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Reddit: Anal Orgasms

I’ve done anal before welll a few times. I guess I’m curious if there are others who find or struggle with having/reaching an orgasm through/from anal?


An assortment of responses:

I’ve never had an orgasm from solely anal and I’ve been AO for a long time. It’s become my preference honestly.


It only took me a couple weeks of increased anal only and ignoring my clit. It happens when I get relaxed enough to let him REALLY pound me harder and faster. To be able to take that I wear a somewhat large plug for hours every day. The orgasm feels really good. There will suddenly be a big increase in how good the stimulation feels and then like a full body wave of pleasure. It subsides without a sharp peak feeling that would normally make me want to stop all stimulation. It’s great to feel that wave of extreme pleasures and then want to keep going.


It seems to be a 50/50 deal with my partners. (Me male, them female)

Either they dont enjoy anal and cant get any pleasure from it at all, or it makes them orgasm anywhere from 1-4 times a session. The second type of girl is a gift from heaven.

Try different positions. I have found doggy is easier to do for them pain wise, but rarely if ever does it cause orgasms. Try ditching the bed and do it on the floor. While its not as comfortable on the knees, your butt might thank you for the deeper connection and your back will bend easier for proper entry. Trust me, he will thank you also.

Best success by far is with the seashell position (basically missionary on back with legs raised. The pressure according to partners gives the most full filling possible). Most of the time i have ever made a woman orgasm is this way. This is tougher to pull off for less experienced couples but well worth the difficulty curb in my humble opinion of only really being interested in anal with a woman since i was interested in sex.

Also prone boning (women lays flat face down) has a high learning curve, but does create some orgasms for both partners. One more recommendation if you are spry enough and the height differential isnt too off is standing anal. Its tough to orgasm for a male, but its really kinky and some women have found it exciting enough to get off.

You may require clitoral stimulation. You may need to try other positions. You may need to build some more confidence with it. You may just not be able to orgasm from it. That’s all fine and great. The fact that you would do this for a man makes you a superstar


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Forum: Update On My Anal Only Journey

Hi everyone. I’ve been having more and more anal with my partner lately and he agreed to do a week of AO. It has been awesome and I’m going to ask him if we can try doing all of March! The last 2 times I didn’t touch my clit at all (I’m also not allowed to touch my clit unless he says okay) and I experienced what I think was an anal orgasm both times. I felt intense pleasure all of a sudden and it didnt have the same sharp peak as a clit orgasm but I did feel this incredible relaxed amazing feeling through my whole body afterwards.
I have also given into a long term fantasy of mine and finally ordered a real chastity belt from Fancy Steel. I can’t wait.

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Discussion: Do Men and Women Experience Anal Differently?

A Quora user asks that question and gets the following response:

Different, generally, because women can orgasm from friction in the anus itself

and men generally only from prostate stimulation from inside the rectum.

Generally women prefer anal sex to vaginal sex because of this, because the vagina does not contain genital corpuscles but the inner anus does.

A woman can orgasm from stimulation of her clitoris, inner anus (anal sex) or even nipples, as all three contain genital corpuscles necessary to a female orgasm.

Matthew Deagle, Quora

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Message: Valentine’s Day Success

Anonymous: Last week I showed your post about Valentine’s Day to my girlfriend and we decided to try it together. That might seem surprising, but she really loves anal and we do it pretty often already, but with vaginal about 30% of the time too. She thought it sounded fun to try anal only, so we agreed to do it for a week, starting on the evening of the 14th.

Well, I can tell you that it’s been a big success! We haven’t done vaginal since, it’s been a little over a week now, and neither of us miss it. So we’ve decided to keep going. For now we’re going to try to the end of the month, but we agreed that if we still feel this way on March 1, we’ll stick with it. Anal is very much our preferred way to have sex anyway, so if it turns out that vaginal doesn’t really do anything for us and we don’t miss it, we’d rather stick with what does work best!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you’re well on track to a lovely anal only future together, for sure!

Forum: Love Anal, But Not Anal Only (Yet)

First I need to admit 2 things.
1. I usually wouldn’t have signed up to a site like this. However this must be one of the weirdest and most interesting communities I have seen. So here I am 

2. I do have vaginal (and oral) sex too and I love it. It seems that’s somehow against the rules, so please feel free to kick me out if this is a critical violation 

So… why am I here then? Well… I’ve always loved sex and had a lot of it but unfortunately I wasn’t able to orgasm for very long. Not from vaginal sex, not from oral sex, not when masturbating (though everyone was saying that’s a safe way to climax). I had a lot of fun all the time, I just didn’t know how it feels to actually cum. And with anal sex… I tried it very early in my sex life. Probably too early, so I didn’t like it that much.

So it finally took me many years and a great lover to discover how much pleasure it can give. On that particular encounter I felt like I was going to explode and I had my very first orgasm! And I had a lot more since then. Thanks to anal sex! I still don’t cum any other way but who cares. I found the recipe and I am thankful

After some encouragement to try an anal only challenge such as Anal Only April, she replies:

Thanks for the warm welcome and the great advise. Already glad I have signed up 

I think I will try what you both suggested, Anal Only April sounds great! Might make it an Anal Only Feb though

Forum: Trying Anal Only

Hi, I’m Julieta, I’m 23 years old and I live in Uruguay, South America. I feel enthusiasm and curiosity about the anal only lifestyle, I decided to only have anal sex for a month, even though I have been a week. 

I will tell you my story.
When I started my puberty and start to explore my body, I touched my vagina but I was afraid to penetrate it and I tried it with my ass, when I was 14 years old I had a boyfriend and I did anal sex with him, not vaginal I was not sure if I lost my vaginal virginity. So my first time was anal months before my first vaginal time. 

So from the beginning I had a predisposition for anal sex but I always did vaginal sex more than anal even though I always had both 

now I don’t have a boyfriend I am free and I have casual sex or with friends, recently a friend imposed me to have anal sex more frequently, and that awake the anal aroused in me, I have even realized that I like it more than vaginal sex OMG, anal sex is more exciting.

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Message: Evolving to Anal Only, Part 2

In order to more directly respond to various parts of this message, it has been broken up into several chunks with replies in between.

Laura: Hello, I’m Laura, the wife getting into anal only for her husband – you’ve kindly answered my questions the 17th of December. I replied to you, but I’m not sure you got my message. I wanted to give feedback and ask some more questions.

I appreciate your advice to talk openly with my husband, but I don’t want him to know the only reason I’m getting into this is because I was frustrated and spied on his browser history, discovering vaginal and clitoral sex “disgusted” him. So far, he thinks the shift to anal only comes from me genuinely wanting to get into it, and it makes him feel extremely good according to what he posts online on dedicated boards (I spied more on him) and according to his general behavior. I don’t want to spoil it.

I admit I first tried this because I felt trapped (married, two kids) and upset he was “disgusted” by vaginal and clitoral sex, it was initially a simple effort to save my marriage, but I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would. I liked anal sex as soon as he introduced me to it, but anal only is something else.

When you answered me, we were actually already doing anal for three to four times a week, without me being sore. I followed your advice to get him off from blowjobs when anal started to get uncomfortable, but in just two weeks like you said, he could take my ass whenever he wanted without me being sore. Now he fucks it about every day on average (more on weekends, less during the week), and I feel fine despite him being quite large.

I’m glad to hear that you’re adjusting to it easily and finding that you can have anal sex daily without an issue. Maintaining that routine will just get easier and better for you as you continue.

I bought a toy like you said, a dildo about the size of my husband to practise. I hid it in the bathroom, and every time I have to empty myself, I rinse my ass with water (not too much) to be clean, then I use the dildo to help push the remaining water and learn to get pleasure just from anal. I stopped clitoral stimulation like you recommended and like my husband wants. Is it normal that the frustration feels sort of good and makes me enjoy anal more (both during sex and masturbating)?

It’s quite common for women to enjoy the frustrating of ongoing arousal even if they don’t ultimately orgasm. Some women prefer not to orgasm at all, as maintaining that constant arousal leads to more positive sexual interaction and a healthier sex life, and it can just be more fun. Others do want to orgasm but like to find ways of orgasm that don’t impact that buildup of arousal so much, like anal orgasms do.

So far, I can’t orgasm from anal at all, but I do get a lot of pleasure. I stopped birth control, and I feel a bit different, I don’t know if it’s related to the pill or if it comes from anal sex.

Likely a bit of both. Hormonal birth control does impact people pretty hard, and it’s common to feel different and better without it, but going anal only also has positive impacts of its own, so it’s probable that you’re enjoying the benefits of both.

Has it, therefore, been several months since you last orgasmed? The arousal must really be building in you. Are you able to manage or do you find it hard to resist? If you want to persist in avoiding clitoral stimulation entirely, really keep focusing on the anal sex and play and doing it as often as you can. It can take months to get to anal orgasm for some women, and while some do find that they can’t ever quite get there, they end up enjoying not orgasming even more and the pleasure of anal on its own makes up for it for them.

Like I said, I spied more on what my husband says online, and it turns me on to read his fantasies then do it like it’s my own idea. His “I can’t believe my luck” face every time I do something he talks about online makes me feel incredibly good. So far, this adventure really got us closer together and really changed the way I look on sex. Sex now feels as hot as when we started our relationship (a bit better, actually), and our couple works better too, with less tension. My husband seems more confident and a lot happier.

That’s wonderful to hear, and I think you’ll find it just keeps getting better. Some people use anal only as a spark to revitalize their sex life, but often, if you stick with it, it’s not like vaginal where it’s fun at first and then becomes less so down the road—anal only stays exciting and keeps getting better.

I have a question about ass to mouth, which is apparently a big fantasy of his: is it safe? From what I understand, since it’s my own body, as long as I’m clean it’s OK (like I said, I rinse a lot, so I’m always clean)?

Yes, it’s safe to do ass to mouth, especially from your own ass and if you’re visually clean. Many, many people do it without issue regularly, and given the popularity of rimming, it’s likely that even with other people if everyone’s healthy and clean, it’s rarely an issue.

Forum: My Transition to Anal Only

I grew up in a very liberal household, and it would not be uncommon for my mother in particular to openly talk to me about sex, body functions, puberty etc. She didn’t give me “the” big talk, but instead, first explained to me where babies came from when I was in first grade (or maybe a little younger) when I started to be curious. It never was a topic to be ashamed of afterwards (it hadn’t been before either, I just hadn’t been too interested), so many more little “talks” followed when I would have questions.

Anal sex was a very normal part of these conversations, since she presented it as something completely normal. I remember her explaining that some woman prefer vaginal sex, while others prefer to use their anus. I couldn’t really imagine having anything, let alone a penis, in either of these holes… But then again, we all change when hormones kick in, don’t we?

When I started to make my own sexual experiences, I quite liked vaginal sex after a very short while, so I didn’t really think of trying anal. Plus, let’s be honest, you don’t really want to copy your mother as a teenager.

It took me until my time as a university student that I first tried anal masturbation. I grew into it more and more, though sadly, the guys I was dating back then weren’t too interested in anal – something that still fascinates me, given how, when you read online, it seems like almost every guy’s biggest dream is to take his girl’s ass. Anyway, since there was nothing wrong with vaginal sex, I didn’t complain too much.

All that changed when I met my now husband. He had always loved anal sex. In fact, he loved (and loves) it a lot more than vaginal. That came to me as a surprise though. The very first time we had sex, he wanted to do doggy. I was thinking well, it’s not the most intimate, but it’s a fun position, so why not. So I turn around and he gets behind me. To my surprise, he straight went for my ass. He had a condom brand with a lot of lube and went slow, so it wasn’t too big of a problem that I hadn’t been wearing a plug or something, especially since I regularly masturbated anally.

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Message: Give Up Clit Orgasms?

Anonymous: My bf got me into anal only last year and I like it but struggle with some things. It’s still harder for me to get to orgasm from anal but he doesn’t want me to keep using my clit anymore. I haven’t used it so far this year, because he wanted me to try 2020 without my pussy at all, but it’s hard to not cum every time. Do you have any advice? Is there anything I can do to cum from anal more often?

Congratulations on being anal only and starting out the year with a new challenge to commit even more fully to the anal only lifestyle!

It’s a good sign that you’re able to orgasm from anal at least some of the time! That suggests that by focusing purely on anal pleasure and excluding clitoral stimulation from your routine, you’ll start orgasming more easily from anal in time. Pay attention to what sort of positions and speeds you’re in when you orgasm more frequently and try to replicate that towards the end of an anal session in order to make it more likely that you will orgasm regularly from anal.

In the long term, moving past clitoral stimulation to pure anal will pay off immensely and there are many benefits to doing so, which you can read about in our Guide to Clitoral Denial. I wish you the best of luck!

Message: New Goal for an Anal Only Marriage

Anonymous: My girlfriend and I got together 6 years ago. She didn’t have much sexual experience when we met, but during those years, little by little, I got her into anal, then anal only, then strict clitoral denial, then casual ass to mouth, then finally orgasm denial (she still has anal orgasms occasionally, but they happen when they happen, I never get out of my way to cause them, and I don’t behave differently when they do).

To me, she’s now the perfect girlfriend, and I actually proposed her! We’re getting married in about three months.

So far, we always had goals in our relationship, and for our marriage, we’d like to try new goals… but I’m perfectly happy, so I’m not sure what I could add, haha! We both love all your blogs, and we wondered if you could suggest something, a new goal to start our marriage. That’d please us very much.

We’re monogamous, not into dirty play or water sports. You probably guessed that my girlfriend is submissive – she wasn’t at first, but she got more and more submissive (both in and out of bed) and slutty as soon as we started clitoral denial. It boomed even more after orgasm denial.

What would you suggest? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship and a wonderful fiancée, thank you for sharing your experiences and your progress together.

Committing to an anal only marriage and a life of pure anal together seems a pretty great goal in and of itself, and having a ceremony of your own after the main wedding where you pledge anal only to each other is something that some anal only couples like to do.

Beyond that, it sounds like you’re at a pretty great place already and should enjoy your ideal relationship and sex life. If there isn’t anything that stands out as something that you’d really like to do, there’s nothing wrong with just enjoying what you have together.

If you wanted to push her anal limits, you could explore larger toys or double anal with you and a toy. If she doesn’t wear a plug regularly, you could introduce long term plug wear into your routine. You could talk with friends and couples you know about the anal only lifestyle and work together to try and encourage other people to experiment with it and discover its benefits as well. You could symbolize your commitment to the anal only lifestyle with a set of chastity piercings.

If you do settle on something, or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to share or ask.