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Anal sex has long been used as an alternative to preserve one’s vaginal virginity, but as that becomes culturally less important for people, vaginal virginity is becoming a matter of choice and preference instead, with women learning they prefer anal early on and deciding to go with anal as their default from the beginning and never bother with vaginal.

Forum: Long-Time Anal-Only Girl

So, here I am…. I have been lurking on both the blog version and the forum itself and I was surprised and happy to see that there is an anal only lifestyle community and blog and it’s great that there are people that want to engage in anal only lifestyle. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to tell you guys what age I am during the time I got into anal, but I have heard of sodomy before and the idea of sodomy turned me on. I wasn’t anal only during that time, I don’t know why until I stumble up the anal only lifestyle blog last 2 years and that’s when I decide to identify as anal only as a personal choice of my own. Since sodomy is the only kind of sex I engage in (even if I don’t have a partner), I feel like anal makes me more happy and confident in my own sexuality. Not to mention that I never play with my pussy because it’s kinda weird and vagina exists for making children, and also I would say I’m a vaginal virgin and I’m glad I have never put something in my pussy because it’ll hurt. Every time I hear vaginal sex-related stuffs or whatever it is, I get sex-repulsed for weird reasons and I don’t know why, but that’s how my body react as well as my brain. But when it comes to anal, I always get horny and sexually aroused by it, even fantasizing about getting fucked in the ass makes me more sexually aroused and frustrated.

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Forum: New to Forum but Anal Only for Years

I’ve been reading this site for years, it was one of the places my now-husband showed me to help learn about everything on my own a bit when we first met and he was getting me into all this. Now we’re married and always been anal only together (we do clit stim tho), meaning I too have always been anal only as he was my first ‘boyfriend’. Now I even have some piercing to help enforce our anal only lifestyle/vaginal denial. Mostly decided to finally join because I’ve been bored out of my skull (spring 2020!) and have also recently found that I can be marginally helpful and interesting about AOL

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Message: Don’t Lose Your Vaginal Virginity

Anonymous: I was never interested in vaginal sex, my first time was anal but later i ended up losing my vaginal virginity so i could feel more “normal” and i regret it deeply. So i just want to tell all the virgin women who read this blog, don’t lose your vaginal virginity. You will regret it like i did.

I agree, for those who prefer anal and are vaginal virgins, it’s much better to stay anal only and not bother with vaginal sex. If someone really wants to try both, it can be reasonable to compare both—you’ll almost definitely end up preferring anal anyway—but if you don’t want to give up your vaginal virginity, don’t do it. You will regret it.

You can always try vaginal later if you change your mind, but you can’t become a vaginal virgin again, and the biggest regret of most women who started with anal and then tried vaginal later is wasting their vaginal virginity on discovering that they hated vaginal and just wanted to go back to anal only.

Message: Telling a Guy I Want to Lose My Virginity to Anal Only

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Anonymous: Starting out my sex life, if one would like to really be anal only. You think it would be creepy for a young girl to ask a boy for anal the first time? Or exlpain she only wants to do it if it’s anally? Just being aware that it’s not common enough yet, but really wanted to keep it anal only

Not at all. If anal only is what you want, tell that to someone if you’re going to have sex with them. If they don’t respect that, then you shouldn’t be having sex with them anyway.

Now, you may not want to just say it right away if you just met them. Get to know them, and when you’re ready to have sex, bring it up and start talking about it.

Tell him that you want to be anal only and not do vaginal sex, and chances are he’ll love it.

Message: Vaginal Virginity Perspective

Kame: Hi, I’ve read your post about why vaginal virginity will become a norm. I think, you are more or less correct. I come from traditional Asian country where virginity is still important, but other hand we live modern lives, that makes the conflict with traditional values imminent. I think anal sex solves the problem here and is compatible with both worlds and it’s getting more popular. I think traditional values in many countries are promoting spread of only anal sex before marriage between youth.

Most definitely, that trend has been taking place for a while and will continue to shift in the direction of anal only with vaginal virginity. And as more people practice an anal only lifestyle as their primary introduction to sex, the more common it will seem to everyone and even more will be inspired to do it. And those who start with anal tend to quickly come to expect the increased intensity and pleasure of anal, to the point that even if they later lose their vaginal virginity, they always much prefer anal.

Message: I Hate Having A Vagina

Anonymous: Ive been an anal only girl my whole life. I desire anal so much and it’s great. However, there were times I wish I have a penis instead of vagina since vaginal gross me out and make me feel wrong, I ignore my vagina and refuse to play with it. I’m a girl, it’s just that it would be better if I was born with a penis (that doesn’t mean I want to be a male)

I know there are other women out there who dislike their vaginas or having a vagina and wish they didn’t, so you aren’t alone in that. But I’d encourage you to just channel that into your love for anal and the anal only lifestyle. You don’t need to use your vagina, so just enjoy being anal only and live your life vagina-free.

A lot of anal only guys love the idea of women who have vaginas but don’t want to use them, and don’t. So if it helps you at all, you can try to think of the idea of being anal only and having an unused vagina that’s always going to stay that way as something sexy and enjoyable.

Message: Anal Only Because of You

Anonymous: I just wanted you to know that I’m anal only because of you and I thought you’d want to hear that. I’ve been reading your blogs for years before I had sex and I started to masturbate my ass based on your advice and learned to ignore my pussy, and it did feel really good, and the idea of going anal only and staying a virgin in my pussy started to really turn me on. So that’s pretty much exactly what I did and I’ve still never had vaginal sex and I think it’s really hot, and so does my boyfriend. We’ve decided we’re never going to use my pussy.

Thanks for sharing, I always love hearing from people who I’ve helped inspire to go anal only, and even better if you’ve decided to stay a vaginal virgin and live a life of pure anal. I wish you the best and hope that you’re always able to stay that way!

Why Vaginal Virginity Will Become the Norm

While currently, most people who practice the anal only lifestyle get into it after trying both anal and vaginal and deciding they want to settle on anal and move away from vaginal, it’s highly likely that in the future the majority of people will skip vaginal entirely and go straight to anal only, remaining vaginal virgins.

  • The old norm of getting married and having kids young and diving right into making a family is falling to the wayside as economic struggles are hitting younger generations hard and making it nearly impossible for many to support a family, as well as a shift to women wanting to live their own life rather than growing up only to be immediately responsible for someone else for the next 18 years. Anal is natural birth control, and far more enjoyable than vaginal when done right, so it makes sense to stay a vaginal virgin until ready to have kids.
  • Sexual awakening and openness is leading to a desire for mutual enjoyment rather than sex being focused more on male pleasure, and anal provides that more intense pleasure for women. Some women are deciding that it’s not even worth wasting any time at all on vaginal when they want to master anal pleasure instead, since it provides them with far more.
  • Most guys prefer anal, and are happy to go straight to anal, which in turn encourages women to do the same.

Whatever the reasons, it’s a trend we’re already starting to see begin, and it’s only going to continue to grow from here. If you’re an anal only vaginal virgin or considering going that route, please share your perspective with us!

Forum: Approaching the Topic of Anal Only With a New Relationship

An Anal Only Lifestyle forum member with MRKH, a developmental disorder results in the vaginal not fully forming and thus being impossible to have vaginal sex, posts an update asking for advice about telling a new boyfriend that she can only have anal sex.

I’m very new to dating. But I met someone back around Halloween. And we have gone on a couple of dates. We’re both students of our schedules don’t know what is Meetup the best, but I haven’t been seeing anyone else another as a as far as I know. He knows that I am a virgin. And finding a college guy that’s not slightly terrified of that fact is actually an impressive feat, but I don’t know how to go about bringing up the subject of wanting to have anal sex with him. It’s the only kind of sex I can have , outside of oral ofcourse. I just don’t know how to approach the situation. I don’t know if I need to tell him now about my personal situation, if I wait, if I just pretend that it’s not a big deal…

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Forum: Can’t Have Vaginal but Curious of Anal

I have a disease that makes it painful to have vaginal penetration and so I haven’t had sexual intercourse or an orgasm. To be honest I don’t really have that much of a sex drive at all. But I’ve heard that you actually can have an orgasm from anal sex and so I got curious. I’ve tried it on myself and my sex drive has gone up somewhat (now I actually fantasize about sex) but I can’t seem to get an orgasm or really get horny by it.

How long does it usually take before you can have an orgasm or enjoy it. How does guys usually respond to girls that only have anal sex, it seems quite taboo.

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