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One of the best ways to get into the anal only lifestyle is to try it for an extended period of time. We recommend trying it for a whole month, as it gives you enough time to adjust to the routine and work out the kinks, but some people start just doing it one day a week, or for a weekend, then expand it to one week a month, and slowly work their way up to being anal only for a whole month or more before committing to it long-term.

For our official Anal Only challenges, see the Anal Only April and No Pussy November categories.

Message: Learned to Love Anal Only

Anonymous: I wanted to share something that happened to me this year and I didn’t expect to happen. I’d always liked anal (what guy doesn’t, right?) but thought of it as something to do on special occasions or when a girl was on her period. In retrospect, I sort of cheapened it by seeing it as something lesser than what I still thought of as the normal way to have sex, vaginal.

Anyway, I started seeing this girl earlier this year who told me the first night we had sex that she wanted to do anal and I of course agreed, then over the next few dates she wanted me to always do anal only, and after three or four times she said she wanted to be anal only and not have vaginal at all. I’d never heard of this before, but she convinced me to try it (she can be very convincing) and we did it for the next month.

Now, I thought I was going to get tired of it and would want to go back to her pussy. After all, I thought vaginal sex was the way everyone was supposed to be having sex and anal was just a rare thing to do, not a staple of sex. But, every time we did anal, it got better. And soon, it was way better than most vaginal sex I’d ever had. And I wasn’t getting bored or tired, I was getting more into it and the idea of only doing anal was making a lot more sense. I was really questioning everything and wondering why I’d never tried this before.

Needless to say, by the time we’d finished her little challenge to me, I was sold. We hardly even needed to talk about it, we both knew we were going anal only. I’d never even fucked her pussy once and I was ready to agree to never do it!

We’re still together and still anal only about nine months later, and I honestly think I would have a hard time going back to vaginal sex now. I’ve really fallen for her, but also for the anal only lifestyle. We’ve been reading your blog for a while, and we really like the Anal Only 2020 challenge. We’re already anal only, but we agree that it’s the future of sex, and we’re making a pledge to stay anal only together and never have vaginal sex. I hope lots more couples do the same, and more guys consider going anal only and don’t just think of it as an occasional treat on top of vaginal like I used to.

Congratulations on finding someone who was able to challenge you in ways that made you better and opened you up to the anal only lifestyle. That can be hard to find, but it’s so rewarding when you find it.

And thank you for sharing your goals for 2020 and beyond. It’s good to see people embracing the idea of an anal only future.

Message: No Clit, Anal Only & 24/7 Butt Plug

Canan the Turkishwife: First of all, I apologize for my poor English. I’ve been anal only with my husband for 2 years. I haven’t touched my clitoris since May. I only do anal masturbation without touching my pussy and clit.

I’ve been wearing anal plugs on my ass 24/7. I have the right to remove anal plugs for no more than one hour a day. My husband fucks me in the ass every day, but he says it’s not enough. My husband wants me to be “Double Anal Only” now. He wants to fuck me without removing the anal plug. He wants me to wear a second anal plug after the fuck. Do you think I should do this to make him happy?

Is it something that you want to do? Everyone’s sexual and relationship dynamic is different, and it sounds like you have a dom/sub dynamic going on, but what you want can still matter as well.

Aside from whether it’s something you want to do, my concern would be that keeping two butt plugs in your ass would become uncomfortable fairly quickly, as they aren’t designed to be worn in that manner, and a better approach might be to go up in size to a larger plug that’s ergonomically designed but still is significantly larger.

And for double anal sex, that’s certainly something that many people are exploring and enjoying, though usually with two men or a man and a dildo, rather than a man and a butt plug. It’s no doubt possible, but might not be comfortable for either of you to do with a butt plug every time. If you’re interested, give it a try and see how it goes, but if it doesn’t work out very well, you could try it with a dildo instead alongside his penis.

Ultimately, I’d suggest trying it a few times, seeing how it works, and then if you do find something that works, commit to a month of it and see how things progress from there before committing to it fully.

Forum: Renewed Anal Only Wedding Vows

My wife and I have been married for eight years, as of September. We had anal intercourse throughout our relationship, but we only began to reliably have anal sex starting around our fifth year. Since then, each year she has become more and more interested in an anal only lifestyle. I had brought it up to her during intercourse, and she said that she enjoyed the thought of it.

We have started maintaining an anal only lifestyle since two months ago. Leading up to this wonderful change in our relationship, we made the decision that should would not be allowed to orgasm outside of anal sex. It wasn’t long before my wife abandoned her cunt in favor of anal sex, though she chooses to abstain from orgasms about half of the time, as she wants to ensure that she is focused on anal pleasure.

She has told me that she wants to maintain two different styles of anal only sex in our marriage. First, she wants to only orgasm when my cock is in her ass, and she wants to work toward being clit-free. Second, she wants to nourish an orgasm-free outlook regarding anal sex, so she often has me assfuck her without allowing her to touch her clit. Each time that we have clit-free anal sex, she becomes more and more aroused by it. We have not successfully had an anal only orgasm, but as she abstains from clitoral orgasms, I can tell that we are getting closer.

We have decided that she will use her glass plug, which is about the circumference of my cock, every other day. It has gotten to the point when she wears it without me bringing up the topic. She wears it about two hours every other day, and she continues to wear it for longer periods of time. This makes anal sex much easier, as the warm up period it the more serious hurdle regarding anal sex. She has a semi-permanent gape, and she proudly shows it to me in the evenings.

Last week, she surprised me by asking me if we could renew our wedding vows on our 10th anniversary to be anal only. This would be a private event with her girlfriends. I am looking forward to making our new wedding vows. We are taking active steps for her to be clit-free, and I feel that her first anal only orgasm will lead directly to total freedom from her cunt and clit. She has expressed interest in being an anal only doll, as she wants her pleasure to be derived from my own pleasure and whatever experiences she has with her ass during intercourse.

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Anal Only 2020

As we posted about several weeks ago, the near year is upon us, and the traditional period of change and new life goals is amplified this year by the fact that it’s also the beginning of a new decade. As such, we’re suggesting a new challenge for those who are interested in the anal only lifestyle but haven’t yet committed to it: go for it.

Stop waiting and stop making excuses. You want this, so what are you waiting for? You only live once, and you should pursue what you want. Make the decision to be anal only going forward. Whether that means only masturbating anally because you don’t have a partner to have anal sex with you yet, telling new partners that you only do anal once it’s time to start having sex, or telling your existing partner that you want to go anal only and working together to make that transition, do whatever it takes to strive for your goal.

If you’re already anal only, think about your long term goals and how to make the anal only lifestyle a permanent part of your life and deepen your commitment to it, whether that be by moving away from clitoral stimulation and towards pure anal pleasure and orgasms, by going off artificial birth control because you’re fully committed to the natural birth control of anal only, or advancing your anal skills to some new goal—long term butt plug wear, larger anal toys, or working towards double anal sex.

Whatever your goal, make it happen!

If you’d like to help support the Anal Only Lifestyle community going forward, consider contributing to our Patreon. It helps us fund our hosting and domain names, and allows us to continue making original content and growing the community so that more people can be exposed to the pleasures of the anal only lifestyle and try it for themselves. Together, we can help create an anal only world!

Why Anal Only vs. Anal Always?

Some people hesitate when considering the idea of going anal only, even if they prefer anal sex and consider themselves anal always by always having anal every time they have sex, but sometimes including vaginal penetration as foreplay or part of sex as well and not wanting to exclude it completely.

In general, yes, the more anal you have, the better. But being anal only isn’t just about more anal, it’s also about not having vaginal sex. At all. And there’s a good reason for that:

The longer you go without vaginal sex and focus exclusively on anal, the better the anal gets and the more intensely pleasurable it becomes. Partly this is because you’re excluding your previous sexual center and allowing your body to adjust to a new pleasure source without distracting and confusing it by going back and forth, and partly it’s the mental aspect and excitement of knowing you’re only having anal sex going forward.

It’s one of those things that you kind of just have to try in order to understand it. So, if you haven’t already, the best way is to try going anal only for a few months to give yourself enough time to adjust to it and start to see the benefits. If you can make it past a month, chances are you’ll start to understand why it’s such a popular thing and will start to want to stay anal only long term.

Message: Anal Only New Year

Annie: I liked your post about going Anal Only for the new year and new decade and it inspired me to try it! I’ve experimented with it off and on before but never really committed, but it’s like my biggest fantasy and dream to never have vaginal sex again and only do anal, so I want to take it seriously this time.

I think part of why it was harder for me before is that I didn’t have a boyfriend who wanted it as much as I did and they always drifted back to my pussy eventually and I didn’t stop them. But I just started seeing this guy who is really into my ass and we’ve done anal twice now but no vaginal, and he says he only does vaginal if a girl wants it but doesn’t like it himself. I think that’s really hot, and I really like him, so I told him about this idea and if we stay together I think it will be pretty easy for me to stay away from my pussy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share and say how excited I am to commit to the anal only lifestyle for real this time and hopefully (my pussy is dripping wet saying this) never go back to vaginal. I hope you get lots of other girls and couples making the commitment too!

Finding the right partner can be key to making an anal only commitment work, and it sounds like you’ve scored with your new guy. People who strongly believe in anal only are wonderful and to be cherished.

It sounds like you really want it as well, so between the two of you, I’m sure you’ll have no problem at all committing to pure anal only going forward and can work to quickly make vaginal a thing of the past for the both of you.

I, too, hope that many others join you in committing to a new year and a new decade of anal only and moving past vaginal sex.

Forum: (Re)Attempting Anal Only

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been here since my current partner isn’t anal only. He definitely enjoys vaginal, and has tended towards that mainly. I’ve been encouraging more anal, and not being very subtle especially recently, with sharing lots of anal porn and thoughts. I think I’ve got him where he might consider an anal only trial, so on Christmas I’ll be asking him if we can go anal only for a week and see what we think. If the week goes well, I’ll shoot for a month next time.

Then, a day later:

That went better than I thought, didn’t really have to convince him at all. So a week now, then we’ll discuss and see about going longer. Thanks for the support!

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Forum: No Clit Stimulation Challenge

Hello, my wife, Mrs. Canassman, and I have been Anal Only for several years now, but she and I have decided to see how a period of time without clit stimulation goes. Lately we’ve realized that she can squirt and that’s been a fun addition to our sex life. Normally she can have several small squirting orgasms in succession. However, with clit play she can just have one BIG orgasm and then she’s done. This period of time is to see if it alters her orgasms in any particular way, in addition she prefers to be a submissive in the bedroom and this allows her to play this fantasy out as well. For our purposes she won’t be touching her clit or stimulating it in any way at all. Nor can I stimulate her clit to orgasm either. In her submissive role she has declared that I can do anything else to her.

I’m also looking for some advice though – I love eating her pussy and I don’t get enough time for it as far as either of us are concerned. I’m thinking that I can eat her pussy still as long as I don’t bring her to orgasm. In fact it could be a lot like edging her pussy – getting her soaking wet and aroused but then taking her ass. On some sessions I’m thinking of eating her pussy but also not touching her clit at all. I feel I’m following the letter of the law in this regard, but wondering if others feel this is ok or is it not fully taking on the no clit challenge? thoughts?

Canassman, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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An Argument for Anal Only 2020

As we approach a new year, it’s also a turning point into a new decade, so the traditional time for change and resolutions is amplified even further and leads us to strive for bigger and better goals.

If you aren’t already anal only, this is a great opportunity to consider making the transition away from vaginal sex and go into the new decade well-equipped for the future and a life of better sex without pussy.

We’ll be posting more about this as we approach and enter 2020, and we’d like your feedback and ideas as well, so please share, whether you plan to participate, or just have ideas.

And of course, if you’re already anal only, you can use this opportunity to make the transition away from clitoral stimulation, or full time butt plug wear, or some other goal.