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Posts discussing orgasms that come purely from penetrative anal sex without any vaginal or clitoral stimulation. For more information on this topic, see our guide to achieving an anal orgasm.

Message: Is it Still Anal Only?

Vince: So I’m a guy and would you consider me anal only if I have to use my penis to get to the edge but use anal to get past the edge?

I would say that just as with women, there are multiple ways and variations to being anal only. Fundamentally, an anal only man would use anal penetration as his primary form of sexual activity and pleasure, and wouldn’t use his penis for penetration.

Beyond that, just as with a woman who may or may not use her clit for additional stimulation to orgasm, some men may orgasm directly from anal penetration, while others may need some penis stimulation to help reach orgasm.

The fact that you’re just using it to get to the point where you can use your ass to get over the edge to orgasm suggests that anal only orgasms are your long-term goal and that you’re working to minimize non-anal stimulation, so it sounds like you’re very much in the anal only mindset. Continuing to minimize the use of your penis and keeping it to the bare minimum to orgasm will help you use it even less over time, and maybe even get to the point where you don’t need it at all.

Message: First Anal Orgasm

Anna: So I just wanted to share I had my first anal orgasm and it was so so intense I just twitch and spasmed on my dildo my whole body was shaking and convulsing it was one of the most amazing feelings ever now I just have to keep up not touching my clit I wanna break this bad habit of touching my clit especially after having my first anal orgasm I never wanna go back to vaginal/clit sex hopefully my urge to want to touch my clit will fade away the longer I don’t touch it

Congratulations! The first of many, no doubt. Now that you know it’s possible, I’m sure it will help motivate you to keep having more and avoid using your clit going forward. The more anal orgasms you have, the easier it will get not only to have them, but to stop using your clit, since your ass will be the only orgasm outlet you need at that point.

Remember, though, that with any habit you’re trying to break, it’s to be expected that at some point you might revert to old habits, and it can be easy to feel bad about doing so. That’s a normal part of the process, though, and it’s best to use those bad feelings to reinforce and strengthen breaking the bad habit rather than giving up your goal. If you do end up giving in to clit stimulation down the road, compare how bad you feel after to how good you feel after an anal only orgasm, and dive right back in to clit denial even more than before and work to beat your previous record.

Good luck! Be sure to keep us updated on how it goes for you!

Message: I Hate My Clit

Anonymous: Hi, I’ve read some other messages like this on your blog so I know I’m not alone, but I still wonder sometimes how normal this is, because it seems to go so against what most people think.

I’m anal only for more than the past year now and I had to struggle a lot at first to stop using my clit until I could really cum easily from anal and got past my urges to rub my clit.

Sometimes still, I feel like touching it but when I do, I always feel bad after, like I’m not being true to my anal only self and goals when I do so, and it’s just less emotionally satisfying after compared to when I just cum from anal, which feels great and I don’t feel bad after, so it’s by far how I prefer to cum.

Do you have any advice? I would prefer to just not get any urge to touch my clit anymore so I don’t get distracted, because even though I know that I don’t want to touch it and will regret it, in the moment sometimes I just do it anyway and then hate the fact that I did so afterwards.

I think it is a relatively normal thought for a perhaps surprisingly high number of women, especially among those who are anal only, but even those who aren’t sometimes.

That said, it doesn’t apply to everyone, and this answer isn’t meant to apply to everyone universally either. Some have very positive relationships with their clits and clit stimulation, and that’s great if it works for them.

In your position, it sounds like you know what you want and need and just need to work on eliminating those remaining urges. In some regards, you have to look at it from the perspective of a bad habit that you want to break and apply similar techniques towards your clit.

Visualize how you would feel after if you gave in whenever you feel the urge to touch it. It sounds like you have enough past experience to draw on for this to be a somewhat effective deterrent.

Use numbing gels like Orajel to temporarily remove sensation from your clit when masturbating or during sex, to eliminate the temptation to rub it. If you are worried about giving in to clitoral stimulation, just put a dab of numbing gel onto it.

Some women have had success with botox injections into the clit to reduce or remove sensation for a more extended period of time. You can talk to your doctor about the possibility of this—in some cases if you find unwanted clit stimulation particularly distracting or reducing your quality of life, you may qualify for having this done.

It’s a lot more difficult to achieve in the western world due to concerns about nonconsensual genital mutilation, but some women have had success with surgical removal. This probably won’t apply or appeal to most people, and one should only pursue it if they know absolutely that it’s what they want and have given it an extended period of thought, but it can be a viable option for someone who knows they want to live a completely clitless life with no opportunity for future temptation.

Discussion: How is Anal Sex Pleasurable for Women?

A Quora user asks that question, and receives the following answer:

There are many possible reasons.

Psychological – doing something “unusual”, or that a woman thinks makes her more desirable or sexy. This is a short term and honestly quite fake pleasure.

The anus for many (men and women) is very sensual and produces a great pleasure.

It may provide (with the proper knowledge and mastery on behalf of the partner) access with different quality to various areas of the woman’s erogenous areas, mainly the G-spot (region actually) and glands in the area. Some women would achieve more intense female ejaculation and/or orgasms from anal sex.

It can provide a sense of a much deeper penetration which is pleasurable for many.

Since it is very pleasurable for many men – the woman will sense their elevated sexual energy and respond to it.

The recommendation would be for cautiously trying it, testing it. With communication, sensitivity, care and slowly.

Only if you both find it pleasurable do it. Don’t force it upon yourself for any reason.

Ben Shomer, Quora

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Forum: Is Denial of Orgasm the Appeal of Anal Only?

An Anal Only Lifestyle forum user asks this question:

Anal orgasms are more pleasurable, there is something, well, deeply satisfying in having ass stimulated, but does body really treat anal orgasms in the same way as genital ones? Isn’t it that anal orgasms are, technically speaking, side effects of (very) high arousal and indirect stimulation of genital nerves, but despite feeling better they aren’t full orgasms?

Being anal only seems (at least to me) like a continuous chastity with no way to reduce arousal and using some other part of the body to achieve huge sexual pleasure (including kinkiness of playing with ass and rectum), but never full release. 

A question for folks who have been anal only for long: does it feel like chastity for you?

analytical, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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If Sex is About Pleasure, Anal Only is Obvious

For humans, sex is rarely about the practicality of reproduction. That is a part of it, but it occupies only a small portion of the sexual activity in one’s life. Instead, it’s about pleasure and intimacy between partners, shared enjoyment and bonding.

When people have tried both anal and vaginal and given both a fair chance and are able to enjoy both without pain or discomfort, anal nearly always comes out ahead, and it’s no question that it’s more pleasurable than vaginal. The general pleasure is better, and the orgasms are far more intense through anal.

Even among those who vastly prefer anal, however, being anal only is less common. Vaginal is still seen as the default, and people think they should still be doing it even if they don’t enjoy it compared to anal. It’s time for that attitude to go away and for people to adopt anal as their default instead. Vaginal’s only benefit is in reproduction, so why not leave it for that only, and enjoy the vast pleasures of anal instead every other time?

You Have to Work to Be Anal Only, and the Payoff Is Worth It

For a lot of people, anal sex is simply more work than vaginal sex. You need anal training when you’re getting started. You need to maintain a healthy diet or use douching or enemas to ensure clean anal sex. You need to follow a regular schedule of anal sex to stay in shape so it remains easy, or frequently wear butt plugs and masturbate with anal dildos. You need to ignore any vaginal cravings you might have and work to shift your arousal and focus to your ass. And if you’re going for a strict interpretation of anal only, you need to do the same with your clit and only stimulate yourself anally.

But though that can seem daunting to someone just starting out, or feel like it could get in the way of the ease, simplicity and spontaneity of sex some might be accustomed to with vaginal, it’s nowhere near as bad as it could seem. In fact, some of the greatest benefits of the anal only lifestyle come in part from the fact that it’s more effort.

Going Anal Only Can Increase Intimacy and Trust With Your Partner

By working together with a trusted partner to prepare for anal sex and go anal only together, you end up growing your mutual trust further. By its nature, anal sex is a physical connection in the most private and intimate part of the body, and if done wrong it can cause a lot of pain, so trust is a huge part of anal. By going anal only, you’re not just doing it on occasion, you’re making it your primary sexual activity and often enjoying it an average of 3 to 5 times a week, if not more often, so the positive effects on trust and intimacy are huge if executed properly. Couples who go anal only very regularly report how it brought them closer together as a couple and helped boost their intimacy and trust, and cite that as a major reason for going anal only.

The Exclusivity of Anal Only Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

Even though the anal only lifestyle has been growing in popularity over the past decade, it’s still a relatively niche choice that many people haven’t even heard of, let alone tried for themselves. Over time, that will no doubt change, and this blog continues to advocate for everyone out there to try it for themselves, but as it is it remains relatively uncommon relative to the global population.

Because of this, and because of the effort involved to get to the point where you can have anal sex multiple times a week, if not daily, without ever doing vaginal, it sets anal only people aside as something different and special.

Most any girl can have vaginal sex easily, but it still takes a special woman to do anal every time instead, and that can be something to be proud of and something that makes you stand out as extraordinary. It can always be a great way to attract guys, who may prefer anal to vaginal and be interested in a partner who also prefers or exclusively does anal.

Anal Pleasure is, Quite Simply, Better than Vaginal

With the initial investment of anal training and getting to know the ropes of how to warm up for anal and any hygiene practices you need for your full enjoyment of anal, there has to be a worthwhile payoff. And boy, is there ever.

It’s almost universally stated between women who have tried anal more than a few times and know how to do it without pain that the pleasure from anal is far more intense than vaginal, and that anal orgasms are similarly more intense and pleasurable. Once someone goes anal only for a while and is able to get past any initial challenges, it’s extremely common to simply not go back to vaginal, because anal is just that much better.

Discussion: How Common Is It For Women to Only Orgasm From Anal?

That’s the question asked by user on Quora, and while they get a few uninformed answers (some of which have since been removed), the majority of the responses are very positive and accurate.

Plain penetration of the vagina by the penis does not do it for most women. They either need additional stimulation of the clitoris, or a special alignment of the penis so it presses directly on the clitoris. Or alternatively, forget the clitoris and concentrate on the g-spot.

On the other hand, a very high percentage of women orgasm regularly during anal. Not sure why, but for deep throbbing orgasms, anal is the way to go!

This is absolutely the case. More women report being able to orgasm from just anal than vaginal, and those same women often can’t orgasm from vaginal on its own. Not everyone can orgasm from anal on its own, at least without more practice or training, but anal is certainly the way to go if you want more pleasure, whether with or without clitoral stimulation.

It is actually more likely for a woman to orgasm through anal penetration than vaginal penetration, hence why most women who don’t engage in anal can only achieve orgasm through being eaten out or fingered. There are more nerve endings in the anus than the vagina and it’s typically easier to reach the g-spot through the anus. Most of the women I’ve been with prefer anal sex for that reason. Pity that more women don’t engage in anal, due to the taboo that has been placed on it plus the semi-misconception that the anus is “exit only.”

The more women experience anal for themselves, on their own terms, and discover the pleasures that it can provide them, the more women are going to vastly prefer anal to vaginal and come to recognize vaginal sex as the pale imitation of pleasure and intimacy that it is in comparison.

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Anal Only New Year 2019

This New Year, Make an Anal Only Resolution. Give up pussy, go anal only, January 1.

The time of new year’s resolutions is upon us, and if you aren’t currently enjoying an anal only lifestyle, consider this your prompt to move on from vaginal sex and go anal only yourself. Starting January 1, 2019, replace all vaginal sex and masturbation with anal instead. Anal is the way of the future, while vaginal is rapidly becoming a thing of the past for many people. Don’t you think it’s time you found out what the anal only lifestyle is all about for yourself?

And if you’re already anal only, this can be a good time to review your current implementation of the anal only lifestyle and see if there’s anything new that you would like to add into the mix, whether it be experimenting with clitoral denial and trying to focus on anal only orgasms, incorporating ass to mouth into your routine, starting to wear a butt plug more regularly for a constant reminder of anal pleasure or just as a practical tool to make frequent anal sex easier, experimenting with chastity devices or piercings, or anything else that appeals to you!

Be sure to check out our brand new Anal Sex Advice & Guide to the Anal Only Lifestyle page for information on introducing anal play and sex into your life, going anal only, and far more! And if you decide to make anal only your new year’s resolution, be sure to leave a comment or send us a message.

Announcing the new Guide to the Anal Only Lifestyle

Merry Christmas! For years, we’ve been answering questions about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle and giving advice to countless people through this blog, and that’s never going to change! But, while manually migrating nearly 1,900 posts off Tumblr to the new version of this blog, it became clear that many of the same questions got answered over and over again over the years.

To prevent redundant posts going forward, we’re happy to announce a new section on this blog, accessible via the Guide link in the menu at the top of each page, Anal Sex Advice & Guide to the Anal Only Lifestyle. Broken into a number of key topics, this page attempts to answer in detail most of the frequently asked questions about anal training, myths about anal sex, hygiene and enemas, types of lubricant, butt plug and dildo recommendations, how to have anal sex for the first time, how to have anal orgasms, how to go anal only and why one might want to do so, dating and finding new partners for an anal only relationship, and more.

More topics will be added in time, and more details will be added to pages as relevant additions come up or are recommended. If you see anything missing or that you believe is incorrect or should be amended, please feel free to send a message or leave a comment on this post and let us know.