Will I Stay Loose After Double or Triple Anal?

ebrock1972: Have you or would you do a double or more anal?

ditzystella: Omg! Thanks for the question!!🌸🌸

I am going to do an about me page today answering a lot of this, but I am more than happy to tell you that no I have never done it YES I would do double, but probably not more than double because I like how small I am and if I take three I’m worried that I won’t be able to go back down to size…

Maybe this is something I should ask @analsexonly … if i have a gangbang of three big cocks in my ass, am I going to go back down to a normal size ever again?

Stella, the anal only bimbo slut next door 🚪

You aren’t going to stay loose all the time after double or triple anal, no. Instead, over time your upper limit will increase and you’ll be able to stretch open more easily to accommodate such a size, but still tightening up again when not in use. Buttholes just don’t really get permanently loose or gaping. You can enjoy two or three cocks one day and just one another day. Especially as you train and strengthen your anal muscles, that also gives you a lot more control to both relax and loosen and tighten.

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