Message: How Does Anal Prolapse Happen?

Anonymous: I really like to watch prolapse porn, for me is such a turn on to see a girl like Proxy Page having her asshole hanging out after being fisted. I just would like to know how this happens. It’s because having regular anal too often, or it’s because the regular insertion of big toys. I would like to do this with a girl someday, but also I wouldn’t like to hurt somebody.

There are a few different things which people refer to as anal prolapse, but they’re kind of different. The medical condition of anal prolapse is generally involuntary and problematic, and it also isn’t known to be caused by anal sex—it’s more of a preexisting condition or something one might be already prone to. It’s quite rare.

In porn, what is often referred to as prolapse or rosebudding is something that is done a lot more deliberately, and occurs as the result of the anus being significantly loosened and relaxed in the short term through the use of large toys, fists, double/triple anal, etc., and then pushing out hard as if straining when going to the bathroom in order to force part of the rectum into view in the gape.

The former is generally quite a bad and unwanted thing, but the latter isn’t generally an issue or something that occurs outside of deliberately trying to do it after or during a long anal session.

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