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Double Anal is the New Anal

As anal sex becomes increasingly popular and normal, it is shedding a lot of that stigma and perception as something done occasionally as a special treat but not a regular activity. For many now, anal is just as normal and common as vaginal, if not more common or completely replacing it.

Just as oral sex was once a relatively uncommon thing in our culture, only done on special occasions or by certain people, but has now become a standard and extremely frequent part of a healthy sexual repertoire, so has anal become the same.

And with the rapid increase in popularity of anal sex, there are a growing number of women for whom anal sex comes quite easily and who are looking for something to fill the role that anal once did, as something more intense and challenging which they may not do every time, but which is fun to do on occasion. For those who are in the anal only lifestyle, the old fashioned form of double penetration involving a combination of vaginal + anal penetration is naturally out of the question, but double anal penetration is a viable option.

Growing in popularity in its own right in recent years, perhaps in part due to increased exposure through pornography, double anal is being adopted as a practice by real world women and couples, whether with toys, multiple partners, or a combination of partners and toys.

Message: How Big To Go?

Anonymous: I’m a self-described anal only slut and I just can’t ever seem to get enough of big things in my ass. I’ve been doing anal since I first started masturbating and knew right away I liked to put my finger in my butt more than my pussy, and pretty much have been anal only ever since, only trying it in my pussy a few times along the way, but otherwise it’s barely been used and I’m done trying, I just want it all in my ass all the time! I cum easily from anal and never have from my pussy.

I like using big toys, stretching my ass as much as I can and making it bigger until it gets easy and I go even bigger yet. I really like fucking guys one on one still too and it feels great but I’m compelled to stretch it more and more as well. I started doing double anal pretty often last year and that’s a lot of fun, both on my own with toys and with two guys at once. I think that’s my current favorite, but I’m getting into fisting now too and I’d like to start doing triple anal.

But how big should I go? Should I stop somewhere or just keep chasing my need to go bigger and bigger? I know how to be safe and not hurt myself and I always stop if something starts to hurt, I don’t want any long-term injuries or ill effects, and I don’t have any problems as a result of my passion even though I’ve been at it for years now. I saw you posted about some girls going double anal only and I’d like to try that at least for a while. I wear a 2″ plug every day and sometimes bigger, should I go larger with that?

Thanks for the message! Sounds like you have an awesome and healthy anal only sex life! While not everyone craves going to bigger and bigger sizes, there’s nothing at all wrong with that desire and I think it’s totally normal as you really get into anal and the anal only lifestyle, especially when combined with a slut lifestyle.

Go as big as you want and keep chasing that craving. As long as you play it safe, you aren’t going to hurt yourself or develop long-term issues. And don’t worry about getting “loose” either, assholes don’t really get loose, they just increase their upper size limit. And you can have a lot more fun with a well-trained, flexible asshole than an overly tight one! So definitely keep doing what you enjoy most.

Double anal is definitely becoming more popular lately. It’s been a popular porn genre for a while, but in recent years I’ve seen a huge uptick in real women starting to practice it, some occasionally, some regularly. I know several who have gone “double anal only”, as you mentioned, and who have made it their primary sexual activity, only having sex with two or more partners penetrating them anally at the same time. If that sounds appealing to you and you have the partners to make it work on a regular basis, it could definitely be something to explore. It’s a very fun idea for the right person.

There are a lot of large plugs out there. If you find your everyday plug really comfortable and not pushing your limits anymore, you might try going to a larger one as your primary one, which will help keep you relaxed open for bigger and better things.

Good luck, and let us know how things go. I’m sure you’re in for a very fun time going forward.

Message: I Hate My Vagina

Anonymous: I love love love your blog and loved your blogs on Tumblr when you were there. I’m 28, and a vaginal virgin by choice since I was 16 when I first had sex. I have never liked my vagina or vaginal sex, and always been turned off by it and wished I didn’t even have it. I’ve always played with my ass, and barely even tried playing with my cunt after I did it a few times and hated everything about it. It just feels gross and wrong to me and turns me off immediately.

So instead I’ve been putting things up my ass as long as I can remember and having anal sex only for the last 12 years and I plan to never have vaginal sex. The idea of being anal only forever and keep my cunt totally unused and untouched makes me really happy and so that’s my goal. I love everything about anal and nothing about vaginal. I do it all—ass to mouth, permanent clit denial for the last decade, even double anal I love! I’m engaged to a wonderful man who I have amazing anal sex with almost every day and who feels the same way and wants to keep me a vaginal virgin too.

My only hesitation at all is that we want to have children, and while it makes sense that vaginal sex is for getting pregnant and anal sex is for everything else, I just don’t ever want to get fucked in my cunt even for that. I read that some people have been able to get pregnant without having vaginal sex, can you give us some advice on that? I hope to get pregnant but never have to get fucked any way but in my ass. Thank you!

You sound like a wonderful woman and your fiance is a lucky man. Everything you described about yourself is exactly what I would consider an ideal partner in every way.

As for getting pregnant without having vaginal sex, that’s a topic of growing interest among anal only women, and there are multiple women in the anal only community who have success with that goal.

Some have gone to a fertility clinic and undergone in-vitro fertilization treatments in order to achieve that goal. This is a very successful way to go, but also expensive.

Some will have anal sex like normal and then pull out and spread open her vagina to ejaculate inside without penetrating. The use of a speculum or other tool to help hold it open can aid with this, as can certain medical lubricants in the vagina to help his semen penetrate more deeply quickly.

My personal preference is a variation of the above, where anal sex is done normally in a doggy style position but he ejaculates inside and then spreads open your vagina while you push out his semen and it runs down into your vagina. Potentially paired with the above lubricant technique, this can be very effective and is a pure anal technique that involves anal sex to completion. It can take repeat attempts over several months to be successful, but that just means more anal sex to enjoy!

Good luck to the both of you.

Anal Only Valentine’s Day

Still looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift to give your boyfriend? If you aren’t already anal only together, why not go anal only for him? Whether it’s for the day, for a week, or for a month, tell him you want him to have anal sex with you as often as he wants without doing vaginal at all.

And if you are already anal only, this could be the opportunity to introduce something new, like clitoral denial, long-term butt plug wear, or working up to double anal, fisting or larger anal toy use into your routine.

And if by the end of your day, week, or month of anal only, you find that you really enjoyed it, just keep going with it! A trial period like this is a great way to discover that you actually prefer being anal only.

Discussion: Do Women Enjoy Double Anal Sex?

A Quora user asks:

I tried double anal because I’d seen it in porn and was curious. I have two bisexual male friends who were willing to try it with me. Quite honestly we could never get it to work. It was difficult for all three of us to get in a position where they could both penetrate me very deep. I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I think double anal is really more of gimmick for porn, somewhat like a circus trick.

While double anal is something that most people, even those who love anal sex, will never do, it actually is something that people do outside of porn, and isn’t just a “circus trick”. It takes practice and training to get to the point where you can regularly and easily do it, however, and have it be more than just a shallow, unsatisfying penetration.

There are women in polyamorous relationships with two men who practice double anal as a form of shared sexual activity. While they will at times do anal + oral together, they will also regularly engage in double anal, some doing it 3 to 5 or even more times per week.

Another Quora user responded with a similar statement:

Some people enjoy receiving double anal penetration. Some people enjoy giving it. Some people enjoy watching it.

Probably none of these are the majority, but there are many, very many people who do. If done right, it is very pleasurable.

Continue reading and add your own thoughts at Quora

Message: Boyfriend Wants To Take My Pussy’s Virginity, Part 2

Anonymous: I sent a message recently about wether or not I should lose my vaginal virginity to my boyfriend or not and in glad to say we talked and I haven’t! He is completely understanding and more than willing to stick to anal only. We have decided we want to be even more adventurous with our anal play. We already have his friends join us every now and again but i was wondering how to get even more adventurous? What do you recommend? Nothing is too crazy

I’m glad to hear that it worked out and that you were able to communicate your desires to him and he’s understanding that you want to stay an anal only vaginal virgin. That’s great. Communication is key, and is usually the most effective way of resolving such things and figuring out effective compromises. Keep it up!

As for being more adventurous, there are plenty of ways you could do that. Not knowing what you already do, there might be some overlap with existing activities for you, but I’ll list some ideas anyway. Not all may interest you, and while they’re listed in increasing order, they aren’t all necessarily dependent on previous ones.

  • Experiment with clitoral denial and only orgasming from anal, which can have a similar amplification effect on arousal as edging and clitoral/vaginal orgasm denial does for a lot of women. If you like edging, you can actually do anal edging as well, which can be a lot of fun.
  • Start incorporating regular ass to mouth into your routine. This pairs well with group sex with multiple men as they can take turns between your ass and your mouth.
  • Start wearing a butt plug regularly and gradually training your ass for larger toys—plugs, beads, dildos, etc.
  • After working up in size, try double anal. You can try this with toys first, then once you’re confident you’re ready, try it with your boyfriend and a friend of his.
  • Anal fisting and large toy play can be a lot of fun once you’re ready for it.
  • If you’re serious about remaining a vaginal virgin, you can help symbolize this with labia piercings that close off your pussy. This isn’t strictly necessary, of course, but some like the look and the symbolism of doing so. Plenty of women are anal only or vaginal virgins without doing this, though!

Hopefully those give you a few ideas and starting points to choose from. No doubt my followers can also reply and add some ideas of their own. Keep us updated with what you decide to do and how things progress for you! Enjoy!

Message: Taking Anal Only To The Next Level

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been anal only for 2 years now and things are great, but we are trying to find something to really test my anal limits. We’ve used toys like dildos, vibrators, etc.. But we are looking for something new. Are there any interactions you can think of that will take our anal sex to an extreme? We are very adventerous. 🙂

Congratulations on the two years anal only! There are all sorts of things you could try doing to push your anal limits and get deeper into the anal only lifestyle.

  • If you use clitoral stimulation currently during masturbation or sex, you could work to stop that and focus on pure anal only and learn to orgasm from just anal (if you can’t already). Using numbing creams like Orajel can be a good part of this process as well, temporarily removing any sensations from your clit.
  • You could start wearing a butt plug more often until you more or less always have one in whenever possible aside from when having sex, using the bathroom, or cleaning.
  • You could buy larger dildos and plugs and continue pushing your size limits with them. Depth play can be fun in addition to increases in width.
  • You could start working towards double anal, whether with a third partner if that’s something that interests the both of you, or with a dildo alongside your boyfriend.
  • Similarly, you can start working towards anal fisting. The stretch can be similar to larger toys, but with the more intimate connection of your boyfriend’s hand inside you.
  • Chastity piercings to close your pussy and anal only-themed tattoos can be more advanced ways of symbolizing your anal only status.

I’ll be interested to hear what you end up trying!

Pussy Distracts Me When Enjoying Sex

Anonymous: I love your enthusiasm for the anal only lifestyle and double anal! What got you started with anal only and what made you decide to stop using your pussy? And how often do you do double anal?

elegantphdap: Thank you.
I can’t remember when it all started. Vaginal sex didn’t provide me the right feelings so I tried anal sex and it overwhelmd me. The pussy distracts me when enjoing sex.

Message: Anal Only Two Years, But Need More

elegantphdapHi, Im a single woman and have different sex parnters. I’m already 2 years anal only but now I’m feeling as if one dick doesn’t satisfy my needs. What can I do?

Try multiple partners at once? Try anal + oral at the same time, as well as double anal if that sounds like something you’d enjoy. There are plenty of ways to incorporate multiple partners while anal only—no pussy needed at all.