anyway, so just focus on that and how much you enjoy it instead!

If you face anal negativity, counter it with anal positivity of your own and talk about how nice and pleasurable and sexy it is instead. Spread the joy and love of anal to others and be an encouraging force for people to try it, like it, and want more of it.

On Anal Positivity

For the longest time, the representation of anal in porn was centered around the idea of it being something that guys wanted, girls rarely did, and when they did it, they would suffer through it and dislike it but do it for their guys. This gave many people the impression that that’s what anal was like in the real world, despite the fact that most of the porn actors in such scenes actually enjoyed anal and were pretending that it hurt or they disliked it. The result was a lot of women with no interest in even trying it, based on that false perception, combined with other myths and persistent ideas based on bad experiences of friends.

In the past decade, porn has generally shifted to a much more positive portrayal of anal sex and pleasure, focusing on the fact that women can and do in fact very much enjoy it, and can get a lot of pleasure from it. This is a good change, for sure, and has turned on a lot more people to the idea, encouraging them to try it for themselves to see if the same is true for them, resulting in a rapidly growing interest in and practice of anal sex by people in their regular sex lives.

More recently, however, a new trend has formed on Tumblr and Bdsmlr and other similar platforms, where a large quantity of the content and captions relating to anal sex and the anal only lifestyle are from a one-sided, misogynistic, “male pleasure is all that matters” perspective, and often focus on the idea that it’s not enjoyable or is even actively painful or harmful to women, and pushes that idea hard as a positive thing. Now, there certainly is a place for that as a kink, but it’s been unfortunate to see it become the predominant focus of porn focusing on anal only, and shift the general tone of AO in porn away from mutual enjoyment and positivity to this.

It’s a trend I’d like to see change, and I hope to see more blogs show up that focus on pleasure and enjoyment by women instead.

Message: Stomach Issues After Anal

KateLovesAnal: I want to be able to do anal every day but my stomach gets upset often afterwards. Gas, constipation and general stomach discomfort to the point that it would be unenjoyable or even painful. This can happen even if my asshole itself is more or less fine. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. I love anal and am getting more bored with my pussy every day. I want to be able to have anal every day but sometimes my body just won’t let it happen.

This can be the result of a few different factors, and could even be something I’m not covering here. If nothing I mention helps, it may be worth talking to a doctor about it as well if you have the opportunity to do so.

It could be digestive in nature. Do you have any issues with digestion with not having anal sex, or is it triggered by the anal sex for you and you normally feel fine? Adding dietary fiber or fiber supplements to your diet and daily routine can be a good way to have a more regular digestive cycle and reduce the issues that result from anal sex.

Do you use an enema before having anal sex? How much water are you using if so? If you use too much and get it too deep, without fully doing a deep clean, you can clean yourself out briefly but end up activating your digestive tract and cause cramping or even diarrhea. Alternatively, some people need to do a deeper enema to clean themselves out suitably to avoid gas and cramping, though diet and exercise can reduce the need for this.

Are you wearing butt plugs regularly? Some people find that doing so can help regulate their digestive system and make it more accommodating for anal sex, while others find that it causes constipation if they keep large plugs in for too long.

What type of lube are you using? Some lubes can cause reactions that result in increased gas or cramping, and you might want to try a different kind if this something you’re experiencing.

Finally, you may just need to persevere for a while and stick with it. Some people get cramping as a reaction to anal penetration at first but if they keep doing anal penetration as a regular routine, it can go away.

I hope that you’re able to figure this out, and live the anal only life that you want.

Anal Only Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day is here, and whether you’ve been planning to give the gift of anal only this year, or if you need a last minute gift idea and are coming up blank, this is your opportunity.

Going anal only can not only be a fun and exciting change for you and your partner, it can be far more pleasurable than vaginal, and brings your relationship closer together and with greater intimacy than vaginal can provide.

Start with a month long challenge, so you can work out any issues you come across during the initial adjustment period and still have a few weeks to just enjoy the benefits of pure anal, and then if you found, as many do, that you don’t actually miss vaginal sex and prefer being anal only, just keep going with it after the month is over.

Reddit: Riding His Dick for the First Time Since Going Anal Only

As a freeuse wife, I usually flirt subtly like getting all dolled up and flashing him casually by bending down so he can see up my dress. But I rarely initiate sex unless it’s waking him up with a blowjob because I like him being in control.

Well the other night, relaxing after work and we had both had a few drinks, and I’d been wearing a small plug that I bought myself last week. I was wearing a pair of thick black tights underneath my dress, but didn’t tell him I had cut a hole just low enough to expose my asshole for use, while still covering most of my cunt.

I went to the restroom and gently pulled out the plug, making sure I was nice and clean inside. I took a syringe and squirted lube up inside myself and carefully walked back over to see his glass empty, so I refilled it for him and straddled him when I came back. We kissed for awhile and I started undoing his pants and pulled his dick out. His hand moved up my dress and he sighed when he felt I was wearing tights rather than stockings. He told me to go lie on the bed, but instead I surprised him by getting up on my knees, reaching down between my legs, and pushing his cock against my bare asshole. I kept kissing him while slowly trying to force him inside me, and after a few seconds, pop he was in! I lowered myself completely down on him and kept slowly romantically riding him. It felt so close and intimate! When my legs started getting tired in that position, I turned around and kept riding him until he had me stop and just held me there, sitting on his lap with his dick up my ass. He kissed my shoulders and his hands traveled all over my thighs, ass, groin, everywhere but my cunt. He felt my tits, traveled down my stomach all the way down to where my hair would start if I had any, and stopped. He moved his hands back to my hips and I started bouncing again, he started thrusting harder and faster, and I felt so close to getting off! Alas, not today. But maybe someday.

He pulled out slowly while I squeezed myself shut, and I wiped myself down while he had a quick shower. Our love life has never been better! I’m so glad we made this change!

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Reddit: Hornier After Going Off Birth Control

Preface: I know not everyone goes without vaginal contact, but we do and it works well for us.

I was doing amazingly well enjoying my husband pounding my ass and going no contact with my cunt these last few months, but out of the blue I started struggling! I figured out that I’m probably ovulating thanks to going off birth control and it has awoken my needy little clit. I got the courage to talk to him about it last night after spending all day working out and cleaning the house to keep my mind off of the sudden and overwhelming urge to touch myself. He thanked me for being honest with him about my difficulty, and I feel so relieved knowing he is here to help me instead of being disappointed in me for not being absolutely perfect. We are all a work in progress.

So he introduced me to clit snapping. I keep a rubber band around my wrist so it’s always handy, and when the urge gets severe, I lightly stretch it out and snap it against my clit. Thankfully there are so many nerves there it doesn’t take much and doesn’t leave it too red or do any damage, but it hurts enough to take the edge off my desire to pleasure myself. Then I use my energy for something useful instead.

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Quote: Girls, Don’t Be Afraid of Double Anal

From elegantphdap on Bdsmlr, who has asked questions and shared on this blog before, and who has lived the anal only lifestyle for about 4 years, and practices double anal when possible:

When I had my first anal experience I was insecure. I hadn’t have that much feedback from other woman who tried this too. Is it normal? Is it safe? How can I make it a better experience.

I want to change that for all the women out there regarding double anal. 

My first contact with DAP was in a porn movie. I saw this scene where Rocco and another guy sticked their dicks into a girls ass. The way she performed and showed her feelings hit me. Since then I secretly wished to experience that myself.

Since then I tried to find other informations about other women who had experienced this kind of intercourse. It is somehow still hard to find nowadays.

My first real life experience was indeed with two men after a party. It was my first time with two men. We started with DP but due the fact that I preferred anal it didn’t feel good. I asked the if it would be ok to try it to put both in my butt and they agreed. We took it very slowly, I was scared… but, what for? It felt amazing.

Girls, don’t stop trying and pushing your boundaries. Double anal is amazing!

Feel free to share your own great double anal experience with me and the rest of the girls out there.

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Reddit: Anal Only — It’s Just Better!?

My gf and I have been anal only for over a year, meaning we haven’t had penis-in-vagina sex at all for all that time. (See my earlier posts for how we’ve recently ‘levelled up’ to full pussy exclusion)

But for a long time even before being properly AO I would pretty much always finish in her ass, mouth or on her body even if I did spend some time in her other hole… in fact she recently said to me that she doesn’t think she’s had cum in her vagina for well over two full years and can’t actually remember the last time… when we started talking about it we realised we’re not even 100% sure if I’ve EVER cum in there because of how often I’d pull out or finish somewhere else. Pretty good going?! I suspect I have cum in her pussy to be honest but I can’t be sure.

That really made me realise again how much better anal sex is than vaginal in every way. Because we never use her vagina we’ve been able to stop using all forms of birth control entirely. She stopped taking her pill over 6 months ago and accidental pregnancy basically isn’t something we worry about (we know it’s TECHNICALLY possible)

So I was thinking about how many problems would just go away if the world became anal only by default… teen pregnancies would virtually vanish, for example and no one would really have an unplanned baby having ‘normal’ sex… they’d have to consciously do something unusual to conceive.

That would surely be a good thing for the world… overpopulation would likely cease to be an issue because people would only have children after thinking it all through and deciding to have them.

That’s not even mentioning all the other physical benefits which my gf and I have experienced like heightened enjoyment of sex and closer emotional attachment…

It’s just a better way to live, I say!

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Why Going Anal Only is Better Than Doing Both Anal and Vaginal

A question people sometimes have is why anyone would want to go anal only and fully exclude vaginal sex, when they could have the “best of both worlds” and do both vaginal and anal. While it may seem counterintuitive at first, there really are advantages to fully replacing vaginal with anal.

Pleasure and Arousal are Amplified With Anal Only

While it’s certainly possible to enjoy anal in combination with vaginal, and many people have and enjoy both regularly, the pleasures of anal get even better when making it the primary or only way you have sex, because you’re focusing entirely on it and mastering it as your source of pleasure. When you switch frequently between both, your body has to adapt to both forms of pleasurable input and you can miss out on the full potential of pleasure. People who go anal only find that anal just gets increasingly pleasurable over time the more they focus exclusively on it.

Additionally, anal leads to the greatest levels of arousal for most women, and going anal only further amplifies that arousal. Because vaginal and clitoral stimulation is often an easier outlet (but not a stronger outlet) for pleasure, it tends to effectively short circuit the anal pleasure pathways and get people to orgasm before anal can do the same, at least in people who are more used to non-anal orgasms. That, combined with the fact that anal orgasms generally don’t have the same arousal suppressing after-effects that other orgasms can, means that focusing just on anal pleasure and orgasms almost always results in significantly increased arousal.

The Benefits of Anal Birth Control Are Lost With Vaginal

Those who choose to use anal sex as their primary form of birth control have very positive results with significantly reduced risk of pregnancy compared to vaginal sex without supplemental hormonal or barrier forms of birth control. Many women have serious side effects from hormonal birth control and the idea of being able to have sex without worrying about pregnancy and without those negative effects is highly appealing and can be a major factor in going anal only for some women.

However, if vaginal is still in the mix, that benefit is lost and one has to still use other forms of birth control in order to safely avoid risk of pregnancy.

Reddit: I Want to Go Anal Only

I got my ass fucked for the first time recently and I loved it. The only thing is I can’t help but rub my clit because it feels so good. Then my clit cums and my ass cums and I’m spent. It’s such an intense orgasm I have to call it quits.

I want to try anal only but I’m worried I’m going to have such a hard time ignoring my pussy. My boyfriend loves it when I rub my clit because it makes me squeeze his dick since it feels so good.

My pussy also gets super wet when he’s fucking my ass it just starts throbbing and I can’t ignore it.

I also don’t know about how my boyfriend would feel about going anal only. He loves my pussy and always tells me how incredible it is. Loves how convenient it is where he can just quick fuck me and go on with his day without feeling like he needs to shower. I also feel like I need to shower after anal as opposed to just having a wet pussy for the rest of the day.

Another thing is he has a thick cock and I can already feel my asshole getting stretched and little bit looser after he’s just been pounding away at it recently. My plugs just slide in now and my asshole opens almost immediately when he pushes his cock in.

What should I do

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