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A series of posts from ditzystella, who ran a popular but short-lived anal only blog detailing her experiences between 2016 and 2017.

Message: Nick In Metal of Butt Plug Safe?

ditzystella: hello! so i am wondering if a little tiny nick in the metal is ok for my princess plug? still safe to use as far as you know? thanks! your friendly neighborhood anal only bimbo slut

It depends on the nick—if it’s sharp or rough in any way, I wouldn’t use it as-is, because you don’t want to cut or irritate yourself with it. If it’s something you can feel but doesn’t really catch your finger as you rub it over from any angle, it’s probably fine.

First Anal Arousal*!

ditzystella: omg omg omg… so, it’s been like 13 days since my pussy has been touched in a sexual way. all of my pleasure in these days has cum from my ass, my asshole, my tits, my nipples, my mouth, my tongue, my gagging throat, and i’m sure other stuff, but BLONDE. lol

So, tonight I was talking to @misogynystyle and as they are wont to do, Men like that can just turn me on quite a bit. He mentioned something that sort of *got* me in a very visceral way, and HERE IS THE THING!…. I actually felt the arousal IN MY ASS for the first time! I didn’t feel it in my clit or pussy lips or cunt, I felt the arousal IN MY ASS.

IN MY ASS people, In. My. Ass.

Will I Stay Loose After Double or Triple Anal?

ebrock1972: Have you or would you do a double or more anal?

ditzystella: Omg! Thanks for the question!!??

I am going to do an about me page today answering a lot of this, but I am more than happy to tell you that no I have never done it YES I would do double, but probably not more than double because I like how small I am and if I take three I’m worried that I won’t be able to go back down to size…

Maybe this is something I should ask @analsexonly … if i have a gangbang of three big cocks in my ass, am I going to go back down to a normal size ever again?

Stella, the anal only bimbo slut next door ?

You aren’t going to stay loose all the time after double or triple anal, no. Instead, over time your upper limit will increase and you’ll be able to stretch open more easily to accommodate such a size, but still tightening up again when not in use. Buttholes just don’t really get permanently loose or gaping. You can enjoy two or three cocks one day and just one another day. Especially as you train and strengthen your anal muscles, that also gives you a lot more control to both relax and loosen and tighten.

I Am 100% No Vaginal Contact

fetishxcollector: You may have already answered this but do you completely ignore your pussy or do you still rub your clit it or anything like that?

ditzystella: ?? I love getting these questions!! I will be making an about me page very soon

Yes, I am 100% no vaginal contact only to wash it and keep it clean and looking pretty but no sexual contact whatsoever.

And my pussy has never felt more sexy or more feminine in my entire life!

I am always happy to take questions privately as well! ❤️❤️??????

Stella, your neighborhood friendly anal only bimbo slut

How Can I Make Him Fuck My Ass?

Anonymous: I really love anal but my current daddy hates it. How can I make him fuck my ass? I’m dying to be fisted again. :'(

ditzystella: Truthfully? You’re with the wrong Daddy in my opinion if he “hates” it and you’re longing for it. So, maybe if you really want to be with him, get permission to use some toys on yourself? Are you cute? I can help! 🙂 haha

Actually I need help properly answering this, i’m not happy with my answer. @analsexonly can you please help here? Thank you!

Some people just don’t like certain sex acts and there isn’t much that’s going to change that for them, as much as we might wish there was. For example, I hate vaginal sex personally and have little to no interest in ever, ever doing it again. Nothing’s going to change my mind about that. It’s just who I am—I love anal and oral sex instead of vaginal.

However, not everyone is necessarily as set in stone about it as I am. You can talk with him and ask him what it is about anal that he doesn’t like. Is it actually the sex itself, or is it something else? Maybe he dislikes the need for prep with anal, or finds it limiting because you have to warm up to it first and he can’t go as hard or fast, or something of that nature. Some don’t like it because they feel the romance and spontaneity of sex may be reduced with something that requires more “work” before starting. These things can be mitigated if that’s his concern. Other people just don’t like the idea of it, find it gross, or don’t like how it feels. Some of those things have potential solutions, others may not. Everybody’s different, and if he’s set in his opposition to anal sex, you’ll have to decide how important it is for you to get it.

Do You Fear Health Consequences From Anal Only?

littlelovelylola: Hi! When did you become anal only? Do you fear health consequences? Very curious about trying this if I ever find a daddy…

ditzystella: Hi! I’ve only been 100% anal only for a little less than 2 weeks… no I haven’t feared any health consequences, just keeping very clean and having the best orgasms of my life with a denied, ignored pussy!

I am happy to answer more, here or privately ???


There really aren’t any health consequences from anal sex, even anal only where you’re having anal sex multiple times a week or even daily, so long as you follow a few precautions! Always use lube, make sure you warm up as needed by starting smaller and gradually working up in size, and backing off to a slower pace or a smaller size temporarily if something starts to hurt, as well as taking a break for a day or two if you get too sore rather than just pushing through any pain. Pain usually means you’re either overdoing it or going too big too soon before you’re ready. But if you’ve got no pain and you’re loving it, it’s all good!

Message: Pussy Disappointing After Learning to Orgasm Anal Only

Anonymous: I learned to cum anal only- no clit at all- about two months ago. Since then, I’ve been anal only. I asked my girlfriend to finger my pussy today instead of my ass to see if it still felt good and it was disappointing! It felt uncomfortable and almost painful. Does this happen to anyone else???

Yes, this is not uncommon for anal only women to decide after some time to try vaginal again only to discover that after an extended period of much greater anal pleasure, their pussy is disappointing in comparison now. I’ve heard similar things many times from women. For some who had a very long streak of anal only and were proud of it and enjoyed being anal only, but then gave into an urge to use her pussy again, it can actually be a little devastating to realize that she gave up her anal only streak and for something so disappointing and unsatisfying in comparison. Ultimately it often ends up strengthening one’s desire to be anal only.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

ditzystella: This is great to read… I have no desire at almost 2 weeks in, but it’s a nice thing to keep in mind if I get tempted, because it’s the TRUTH!! Pussy never felt as good as my ass does. Never. Not once. ?

Pussy Denial Daze

ditzystella:  Today is day 8. i think. i don’t know exactly but it’s my best guess.

After playing around with the concept of AO (oh and greedily rubbing my needy clit to thoughts of anal only for YEARS)… I decided to go for the week with no vaginal sexual contact at all. Here’s what i now know… the pleasure and satisfaction from anal, which for me is far superior than vaginal, *combined* with the ache, the tingling, the twitching of an abandoned cunt… i have never felt *this* much sexual energy coursing through me. i feel like i have literally been doing sex wrong for so many years (for me! If you like vaginal have at it!!). Thanks to all on this journey with me. i love being an AO slut!

Message: I Cum So Hard Thinking About Anal Only

Anonymous: Hello! I’m a female and completely obsessed with anal. My favorite videos and images are multiple anal or anal gangbang. The idea of having my tight ass cum filled by multiple cocks gets me so turned on and I cum so hard thinking about ANAL only when I masturbate. Thank you for promoting empty pussies and full asses! — a fan in CA

You’re very welcome, and thank you for sharing your appreciation and enjoyment of anal only. Is it only a fantasy for you so far, or are you anal only yourself?

The original poster responded:

Hi! I’m the female fan from CA and you asked if I’m anal only yet or if it’s still a fantasy. I am not 100% anal only but the idea of abandoning my useless cunt in favor of the superior fuck hole (my delicious tight asshole) is very appealing to me. I get so hot looking at your Tumblr, thanks again!

Well, if my opinion means anything, I (obviously) think you should go for it. After all, it’s No Pussy November!