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Forum: Learning to Prefer Anal

I’ve been in a relationship for around 9 months now and he is very into anal, if I’m honest I can take it or leave it. I don’t dislike it but it doesn’t make me climax and we currently do it around once a week compared to 3 or 4 for ‘regular’ sex.

From this weekend, we’re going to have a few weeks of Anal Only, partially because he is really keen to go AO but also to see if my enjoyment gets any better if it’s the only type of sex we’re having, the plan is for 4-5 weeks and see how we both feel.

I have mixed feelings about it at the moment, I want to give it a go but am a bit concerned about the shift from once a week to 4/5 times a week, mainly I’m concerned about becoming sore. Any tips or advice will be welcome

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Three Reasons Anal Sex is the Best

It’s no surprise that we here prefer anal sex. It’s something that we talk about a lot, and we do tend to go into detail about why it’s better than vaginal sex on ever level, but in case you’re still left wondering, here are some clearly defined reasons.

  • Anal feels so much more intense and pleasurable than vaginal sex. For people giving anal sex, they can go deeper, get a tighter, grippier sensation, and can cum inside every time. For people receiving anal sex, it’s an intense filling sensation that causes incredible orgasms and doesn’t have the same arousal harming after effects of vaginal and clitoral orgasms.
  • Anal is natural birth control that you simply won’t get pregnant from with a simple amount of care. Unlike condoms, which nobody likes (though you should still use if you’re having sex with untested partners!), or hormonal birth control, which has a lot of negative side effects on mood, arousal and pleasure, anal is a fun, sexy, pleasurable way to have as much sex as you want without getting pregnant.
  • Anal is sexier, both in a visually appealing sense and conceptually. The idea of replacing vaginal sex, something that everyone does, with anal, something that—while it’s becoming ever more popular—is still less common, gives people quite the thrill. Aside from that, though, it’s just far more attractive and fun to watch.

Article: The Dirty Details Of Anal Sex

So you want to try anal sex, but you’re freaked out by the probably inevitable reality of poop. That’s totally understandable, it’s something that can be present during anal sex, and it’s not exactly glamourous. But rest assured that it’s not usually that big of a deal. “A common source of trepidation about anal is that it’s dirty or messy due to the proximity of the anus to fecal matter, but this tends to be an overemphasized concern,” Dulcinea Pitagora, a sex therapist known as the Kink Doctor, previously told Refinery29. In Pitagora’s opinion, the repulsion factor of anal goes beyond the hygiene concerns and taps into our culture’s obsession with hiding body fluids and odors. So what if some ends up on the condom? Sex is messy. It might just be something you have to deal with if you’re interested in anal. But still, the presence of this unwelcome guest happens less often than you’d think.

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Forum: Thoughts About Appropriating the Term “Pussy”?

Hear me out. I think it would be interesting if we could make headway in the acceptance of the term “pussy” to refer to the anal entrance. For one thing, it already is amongst some in the gay and MTF trans community. Secondly, it reinforces the fact that anus and rectum are sexual receptacles. It also allows for ambiguity when couples are deciding upon a sex act, leading to more acceptance of anal sex as a standard sexual practice.

singleinDC, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

Most responses disagreed with this idea, preferring to set anal apart as something different and better, but check out the responses and add your own opinion.

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Message: Anal Only Helps Avoid Bladder Infections

Anonymous: According to Wikipedia, “in young sexually active women, sexual activity is the cause of 75–90% of bladder infections, with the risk of infection related to the frequency of sex.”

It sounds to me like those infections could only occur when the penis is in close proximity to the urethra, as is the case with vaginal sex.

Conversely, a sexuality focused exclusively on the anus, with careful avoidance of the vagina and urethral area, would greatly reduce the incidence of such infections.

That seems highly likely, and corresponds with what I’ve heard from talking with some women who are anal only—UTIs were much more common for them with vaginal sex, and have largely gone away since shifting focus to anal sex and going anal only.

Of course, one must still take care with hygiene from anal sex, but the increased distance between the urethra and the anus can help significantly, and women who have anal sex regularly tend to have a better handle on anal hygiene overall than other women.

One more of already so many reasons that anal sex is superior and that anal only is the best way to go.

No Pussy November 2019 is Over!

It went by too fast! After a solid month of anal only celebration, challenge and experimentation, we find ourselves at the end of No Pussy November once more.

Thank you and congratulations to all who participated! Whether you made it through the whole month, or tried it for a smaller amount of time, or are still going to hit the target of a whole month because you started late, we’d love to hear from you about how things went for you and your goals for the month.

If you went through the entire month and found that you really enjoyed being anal only, here’s your next challenge: don’t stop now that the month is over. Instead, stick with anal only and continue to move away from vaginal sex for the long term. Trust us: it only continues to get better the longer you stay anal only.

Reddit: No Clit Challenge Update, Part 2

So since last time we’ve had a couple of fairly unremarkable quickies, but one time from the weekend was worth mentioning.

We started off fooling around as usual before I suggested we use tape (which I’d already craftily placed under the bed) to reinforce her no clit discipline. She agreed, so once she got naked the first thing I did was to apply a strip over her pussy and cover everything up. I rubbed it firmly down to make sure it was well attached and joked that I didn’t want to rub too hard in case I accidentally got her clit going. She keeps herself smooth apart from a small patch of hair above her slit, so tape tearing hair out wasn’t an issue but she was still afraid it would hurt coming off.

Once I was happy that her pussy was suitably restricted, I flipped her over and rimmed her ass for a while until she was nice and relaxed before slipping a short fat silicone plug into her tight hole.

Then I had her on her knees sucking my cock for a bit, while I worked the plug in and out off her ass a few times to get her nice and ready to take me in there later.. and gave her some light spanking for good measure.

She was getting really turned on by now, so before long she asked for cock in her ass and I was happy to oblige!

She got on her back with her legs raised up and her hands reaching down to spread herself for me. I pulled the plug out for the last time… but before I began to fuck her ass, I had an idea… I quickly put the plug in her mouth before taking a bit more tape and securing it there to gagging her with it! This was a bit kinkier than our usual play, and her eyes went wide with surprise but she didn’t object and the noises she started making were muffled but encouraging.

I stood back for a moment to look at the scene… it was incredible! Seeing her with her useless, denied pussy taped shut and her mouth filled with the plug straight from her ass while her hands were still eagerly spreading her cheeks open to display her lubed and ready asshole was just a thing of beauty!

Finally, I went to work on the hole I’d been craving all evening, pumping my cock deep inside her anus while gently but firmly holding one hand on her throat and using the other to caress her tits and play with her hard nipples. She was clearly enjoying everything about this, with her eyes closed and her back arching as she pushed her ass toward me in time with my thrusts as we worked together to bring her toward her climax.

I was surprised by how quick she came this time… within a few minutes she began to convulse and moan into her buttplug gag as her eyes rolled back and her legs began to quiver – at last! I thought – an “easy” fully anal only orgasm with absolutely no pussy or clit!

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Message: I Can’t Believe I Waited So Long To Go Anal Only

Anonymous: My husband and I agreed to try anal only together this month for No Pussy November. He brought up the idea, though I’d heard of anal only before. I thought it sounded fun but never tried it. We do lots of anal already and I thought the usual things: why limit myself? Surely doing everything is better than just doing anal, right?

Well, I can tell you, after a few weeks anal only I realize I was wrong about that, just doing anal every time, and doing it as often as we can, it’s so much more enjoyable than doing it only on occasion and mostly focusing on vaginal. I know a lot of women have said similar things on your blog (I’ve been reading the archives a lot since I started!) but it’s true: I don’t miss having my pussy fucked at all and I’m orgasming from anal more easily and just craving anal all the time.

It’s honestly amazing. I wish I had done this years ago.

If you’ve read my blog archives, you probably realize that this is not an uncommon sentiment once women who already love anal try going anal only for a while. Sometimes it can be harder at first, but most people end up at this point of realization that anal is so much better that they should just focus on it and move past vaginal completely. It sounds like you’re there. I’m glad it’s been such a revelation, and I hope that once the month is over, you’ll decide to stay anal only for good and not return to vaginal.

Message: Advice for Anal Without Lube

Ana: Hi! Me and my bf love anal and we’ve considered getting rid of lube, but it’s still a bit too painful. Do you have any tips for anal sex without lube?

Some form of lubrication is nearly always going to be needed for anal, whether natural or artificial. People produce a little bit of natural anal lubricant, which on its own is usually not sufficient for sex, but some people do produce it in greater quantities and find they need little to no additional lubrication.

If it hurts without lube, I would suggest that indicates that you still need to use additional lubrication, but you could explore gradually reducing the amount that you use, as well as using other forms of lubrication rather than artificial lube.

For example, there are some people who only lubricate with saliva from oral sex before starting and going ass to mouth as needed throughout to relubricate. Others use vaginal lubricant as an anal lubricant.

So I would suggest trying something along those lines and seeing if it works for you. If, over time, you find you need less of that, you can continue to ease off it too. As with most things relating to anal sex, gradual change is best.