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This category contains posts talking about clitoral denial, whether advice and reasons for introducing it into one’s sexual routine, stories and accounts of having done so, and questions about why one’s partner may want them to give up their clit. For more information, see our Benefits of Avoiding Clitoral Stimulation During Anal Sex page.

For those interested in denial, you may also want to visit the website Edging Space (formerly female-orgasm-denial on Tumblr).

Message: Anal Multiple Times a Day

Anonymous: Hello. I’ve been with my husband for about three years and a half now, we’ve been married for about two years. When we met, I had never done anal, but he gradually introduced me to it. At one point, we were doing it quite often (every time we had sex, in fact), and that’s when he confessed to me that he was anal only, and that he only did vaginal sex with me in hope it’d change and I’d agree to switch to anal only with him. I tried anal only for a few months, and I finally agreed to switch. He asked me for marriage very shortly after that (I was 28), obviously I agreed (he’s gorgeous, I’m very much in love, and I really enjoy anal). It was a bit strange to think I’d nearly have no vaginal sex for the rest of my life, but eventually it became normal to me.

My husband is a blue collar worker, and he’s usually very tired when he comes home from work, so we generally fuck about three to four times a week. With the virus outbreak, however, we’re both trapped home, and he’s fucking me every day – several times a day, actually, up to four times a day. It’s to the point I woke up in bed several times with his cock deep inside my ass, plowing me while I was asleep. I’m not used to this at all, but I don’t want to turn him down: sex is a very good way for him to get the stress out – so far, everything is going fine at home despite the situation, and I want it to stay that way. I tried getting him off with blowjobs, but he’s always going after my ass no matter what.

What could I do to avoid being sore, and to be able to take it all? Apparently, this crisis will last for quite some time, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to provide anal sex at that frequency for that long. So far, I don’t feel sore and I’m having pleasure, but I’m a bit worried. Are there creams I could use? Will I gape permanently? My husband marvels about the gape I have lately and he jokes about it, but I’m worried about my ass not being able to close properly in the long term. How could I increase my sex drive to get closer to his? I talked to him about it a bit, and he told me to stop touching myself (I still touch my clit during sex, even if it has always annoyed him) – would that change anything?

Thank you for your work and for your answer.

Thank you for sharing, and it sounds like you have a great anal only relationship. Well done to the both of you for being able to make it work.

Daily anal, even multiple times a day like you’re doing right now, can be entirely manageable and safe, so long as your body is ready and adjusted to it. If it doesn’t hurt and you aren’t sore, then there’s nothing really to worry about. Listen to your body. If you start getting sore, maybe try a little less for a couple days. But really, once you get to where you can have anal four times a day every day, or more, without pain or significant soreness, you should be able to keep doing that indefinitely. Yes, you will likely relax more as a result and have a bigger gape, because your ass is staying more warmed up, but that is not a bad thing and if you take a break from it, it will get tighter again. And remember, being warmed up and relaxed does not mean being loose. It just means that you’re more flexible and elastic and need less preparation. It sounds like your husband appreciates you being warmed up and gaping, so it’s not a bad thing at all! It won’t harm you, so long as you aren’t injuring yourself, and if it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t.

As for higher sex drive, definitely try going without clit play and focusing on pure anal pleasure. If you can orgasm just from anal, try doing only that going forward. If you can’t, try to learn by going without clit stimulation for a while. Or if you really need to cum, use your clit the last time you have sex at the end of the day only. You could also try edging with your clit but not using it to actually orgasm.

Good luck to the both of you, especially in this trying time. With any luck you’ll be able to use the time to get closer and further develop and improve your anal only lifestyle in ways that you’ll both be able to enjoy for the rest of your lives!

Message: I Hate Having A Vagina

Anonymous: Ive been an anal only girl my whole life. I desire anal so much and it’s great. However, there were times I wish I have a penis instead of vagina since vaginal gross me out and make me feel wrong, I ignore my vagina and refuse to play with it. I’m a girl, it’s just that it would be better if I was born with a penis (that doesn’t mean I want to be a male)

I know there are other women out there who dislike their vaginas or having a vagina and wish they didn’t, so you aren’t alone in that. But I’d encourage you to just channel that into your love for anal and the anal only lifestyle. You don’t need to use your vagina, so just enjoy being anal only and live your life vagina-free.

A lot of anal only guys love the idea of women who have vaginas but don’t want to use them, and don’t. So if it helps you at all, you can try to think of the idea of being anal only and having an unused vagina that’s always going to stay that way as something sexy and enjoyable.

Forum: Update On My Anal Only Journey

Hi everyone. I’ve been having more and more anal with my partner lately and he agreed to do a week of AO. It has been awesome and I’m going to ask him if we can try doing all of March! The last 2 times I didn’t touch my clit at all (I’m also not allowed to touch my clit unless he says okay) and I experienced what I think was an anal orgasm both times. I felt intense pleasure all of a sudden and it didnt have the same sharp peak as a clit orgasm but I did feel this incredible relaxed amazing feeling through my whole body afterwards.
I have also given into a long term fantasy of mine and finally ordered a real chastity belt from Fancy Steel. I can’t wait.

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Forum: Recently Went Anal Only

Hello from Sweden, everyone!

I’m a middle aged woman living in a D/s relationship since many years. My husband is my Master and he’s in charge of most parts of my life – of which sex is one.

I found AOL on Tumblr a long time ago and immediately became interested in this lifestyle. My husband hasn’t been willing to give up my pussy though. Until a month ago, that is. Suddenly he declared that my pussy and clit was now off limits! Quite unexpected to me.

Since then we only have anal and oral sex. We both love it!

I’m here now to learn more about training my ass in all aspects. I’d like to stretch it in order to manage somewhat larger toys as well as increase my stamina so to speak. I’d like to be able to wear butplugs for a longer time (hours). I easily get sore. We have to be quite gentle all the time and I dream about being able to receive harder pounding once in a while.

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Quote: The Things I Love About the Anal Only Lifestyle

The reasons why I like being anal only and aspire not to touch my pussy at all.

• Anal is hot. All men like it. It’s a fact. Why would I offer anything less than the best way to fuck?
• No touch for the pussy is the sweetest mindfuck ever. Less touching definitely doesn’t mean less thinking or desire. When I’m on no touch – the only way to have any release is to have him fuck me. And that leads to the next point.
• I’m constantly horny. I remain aroused even after my ass is left gaping. And I jump at every opportunity to have sex. No “headaches” ever.
• I put more effort into looking good for Him and finding time for sex. It does wonders to my self-confidence and bolsters our relationship.
• We have sex more often. Almost every day, instead of once or twice a week. That’s a huge difference.
• Anal is more intimate. Not everyone even does it. That alone makes it special. But there is more to it. It requires more trust and willingness than any other form of sex.
• Anal is a ritual. Just think on it. You have to prepare before it and measure your pace at the start. It’s more deliberate. At least on receiving side. And the intensity of the sensation makes you very much aware and mindful until the end. An offering, if you like.
• It makes me more submissive. There is nothing like a cock deep up your ass that can put you in place. As soon as it’s in – mindset changes on its own.
• We can concentrate on actual sex, instead of rubbing between my legs or things like that. He doesn’t need to perform. More passion and enjoyment for both.
• No need for contraception! Pills aren’t exactly healthy, and other means range from disgusting to ineffective. Pussy is for procreation, ass – for recreation. It’s that simple.

There is one drawback only – I can’t cum like that. But it’s only reasonable to choose all those benefits, right?

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Message: Valentine’s Day Success

Anonymous: Last week I showed your post about Valentine’s Day to my girlfriend and we decided to try it together. That might seem surprising, but she really loves anal and we do it pretty often already, but with vaginal about 30% of the time too. She thought it sounded fun to try anal only, so we agreed to do it for a week, starting on the evening of the 14th.

Well, I can tell you that it’s been a big success! We haven’t done vaginal since, it’s been a little over a week now, and neither of us miss it. So we’ve decided to keep going. For now we’re going to try to the end of the month, but we agreed that if we still feel this way on March 1, we’ll stick with it. Anal is very much our preferred way to have sex anyway, so if it turns out that vaginal doesn’t really do anything for us and we don’t miss it, we’d rather stick with what does work best!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you’re well on track to a lovely anal only future together, for sure!

Reddit: Riding His Dick for the First Time Since Going Anal Only

As a freeuse wife, I usually flirt subtly like getting all dolled up and flashing him casually by bending down so he can see up my dress. But I rarely initiate sex unless it’s waking him up with a blowjob because I like him being in control.

Well the other night, relaxing after work and we had both had a few drinks, and I’d been wearing a small plug that I bought myself last week. I was wearing a pair of thick black tights underneath my dress, but didn’t tell him I had cut a hole just low enough to expose my asshole for use, while still covering most of my cunt.

I went to the restroom and gently pulled out the plug, making sure I was nice and clean inside. I took a syringe and squirted lube up inside myself and carefully walked back over to see his glass empty, so I refilled it for him and straddled him when I came back. We kissed for awhile and I started undoing his pants and pulled his dick out. His hand moved up my dress and he sighed when he felt I was wearing tights rather than stockings. He told me to go lie on the bed, but instead I surprised him by getting up on my knees, reaching down between my legs, and pushing his cock against my bare asshole. I kept kissing him while slowly trying to force him inside me, and after a few seconds, pop he was in! I lowered myself completely down on him and kept slowly romantically riding him. It felt so close and intimate! When my legs started getting tired in that position, I turned around and kept riding him until he had me stop and just held me there, sitting on his lap with his dick up my ass. He kissed my shoulders and his hands traveled all over my thighs, ass, groin, everywhere but my cunt. He felt my tits, traveled down my stomach all the way down to where my hair would start if I had any, and stopped. He moved his hands back to my hips and I started bouncing again, he started thrusting harder and faster, and I felt so close to getting off! Alas, not today. But maybe someday.

He pulled out slowly while I squeezed myself shut, and I wiped myself down while he had a quick shower. Our love life has never been better! I’m so glad we made this change!

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Reddit: Hornier After Going Off Birth Control

Preface: I know not everyone goes without vaginal contact, but we do and it works well for us.

I was doing amazingly well enjoying my husband pounding my ass and going no contact with my cunt these last few months, but out of the blue I started struggling! I figured out that I’m probably ovulating thanks to going off birth control and it has awoken my needy little clit. I got the courage to talk to him about it last night after spending all day working out and cleaning the house to keep my mind off of the sudden and overwhelming urge to touch myself. He thanked me for being honest with him about my difficulty, and I feel so relieved knowing he is here to help me instead of being disappointed in me for not being absolutely perfect. We are all a work in progress.

So he introduced me to clit snapping. I keep a rubber band around my wrist so it’s always handy, and when the urge gets severe, I lightly stretch it out and snap it against my clit. Thankfully there are so many nerves there it doesn’t take much and doesn’t leave it too red or do any damage, but it hurts enough to take the edge off my desire to pleasure myself. Then I use my energy for something useful instead.

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Forum: Trying Anal Only

Hi, I’m Julieta, I’m 23 years old and I live in Uruguay, South America. I feel enthusiasm and curiosity about the anal only lifestyle, I decided to only have anal sex for a month, even though I have been a week. 

I will tell you my story.
When I started my puberty and start to explore my body, I touched my vagina but I was afraid to penetrate it and I tried it with my ass, when I was 14 years old I had a boyfriend and I did anal sex with him, not vaginal I was not sure if I lost my vaginal virginity. So my first time was anal months before my first vaginal time. 

So from the beginning I had a predisposition for anal sex but I always did vaginal sex more than anal even though I always had both 

now I don’t have a boyfriend I am free and I have casual sex or with friends, recently a friend imposed me to have anal sex more frequently, and that awake the anal aroused in me, I have even realized that I like it more than vaginal sex OMG, anal sex is more exciting.

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Reddit: 28F Making the Transition to Anal Only

I’ve let my husband control all our sexual activities and have been happily free use for him since we married almost 10 years ago. I love how beautiful it makes me feel when he touches every part of me, even the places I used to think of as dirty. He introduced me to anal sex early on, and it has gradually become more frequent, but he used to usually bring me to orgasm using my clit afterwards, partly as a reward and partly as a way to help me tighten my asshole back up and keep some of his cum inside me without needing a plug.

At the beginning of last month he told me I was ready to stop relying on my clit and that he would be taking a break from my pussy. We haven’t had anything but anal since then, which has never given me an orgasm. He reminds me how strong I am and he tells me how much he loves to see me learning to relax and not being lazy to rely on orgasms to find my muscles. He has been sliding a finger up my ass and having me tighten up after sex so that I can keep most of his cum inside me. He told me today that he intends to remain anal only and it feels a bit daunting but I’ve always trusted his guidance and he’s never made me anything but ecstatic to have such a loving and nurturing husband who pushes my sexual boundaries.

For the most part I love it and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve always loved making him happy and he seems very proud of me for going so long without orgasm. He has always helped me learn to love the ways he wants to touch me and maybe I will learn this way too. It still feels more uncomfortable than it is pleasurable, but I’m getting used to it and figuring out how to relax faster every time. The other night when I was on my period he didn’t even have to remove my tampon, he told me how nice it was to not have to make a mess and he was right. I’m hoping I learn to really enjoy it even if I don’t learn how to orgasm from it.

I had no idea there was an entire community dedicated to people who felt this way and I’m excited to have so much to read up on and learn about. Thank you for sharing your stories, I’ve begun reading some of the success stories and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy. If anyone happens to be in a similar situation and cares to share any words of support or encouragement, tips and tricks, or maybe even pitfalls to avoid, it would be appreciated. I’m looking forward to being a regular poster when I have updates.

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