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A majority of the content on this blog is messages from readers, whether requests for advice, venting of frustrations, or shared stories and experiences. If you have your own question to ask or comment to share, send us a message.

Message: Anal Only Diary

Chris: Not many people share their intimate experiences and I thought doing so might be a good way to inspire others.

It’s Sunday morning and my girlfriend and I are just chilling in bed. We have nowhere to go and all the time in the world. I start to get turned on feeling her body, especially running my hands over her hips and ass. I even rub her pussy a little and cup it with my hand, but I won’t be going there. Every day with her I think how lucky I am not to have to have vaginal sex ever again.

My girlfriend spits in her hand and starts rubbing my cock. When she’s got me wet, I get her to roll on her side away from me and I do the same with her anus. It takes less than a minute to get her slippery inside using my finger.

Spooning behind her I love looking at her back and shoulders as I guide myself into her anus. She’s relaxed and used to the penetration but the little resistance I always still get from the muscle feels great. It’s one of the best parts and we both moan every time. I ease all the way in and push up close behind her.

After waiting a few seconds to make sure we’re both comfortable I begin to pump. It’s always hard to tell how much time passes because my mind can’t concentrate on much other than how good it feels. The heat, the tightness and always her anus gripping me. I remember kissing her back and neck as I caress her waist, hips and breasts. A few times we pause to add more saliva before we continue.

My girlfriend has always been quiet during sex, except when I try and thrust extra deep or toward the end when I speed up. After a while, she starts to push back a bit with her ass. I know from what she has told me that the good feeling for her grows and slowly builds. When I hear her breathing a bit faster and deeper then I know she is happy and also knowing that we are connected in the most intimate way possible, plus the feelings of being inside her ass, push me to the edge.

My girlfriend says I can be loud when I cum, but I’m not aware of it. Every time I shoot inside her ass it feels like her whole anus and rectum squeeze my cock, almost trying to suck me inside. It was never like this before – her pussy always felt dead to me.

We lie recovering for a minute, she holds my hand and we try to kiss but it’s awkward with her facing the other way. I pull out slowly and the head of my cock catches on her anus on the way out. The feeling is as awesome as going in. The hole closes, keeping all my cum inside. Even that is better than the pussy, which couldn’t even do that properly.

My girlfriend turns and we kiss and hug for a bit. She behaves differently from how she used to be after vaginal. She’s more happy and affectionate. She’s told me before how the good feelings that built up in her ass during sex stay with her for some time after.

I wish everyone could experience this.

Message: The Beauty of Anal Sex

Chris: I’ve been thinking about something my girlfriend said once when we’d watched some anal porn. She said, “Why does anal always look so beautiful?”. I hadn’t thought about it like that, but I had to agree with her. I think she meant it in a purely physical way but there is also an internal or emotional beauty to it as well I think. The physical, because a man’s penis and a woman’s anus fit perfectly together and there is far less getting in the way. It is simpler and much more pleasing to look at. Then there is how the head pops inside and the anus closes behind it on insertion, locking it inside. It’s the same in reverse when the man is finished, having to pop back out again. The is nothing comparable with the vagina.

Seeing a couple engaged in anal sex is appealing because you know that they are having the most deep and meaningful connection possible between a man and a woman. He understands that she is wanting to stimulate him with her anus and rectum not because she wants to get pregnant but because she wants to give him the most pleasure. Likewise, she understands that he wants to cum inside her there not because of biology but because he wants something special for them both. I think, being a man, NOT having to use her vagina has a meaning all of its own. There is also a sense of relief and inner peace that transcends the orgasm itself which I know both my girlfriend and I feel, probably in our different ways. It FEELS like the right way to have sex.

Thanks for sharing, I absolutely agree — anal is objectively more beautiful than vaginal on multiple levels.

Message: My Story

Chris: I’ve recently returned to this blog after a long absence. I honestly forgot about it for a few years, I guess because once you start living an anal-only life you just get on with living and don’t think much about how you got there. I know that’s kind of unfair as I have so much to be thankful for because of this blog. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I never would have thought of the concept of anal-only if not for this blog. I always preferred and wanted more anal but never put two and two together and took it to the next logical step. I realized that I didn’t have to be having vaginal sex again. If I’m honest I feel stupid for not thinking of it myself. It didn’t even require a huge discussion, just changing assumptions so that my girlfriend was like “Oh…you want to put it in my ass again this time? Okay…”. She never even questioned why we started having vaginal sex so rarely. It simply became routine to have anal. I think of vaginal as being like a bad habit that we kicked together.

So here I am a couple of years later with the sex life I always wanted. It is so much less complicated and stress-free compared to what we had before. Most nights now we have sex and there is something wonderful about cumming in the tight grip of her anus that never gets old. It was a sense of completeness or fulfillment that was always lacking from vaginal sex. It’s not just me saying that as my girlfriend feels the same.

All of this is a long-winded way of me saying how much this place means to me, but how saddened I am by the drop off in content. It seems the community around this is dying. And not because of lack of interest. I think it’s because places like this are so hard to find these days. If you search for “anal only” or similar terms then all you get is porn. Do you get the feeling that educational and information content is being suppressed or that entertainment is boosted in the algorithm? Does more interaction from the community boost the rankings? If so I’ll continue to try and comment on posts.

Glad to hear of your anal only success, and it’s understandable and desirable for it to be routine in a sense and move on to living a better life with pure anal. But as you said, continuing to stay engaged in the community can help with keeping things more active and inspiring others to make the same change!

I think some of the decline in community is due to that, but the loss of community-centric platforms like Tumblr affected engagement significantly. We went from tens of thousands of active followers there to much less across various platforms. The addition of the “Anal Only” porn production name diluted search results, as you noted, making it much harder to find actual discussion on anal only topics.

A combination of less people submitting content to this blog and my own reduction in availability to spend active in the community myself hasn’t helped. But the more people continue to share their experiences, ask questions, post comments, and stay engaged on here, the better for the blog community! Any other ideas are encouraged as well.

Message: The New Normal

Chris: My girlfriend and I have been anal only a couple of years now thanks to the blog. It was the best thing ever stumbling on this. At first it took a lot of persuading before she agreed to try and several times she almost backed out. But the more anal we did the less of an issue she made about it until eventually, she came to accept it as the new normal. We both love it so much more now and she even laughs at how she used to find excuses not to do anal.

I’m saying this because I do believe most couples would come to the same conclusion if they don’t give up. I think it’s mostly something in a woman’s mind saying she can’t do it. When you are actually doing anal only you eventually see all the objections are just artificial barriers.

It’s good for the relationship as a whole as even she now agrees it feels nicer and I’m happier because I get the sex I prefer.

Most of the reasons people give to not go anal only are an internal mental block or cultural myths not rooted in reality. That’s why my suggestion is always for people to just go and try it for themselves for 1 or more months, without a longer term commitment up front, and see how they actually find the experience from there. The majority of women become much more amenable to staying anal only once they have 1 – 3 months experience of not using their pussy and focusing on anal exclusively, and see the benefits of doing so for themselves and that they don’t actually miss their pussy as much as they thought they would, or that they enjoy the increased arousal of doing so.

Message: Anal Cleanliness and Depth

Saurav: Is it safe to have anal sex without condom if both partners are clean and monogamous. How much penis to enter the anus

It certainly is safe: if you’re comfortable having sex with each other without a condom from an STI standpoint, then you can safely have anal without a condom as well, because anal is natural birth control.

As to how deep to penetrate, that depends on the receptive partner and how comfortable they are. As deep as you both want to is fine, so long as it feels good. If going too deep becomes uncomfortable, then don’t go that deep for now, and revisit it later after more practice.

Message: How Much Anal is Too Much?

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been anal only for about two months now and its been going pretty good. We normally do anal about 2-3 times a week and I just give him blowjobs on the days between but recently he told me he would like to start doing anal everyday. I’m definitely open to the idea but I’m a little worried that that might not be good for my health and was hoping I could get some advice here. Is it harmful for your butt to have a small enema and anal sex everyday?

Daily anal sex, so long as your body is adjusted to the routine, is perfectly fine to do. Ultimately you have to listen to your body to determine if you’re ready for that frequency yet. Try it, and see how sustainable it is for you. You can also just work up to that over the course of several weeks, where each week you add another day a week that you do it, and you should be totally fine if you take that approach.

Deeper enemas should be avoided at high frequency, but a small flush of the rectum isn’t a problem.

I say go for it, chances are you’ll love daily anal and it will ultimately make your anal only experience that much better.

Message: Am I Being Selfish?

Anonymous: My GF and I have been doing anal only for a few months now and while I’m kinda ashamed to admit I think my favourite part is knowing that I get more pleasure out of it than her. She definitely enjoys it but I know she can’t cum without her clit and I also noticed that she really urges me on to cum now like she wants it to be over faster. This turns me on so much that I can’t even think about going back to vaginal sex again but more than that I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of her giving up her pussy completely which for her would mean giving up orgasms too. I’m scared that if I ask her about this she will think I’m a completely selfish jerk. Do you think its wrong for me to be into this and do you think I should try asking for it or just be content with what I have?

It’s not wrong to want that, but it depends what she wants too. Some women get off on the same sort of thing, and that’s fine. Whether she’ll be open to it depends on her motivation. Tell her that you being anal only really turns you on and you love it and would love for her to stop using her clit too and just get her pleasure from anal, and ask what she thinks about that. If she’s not into it, then keep things as they are. But, if she is, then explore that together.

Message: Considering Adding Anal to a Tittyfucking Only Lifestyle

H Suzuki: My girlfriend and I have yet to engage in any penetrative sex. In the months we’ve been together and fucking we’ve been what you could call tittyfuck only, with oral foreplay, because she has very large tits and a fetish for her tits being used like a “hole”. The hottest thing she’s ever said was the first time she asked me to “impregnate her tits”, and that’s become a regular part of our dirty talk since. Anyway, our routine is usually a blowjob, followed by me fucking her tits until I cum, and then her cleaning me off with another blowjob. Sometimes we skip the first blowjob and use oil instead so the tittyfucking is extra slippery, and sometimes I stop fucking her tits and finish directly in her mouth. So basically we live the oral only lifestyle but with the focus being tittyfucking instead of oral. Recently we’ve been talking about adding penetrative sex to the routine, and I suggested anal, thinking it’d be hot if we just skipped vaginal sex in favor of just using her tits, mouth, and ass as the sole means of sex, and she seemed receptive. Here’s hoping we can make it work. I’m curious if you’ve run into any other couples who’ve centered their sex life around a tittyfucking lifestyle and either stuck with it or branched out into adding anal?

Thanks for sharing! I’ve generally encountered couples who have been anal only but would occasionally do an oral only or titfucking only month here and there, but it makes sense that people would approach it from the other direction as well!

I think it makes a lot of sense to add anal into the mix but of course keeping things anal only and completely excluding vaginal now and always. If she’s receptive, by all means you should do it!

Message: Stretching

H Dean: For about the last 2 1/2 years my GF and I have been AO. An anal virgin prior to me introducing it to her, she requested we go AO within a week after her first anal orgasm – multiples, mind you. Over the last 2 1/2 years her ass has become quite receptive.

Now, my GF is a bit hesitant with the use of plugs. I introduced a Hush plug to her about a year and a half back. She said it was okay but tended to hurt after awhile. About 6 months ago I got a Square Pegg Medium sized egg plug. We started sporadic use of it shortly thereafter. Still she was hesitant.

It was on a warm day this summer I pushed a little and managed to get her to agree to using the plug. After installing it in her ass we left the house and went about our day. After returning to the house some five hours later I asked how her ass felt with the plug. Turns out she had actually forgotten it was in until certain movements reminded her of it.

Since that occasion we have used the plug only sporadically. Most recently I installed it after sex one night. It was in for about 8 hours while she slept and she didn’t seem to notice it.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, because I have discovered some very nice things about anal stretching:

First, once an ass is properly stretched entry is quite easy. Used to be that when my GF would get a little over exuberant and thrust her ass down on my cock so quickly it would cause pain from the sudden stretch. Since we have started plugging more frequently that no longer happens. In fact, if my cock is lubricated I can enter her in one quick thrust with zero pain.

Next, once stretched there the need for lube is lessened. For a long time we have only used saliva for lube. She would suck my cock and get it good and wet and then ease in. Now, she just rubs a little saliva on her ass and I can ease right in. The increased friction sends her over the top almost instantly and there is no pain.

Another benefit since using the square peg plug, so it seems, she has gained use of previously unused muscles. As most male anal enthusiasts know the sphincter tends to be the epicenter of sensation – it squeezes. Deep inside there tends to be far less constriction of your cock. However, at least after using this plug, her anal canal feels much like a sheath and I can feel far more sensation along the entire length of my cock.

Finally, while my GF was always quick to orgasm, she seems to orgasm more quickly and with greater intensity after making use of the plug.

In closing, and based recent experiences, I would highly recommend anal stretching for anyone who enjoys anal as we do. It’s proven quite beneficial.

Message: Ass to Mouth August

Rimmer: We do ass to mouth sometimes but last month decided to make it a regular thing, so timely that you are encouraging Ass to Mouth August. we have been having ass to mouth most times for the last month or so and it certainly will be the norm by the end of August. Thanks for the encouraging challenge, it makes Anal even more sensual.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it and it’s becoming a daily activity for you as a result!