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Article: You Can’t Get Pregnant From Anal Sex, Except…

This article on Refinery29 goes into detail about how and why anal sex doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Anal sex is a kind of sex, but just like oral sex, it won’t result in pregnancy — no matter what genitals the people involved are working with. While you can transmit STIs during anal sex (and during oral sex, too), pregnancy won’t happen — except in one rare situation. […] Pregnancy doesn’t happen during anal sex because the anus isn’t connected to the vagina or any other reproductive organs. People without vaginas can’t get pregnant — while “m-preg” is a popular fanfiction category, it doesn’t work that way in real life: trans men can get pregnant, but cis men cannot.

It then proceeds to detail the one scenario where pregnancy can result from anal sex:

There is one way in which anal sex could result in pregnancy: if semen enters the vagina after ejaculation. According to Planned Parenthood, “Since your anus isn’t connected to your reproductive organs, anal sex can’t directly cause pregnancy. But it’s still possible for semen to get into the vagina during anal sex — if the guy ejaculates into or near the anus, and the semen leaks from there down onto the vulva. Fingers and hands could make this more likely, too, by moving semen towards the vulva.”

That means that if someone has anal sex and then ejaculates into the anus or somewhere else near the vagina, sperm could theoretically, accidentally, enter the vagina and cause a pregnancy. If someone ejaculates after anal sex, touches the semen, and then fingers their partner, that could theoretically result in a pregnancy, too. But if semen doesn’t enter the vagina, there’s no chance of pregnancy happening.

Fortunately, this is exceedingly rare, but it is possible. So if getting pregnant is not your intent, be sure to clean up afterwards and take care to avoid semen entering the vaginal canal after anal sex.

If getting pregnant is your intent, however, and you want to maintain a completely vaginal penetration-free lifestyle even while doing so, whether just because you want to avoid going back to vaginal intercourse or because you want to maintain vaginal virginity, you can utilize this method to engage in anal sex as normal, ejaculate anally, and then push it back out while spreading the vagina open for it to run down and into. This technique can work and has been used by those in the anal only lifestyle, though it may require repeated attempts to do so.

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Message: Should I Try Vaginal or Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: Hey, so I’m a virgin but I masturbate A LOT and really want to have sex. I use a dildo in my ass a lot and have a butt plug now too that I love so I know I really want to do anal but I always imagined I would do vag too. But I see that you are telling virgins to skip it and go right to anal only. I like the idea but I don’t know if I should do it or not? Should I also stop masturbating that way? What do I do if a guy wants my pussy? Or do guys all want anal only now? Please help!

Yes! Definitely go anal only and stay a vaginal virgin. The biggest regret I hear from anal only women is that they spent any time at all on vaginal and they wish they had stayed a vaginal virgin. While it’s not the worst thing in the world so long as you end up anal only in the end, it’s an unfortunate and unnecessary detour to go down the path of vaginal before settling on anal. If you have the choice, make the anal only choice. You can always change your mind later and lose your vaginal virginity, but so long as the idea of being an anal only vaginal virgin is available and interesting to you, I highly recommend taking it!

It’s definitely becoming increasingly popular for women in your position to choose the anal only vaginal virgin path, for a variety of reasons. Anal has become much more mainstream and normal, and women are both experimenting with it more as well as less afraid to be open about preferring it and focusing on it as their primary or exclusive source of pleasure. As more women open up about that preference and their choice to avoid vaginal completely, it normalizes that idea for other women and gives them the confidence to choose to do the same as well.

It sounds like you already really love anal and prefer it, so the decision seems quite obvious. Vaginal will never be as good as anal, and you’ll always prefer anal, so with the likelihood that you would end up anal only eventually even if you did try vaginal, you will most likely regret giving up your vaginal virginity. I know several who started out anal only vaginal virgins for years before finally trying vaginal later in life, and being supremely disappointed in it, so there’s that to consider as well. It’s just not worth wasting any time with at all.

If you’re concerned about wanting to have children later in life, there are several options. Some anal only women see the only purpose of the vagina and vaginal sex being impregnation and will choose to lose their virginity in order to get pregnant but never for anything else. Others want to permanently maintain that virginity even when getting pregnant and opt to use a different strategy, having anal sex and pushing their partner’s semen out so it runs down into their spread-open vagina, repeating as necessary until pregnant, and in that way able to get pregnant from anal sex only without even once having vaginal intercourse.

And finally, yes, you should stop any vaginal masturbation as well, and focus just on anal penetration and pleasure. Vaginal stimulation just confuses and distracts from developing anal pleasure and orgasms, and if you already really enjoy anal, you should focus on that and work on mastering it.

Good luck, and enjoy. You’ll never regret being an anal only vaginal virgin.

Forum: Pregnancy and Anal Only

We are an AO married couple for a few years and want to have children… We think it’s time to raise the family, but there is one “little difficulty”: we’ve been exclusively anal only since forever. I imagine some of you may have faced this dilemma before, so how to proceed?

I know it seems a simple problem, so let me be more specific: we’re AO by preference. Performing vaginal penetration seems obvious as an answer to getting pregnant, but it turns out that vaginal virginity has become our secret source of pleasure like a special and perverted spell, a type of fetish in itself. Destroying this sounds worrisome and disturbing. There is certainly a strong psychological factor to explain this strange affliction but we do not want sacrificing vaginal virginity in any way. Perhaps in other circumstances this doubt seems stupid, but certainly here is right place for to share our anguish without stereotypes…

My wife wants cesarean birth to preserve the untouchable vagina but it saddens that pregnancy demands to tarnish our great fantasy.. Please do not judge us as weird ridiculous. But virgin virginity is really very important to our relationship.

We accept advice, tips and experiences from couples who have experienced the same situation.

ksaleh, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

Luckily, vaginal sex is not necessary for pregnancy, and more anal only couples are choosing to go without it in order to get pregnant when ready to have children. There are multiple options, but it can be as simple as having anal sex, ejaculating inside her anus, her remaining on her hands and knees, and spreading open her vagina while pushing out his semen so that it runs down and inside, repeating as often as necessary until pregnant. As it’s less direct, it can take longer for some people, but it does work and should be considered as an option before falling back to unnecessary vaginal intercourse.

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Message: I Hate My Vagina

Anonymous: I love love love your blog and loved your blogs on Tumblr when you were there. I’m 28, and a vaginal virgin by choice since I was 16 when I first had sex. I have never liked my vagina or vaginal sex, and always been turned off by it and wished I didn’t even have it. I’ve always played with my ass, and barely even tried playing with my cunt after I did it a few times and hated everything about it. It just feels gross and wrong to me and turns me off immediately.

So instead I’ve been putting things up my ass as long as I can remember and having anal sex only for the last 12 years and I plan to never have vaginal sex. The idea of being anal only forever and keep my cunt totally unused and untouched makes me really happy and so that’s my goal. I love everything about anal and nothing about vaginal. I do it all—ass to mouth, permanent clit denial for the last decade, even double anal I love! I’m engaged to a wonderful man who I have amazing anal sex with almost every day and who feels the same way and wants to keep me a vaginal virgin too.

My only hesitation at all is that we want to have children, and while it makes sense that vaginal sex is for getting pregnant and anal sex is for everything else, I just don’t ever want to get fucked in my cunt even for that. I read that some people have been able to get pregnant without having vaginal sex, can you give us some advice on that? I hope to get pregnant but never have to get fucked any way but in my ass. Thank you!

You sound like a wonderful woman and your fiance is a lucky man. Everything you described about yourself is exactly what I would consider an ideal partner in every way.

As for getting pregnant without having vaginal sex, that’s a topic of growing interest among anal only women, and there are multiple women in the anal only community who have success with that goal.

Some have gone to a fertility clinic and undergone in-vitro fertilization treatments in order to achieve that goal. This is a very successful way to go, but also expensive.

Some will have anal sex like normal and then pull out and spread open her vagina to ejaculate inside without penetrating. The use of a speculum or other tool to help hold it open can aid with this, as can certain medical lubricants in the vagina to help his semen penetrate more deeply quickly.

My personal preference is a variation of the above, where anal sex is done normally in a doggy style position but he ejaculates inside and then spreads open your vagina while you push out his semen and it runs down into your vagina. Potentially paired with the above lubricant technique, this can be very effective and is a pure anal technique that involves anal sex to completion. It can take repeat attempts over several months to be successful, but that just means more anal sex to enjoy!

Good luck to the both of you.

Message: No Reason For Vaginal

Jess: I really think there’s no reason at all to ever have vaginal sex. I did it before I knew better, but since I went anal only I have no interest in ever having vaginal again. There are ways to get pregnant without doing vaginal, or you can adopt, and I’d rather do either of those things than get my pussy fucked.

Anal is better for everything, but it’s also just better to never use your vagina in any way. Not using it makes everything else better. Everyone should be anal only.

I like your enthusiasm and wholehearted approach to the anal only lifestyle. Everyone has their own interpretation to it, and yours is certainly a very literal one, which is great if it’s what works for you!

Most people, even if anal only, are probably going to still utilize vaginal sex for reproductive purposes, which I think is fine if that’s what they need or want to do, but you’re right that there are certainly alternatives, and there are people who have gotten pregnant without having vaginal sex, so it can be a viable option for people who want to try pure anal only pregnancy.

You touch on something interesting and quite true regarding anal only not necessarily just being about anal being better, but also about the exclusion of vaginal being an improvement for everything else. That’s very true, for sure, and a nuance that not everyone picks up on.

Message: Butt Babies

Anonymous: I got pregnant from anal… We’re anal only, but I guess when he finished in my ass some of his cum slipped into my pussy… I wonder how many other parents haven’t told their children that they’re actually butt babies.

It’s extremely rare to get pregnant unintentionally from anal sex but, as you’ve discovered, not impossible. I’ve heard of it happening a few times, but with a little bit of care it’s usually not going to be a concern for most people.

Personally, I’d love to discover that I was a “butt baby”, and if I ever have children, I’d personally prefer to try conceiving that way before attempting any sort of actual vaginal sex for the process. Even though I think it’s perfectly fine and natural to have vaginal sex to get pregnant (that’s what it’s for) I do think it would be fun and sexy to achieve it without needing any vaginal sex to be involved in the process.

Getting Pregnant in the Anal Only Lifestyle

A member on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum recently made a post detailing how he and his wife, who have been anal only nearly 8 years together, are ready to have children and would like to come up with a special anal only way of doing so without having vaginal sex.

Me and my wife had been anal only for the most part of our 8 years relationship. Now we’re thinking about having kids and our natural contraception preferences are playing against us. Vaginal sex is not a taboo, but I would do something a little more exciting (and more like us) on this special moment.

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Message: Pregnancy From Anal Sex

Anonymous: Just a reminder that anal only sex is not birth control. You can still get pregnant from anal sex, although it is rarer. Have a nice day! (:

You can’t get pregnant from anal sex, though there is the possibility of semen coming out after and running down into the vagina. Even this is rare enough to barely be a concern for many people, but with a little care after to avoid this happening, many people do in fact find it to be an effective form of birth control for them. It isn’t 100% risk free, but neither is anything else. Everyone will need to decide on their own what forms of birth control they want to use, and if they want to combine others with anal.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

somethingobscene: Health professional here: I’ve never heard of pregnancy with anal sex, but in the rare case of recrovaginal fistula, I’d have to assume it’s possible.

Message: I Want to Go Anal Only, But My Boyfriend Likes Pregnancy Risk

Anonymous: So, I have a bit of a problem. My fiancee really likes to have vaginal sex, but my ass has always felt more like my pussy to me than my actual vagina. I want to get him to try going anal only with me, but he likes the idea of pregnancy-risk too much to want anal sex exclusively. Do you have any advice for a girl who loves anal but has a partner that wants vaginal? Do you think there’s any way I can wean him off of vaginal? He’s told me that he still likes for me to beg to be bred even during anal

Sorry for taking a little while to get around to responding to you, I’ve been considering my response for a while.

First, if you haven’t already, I think you should express to him just how much you prefer anal and that it feels more natural and enjoyable to you than vaginal and that you’d like to at least do it more often. Not everyone gets on board to go anal only from the get-go, but getting there over time is often possible, even if just by gradually increasing the frequency that you do anal until it becomes your new default.

It’s not quite the same, but perhaps a concession to his pregnancy risk fetish could be to treat him cumming in your ass as if he’s impregnating you—especially as you note he likes you begging for him to breed you even during anal. You can also do things like pushing out his cum and letting it run down across your pussy after.

A lot of anal only people treat the vagina as only for impregnation and the ass for sex and pleasure.

Can you get him on board with trying AO for a month? A lot of people have all sorts of reasons they don’t want to be AO before they seriously try it, and a lot of those reasons go away after a month or so of actually doing it.

A somewhat rambling and perhaps not very helpful response, but I do hope you’re able to work out a way for anal only to work for you, whether by showing him that it really is better, or by coming up with a compromise that works for the both of you.

Message: Attempting an Anal Only Pregnancy

Anonymous: My amazing wife and I are ready to make a baby… And we are both incredibly turned on by the thought of her getting pregnant from cum that has dripped out of her ass. (We only have anal intercourse but she sometimes likes to put a bullet vibrator in her puss – and frankly I like it as well – so we can’t quite say we are AO). Any thoughts on how we can get our ass baby? We are also discussing pulling out of her ass right before so I can shoot into her puss.

First, the main aspect of being anal only is just a lack of vaginal intercourse in favor of anal intercourse. There are people who consider themselves to be anal only but who may use a dildo or vibrator vaginally. I tend to lean towards no vaginal penetration at all, myself, but I also respect other people’s interpretations and variations on the theme.

I’ve certainly heard of women getting pregnant from semen running out of the anus. It’s nowhere near a common occurrence when done accidentally, but perhaps if done deliberately you could control the factors more to allow it to be more likely. I imagine you may need to use some sort of toy vaginally to open her up enough to “catch” your semen when it runs out, and you’ll probably need to experiment with it multiple times to figure out the best way to make it work, but that just means you get to have lots of anal sex!

Finally, as appealing as the idea is of an anal only couple having children without vaginal sex, if you aren’t able to make it work, vaginal is completely appropriate within the anal only lifestyle for reproductive purposes. That is, in fact, what it’s for. It’s just less effective than anal for other purposes, like pleasure. So if you need to have vaginal sex until she gets pregnant, don’t feel as if you’re breaking some anal only rule. Don’t let that keep you from trying other approaches first, either, though.