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Posts discussing orgasms that come purely from penetrative anal sex without any vaginal or clitoral stimulation. For more information on this topic, see our guide to achieving an anal orgasm.

Discussion: How Common Is It For Women to Only Orgasm From Anal?

That’s the question asked by user on Quora, and while they get a few uninformed answers (some of which have since been removed), the majority of the responses are very positive and accurate.

Plain penetration of the vagina by the penis does not do it for most women. They either need additional stimulation of the clitoris, or a special alignment of the penis so it presses directly on the clitoris. Or alternatively, forget the clitoris and concentrate on the g-spot.

On the other hand, a very high percentage of women orgasm regularly during anal. Not sure why, but for deep throbbing orgasms, anal is the way to go!

This is absolutely the case. More women report being able to orgasm from just anal than vaginal, and those same women often can’t orgasm from vaginal on its own. Not everyone can orgasm from anal on its own, at least without more practice or training, but anal is certainly the way to go if you want more pleasure, whether with or without clitoral stimulation.

It is actually more likely for a woman to orgasm through anal penetration than vaginal penetration, hence why most women who don’t engage in anal can only achieve orgasm through being eaten out or fingered. There are more nerve endings in the anus than the vagina and it’s typically easier to reach the g-spot through the anus. Most of the women I’ve been with prefer anal sex for that reason. Pity that more women don’t engage in anal, due to the taboo that has been placed on it plus the semi-misconception that the anus is “exit only.”

The more women experience anal for themselves, on their own terms, and discover the pleasures that it can provide them, the more women are going to vastly prefer anal to vaginal and come to recognize vaginal sex as the pale imitation of pleasure and intimacy that it is in comparison.

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Anal Only New Year 2019

This New Year, Make an Anal Only Resolution. Give up pussy, go anal only, January 1.

The time of new year’s resolutions is upon us, and if you aren’t currently enjoying an anal only lifestyle, consider this your prompt to move on from vaginal sex and go anal only yourself. Starting January 1, 2019, replace all vaginal sex and masturbation with anal instead. Anal is the way of the future, while vaginal is rapidly becoming a thing of the past for many people. Don’t you think it’s time you found out what the anal only lifestyle is all about for yourself?

And if you’re already anal only, this can be a good time to review your current implementation of the anal only lifestyle and see if there’s anything new that you would like to add into the mix, whether it be experimenting with clitoral denial and trying to focus on anal only orgasms, incorporating ass to mouth into your routine, starting to wear a butt plug more regularly for a constant reminder of anal pleasure or just as a practical tool to make frequent anal sex easier, experimenting with chastity devices or piercings, or anything else that appeals to you!

Be sure to check out our brand new Anal Sex Advice & Guide to the Anal Only Lifestyle page for information on introducing anal play and sex into your life, going anal only, and far more! And if you decide to make anal only your new year’s resolution, be sure to leave a comment or send us a message.

Announcing the new Guide to the Anal Only Lifestyle

Merry Christmas! For years, we’ve been answering questions about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle and giving advice to countless people through this blog, and that’s never going to change! But, while manually migrating nearly 1,900 posts off Tumblr to the new version of this blog, it became clear that many of the same questions got answered over and over again over the years.

To prevent redundant posts going forward, we’re happy to announce a new section on this blog, accessible via the Guide link in the menu at the top of each page, Anal Sex Advice & Guide to the Anal Only Lifestyle. Broken into a number of key topics, this page attempts to answer in detail most of the frequently asked questions about anal training, myths about anal sex, hygiene and enemas, types of lubricant, butt plug and dildo recommendations, how to have anal sex for the first time, how to have anal orgasms, how to go anal only and why one might want to do so, dating and finding new partners for an anal only relationship, and more.

More topics will be added in time, and more details will be added to pages as relevant additions come up or are recommended. If you see anything missing or that you believe is incorrect or should be amended, please feel free to send a message or leave a comment on this post and let us know.

Message: Reasons to Stop Non-Anal Stimulation

jeuxdepouvoir: Hi, I’m a gay male but I thought my feedback might be interesting: I actually love your blog, and I must say it changed my sexuality. I’ve always been more of a bottom, but your blog made me go full bottom and ignoring my cock (even when I’m by myself), and I’ve never had so much pleasure and such huge (anal) orgasms. Like for women, those orgasms actually keep me hot all the time, and I’m more available and ready to please. Anyone enjoying being penetrated should stop cock/clitoris stimulation.

Thanks for the message. I totally agree that everyone should at least try switching to purely anal stimulation for a while, ideally at least a few months, to see what benefits it may have for them. It’s not necessarily suitable for everyone, but it can be so enjoyable and beneficial that it’s at least worth a try.

Message: Depressed

So I made it all November with out touching my clit and for some stupid reason I used it and now I feel really depressed ashamed and guilty for using it and now I’m almost completely turned off by sex right now and I need some encouragement and advice like should I just force myself to do anal masturbation and try and get turned on again which I can orgasm from just anal also a vaginal virgin ?any ways please help ?

So it’s actually really common for someone to feel bad or depressed and have a huge arousal crash when giving in to vaginal or clitoral stimulation after a long anal only streak. This likely has to do with a combination of factors, including the breaking of a streak and a long-term goal, and the fact that clitoral orgasms already have arousal-dampening and depressive effects for a lot of women, and so a big one after a long period without them is going to amplify that effect far more.

Don’t feel too bad about it. Try to get yourself back into anal play in the next few days and your arousal will start to grow again. Remember how you felt after a clitoral orgasm the next time you feel like you might want one, and you can use this experience to build an even stronger anal only foundation for the next time around. Expect that it will probably happen again—it can take multiple cycles of building a streak of anal only and then giving in to old habits, but weakening those habits more each time, but it ultimately gets easier with practice.

Message: Boyfriend Wants To Take My Pussy’s Virginity, Part 2

Anonymous: I sent a message recently about wether or not I should lose my vaginal virginity to my boyfriend or not and in glad to say we talked and I haven’t! He is completely understanding and more than willing to stick to anal only. We have decided we want to be even more adventurous with our anal play. We already have his friends join us every now and again but i was wondering how to get even more adventurous? What do you recommend? Nothing is too crazy

I’m glad to hear that it worked out and that you were able to communicate your desires to him and he’s understanding that you want to stay an anal only vaginal virgin. That’s great. Communication is key, and is usually the most effective way of resolving such things and figuring out effective compromises. Keep it up!

As for being more adventurous, there are plenty of ways you could do that. Not knowing what you already do, there might be some overlap with existing activities for you, but I’ll list some ideas anyway. Not all may interest you, and while they’re listed in increasing order, they aren’t all necessarily dependent on previous ones.

  • Experiment with clitoral denial and only orgasming from anal, which can have a similar amplification effect on arousal as edging and clitoral/vaginal orgasm denial does for a lot of women. If you like edging, you can actually do anal edging as well, which can be a lot of fun.
  • Start incorporating regular ass to mouth into your routine. This pairs well with group sex with multiple men as they can take turns between your ass and your mouth.
  • Start wearing a butt plug regularly and gradually training your ass for larger toys—plugs, beads, dildos, etc.
  • After working up in size, try double anal. You can try this with toys first, then once you’re confident you’re ready, try it with your boyfriend and a friend of his.
  • Anal fisting and large toy play can be a lot of fun once you’re ready for it.
  • If you’re serious about remaining a vaginal virgin, you can help symbolize this with labia piercings that close off your pussy. This isn’t strictly necessary, of course, but some like the look and the symbolism of doing so. Plenty of women are anal only or vaginal virgins without doing this, though!

Hopefully those give you a few ideas and starting points to choose from. No doubt my followers can also reply and add some ideas of their own. Keep us updated with what you decide to do and how things progress for you! Enjoy!

Message: Finally Able to Orgasm During Anal Masturbation

mcshishi: Not sure if you remember me but I’m the one who complained about not being able to orgasm during anal masturbation, well I’m back and I wanted to say I’ve done it!! I now know what I need to cum from anal masturbation. Finally don’t need my clit to cum in any fashion. Go me haha

Congratulations! That’s wonderful. Do you mind sharing your process in case it helps anyone else get to that same point?

The original poster responded:

Since you asked so nicely I was never a penetrating masturbator, I would vibe my clit or hump a pillow (the clit makes one desperate!!) After my husband I started incorporating anal into our sex life I found I literally couldn’t cum without something in my ass, so I would plug myself, stimulate the clit and be done in 10 mins. Well I started to feel unhappy with depending on my clit to masturbate, at this point I could cum strictly anal on my husbands cock easily. This is when I messaged you

It took time, and accepting that I wasn’t going to cum every time I masturbated, which for a clit addicted woman this is hard to accept! I learned that I needed to allow my solo sessions more time, and to ride the dildo! This way the motion is sooo satisfying and I can play with my nipples while I ride my ass out = heaven! I’ve came several times this way and will never go back to clit stimulation

Thank you for sharing! Nipple play and other stimulation can be a great thing to explore along with anal penetration, and definitely can lead to orgasm and help unlock anal orgasms without the dominance of clitoral stimulation overpowering everything. I’m really glad you were able to figure this out and have no desire to return to your clit ever again.

Message: Thank You For Showing Me Anal Only

Anonymous: Thank you for showing me only anal I have been only anal for about 3 months now and my whole body has changed. When having sex before my nipples were never sensitive or hard, now even thinking about anal my nipples stand up right and are just begging to be played with. My pussy is so useless now my clit doesn’t even get touched all I care about is my nipples and ass

You’re very welcome. I’m glad you were able to discover it and how much you love it, and that this blog and its surrounding community introduced you and so many other people to it. It’s something I’ll miss the most once this blog goes away, the interactions with everyone, and the resulting relative lack of exposure that will come from losing a platform with 150,000 followers and millions more potential Tumblr users who might catch a reblogged post and say “hey, anal only, what’s that? that sounds interesting” and awaken a whole part of their sexuality they had no idea existed.

Thanks so much for sharing and for trying out anal only for yourself. With any luck we’ll find a platform where we can continue this blog and continue introducing more people to the lifestyle.

Message: No Pussy November On My Own

Anonymous: I didn’t send you any messages earlier in the month but I did No Pussy November all month on my own (I’m single). I wore a plug part of the day every day, masturbated with my dildo at least once daily and sometimes more, and only orgasmed from anal. I had a lot of fun! I’ve always been able to cum from anal so it was easy to just not use my clit to masturbate. I think I’m going to just keep going with it, it is a fun way to masturbate. Might be hard to explain when I meet a guy, though!

I’m glad to hear it was a good experience for you and that you’re going to stay anal only! That’s the whole point of No Pussy November, encouraging people to try anal only for themselves to see how it actually works for them in their life, rather than just a fantasy or a fun idea. A lot of people think that it wouldn’t work well for them until they actually try it and see that, in fact, it’s great and they want more. So, always good to see more people having that experience!

As you say, though, it’s definitely easier to decide to become anal only on your own and commit to it in your solo life than it is when trying to incorporate it with new partners as well. You could take different approaches depending on how serious you are about being anal only going forward. You can always stay anal only on your own and have that be your thing for yourself, while being more flexible with partners and trying to shift things to more anal or anal mostly/only over time, or just be up front about what you want and tell them that you prefer anal and don’t want to do vaginal, and seek partners who share the same preference for anal. There are certainly men out there who want the same, even if not everyone does, and for the right guy, finding someone like you would be their lucky day!

Message: Denial

So I’ve gone all this month so far with out touching my clit and I’m able to orgasm from anal, think I should just keep going strictly anal only or should I phase my clit in and use it a little more? And am I still considered a vaginal virgin if I have only fingered my pussy once?

Congratulations on being anal only and going without touching your clit all month! If you’re able to orgasm from anal and you’ve gone this long without clitoral stimulation, why not try to keep going and see how long you can go without it? There’s nothing inherently wrong with clitoral stimulation, of course, and if you really want to keep doing it, by all means go ahead, but if you enjoy not doing it and only orgasming from anal, I’d suggest that you continue to build on your month-long streak so far and see where it takes you.

Vaginal virginity most commonly refers to not having had vaginal intercourse with a partner, so yes, you are a vaginal virgin if you’ve only fingered yourself vaginally. Is remaining a vaginal virgin and being anal only long-term something that interests you?