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Reddit: Anal Only During Pregnancy

I’m about 7 months, and doc says sex is fine, no health issues etc. The issue I’m having is my partner’s uncomfortable with doing it this late and my libido is insanely high. Due to my size and lack of grace, solo play is very awkward, and the real thing is better than rubber. I’d love advice on how to allay his fears. I’m due in 10 weeks, and after that, there won’t be much going on in the bedroom for a couple months. I really want to get it while I still can.

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Bdsmlr: Staying Anal Only Vaginal Virgin After Marriage

I’ve been pretty inactive for a lot of life reasons but I have some awesome updates!

1) we’re married!! Yay!! So happy to finally be a Wife.

2) I’ve graduated! Also yay!! I do have a job for now at an awesome company working a helpful role for a very traditional boss. He has been a wonderful mentor so far.

3) I was originally planning on losing my virginity when my wedding was consummated, but since we both want kids we did some fertility testing before the wedding. It turns out I’m unlikely to conceive from sex, and would need to do artificial insemination anyway. After some talking, my husband had decided I will stay anal only and a Virgin! 😱

4) my husband has decided we will pursue treatments and try to get me pregnant this year! we are doing lots of research on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, working vs staying home to figure out what the best options are for me and my particular situation. I’m so lucky to have him.

I’m overwhelmed but excited by all the changes. It was a huge relief and turn-on to have my husband completely ignore my pussy on our wedding night; I’ve cum extremely sparingly the last year or so but I’m wet everyday.  I’ve never felt more happy and devoted. ☺️ 

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Forum: Pregnancy Being Anal Only

Hello everybody, I have noticed in several comments and chats that many people of the anal only community believe that to have children we must have vaginal sex, yes we keep our pussy for reproductive purposes and the ass for sex and pleasure, but there is another option that I decided to share here.

You can have anal sex and penetrate the pussy just to cum inside if you want to have children but this is not recommended because of the vaginal infections that can cause taking something from your ass to your pussy.

The better option is artificial insemination, you can go to a doctor for this but since it is not for fertility problems there is a simpler option, buy an insemination kit that is usually sold in pharmacies and do it yourself, the kits are simply sterile containers for the semen, a sterile syringe and some tube or utensil to penetrate the pussy and place the semen deep within it or directly into the uterus (a penetration much smaller than a cock)

This for example:

I think it’s a good option for those anal only couples who want to have children and keep the pussy unfucked and closed, they can also opt for a cesarean on the moment of birth.

I know that not everyone here wants to have children or that they are single or already have children, I dont want children but in the future if I want, I will use this option, it seems useful to me as anal only woman, I hope it will be useful to you too, in the present or the future.
Greetings, good luck and have lots of anal sex

julietagc, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Forum: Anal Only While Pregnant

For my wife who is currently pregnant 3 months so far it’s mainly to reduce stress and fear. We ran into a miscarriage on our first attempt at a baby and this time we actually have one with a strong heartbeat. Any signs of blood or pains that can potentially happen through vaginal sex while pregnant cause concern for her and places stress on both of us. In the times we tried vaginal sex she bled and spotted. While the spotting and pains are normal it’s made vaginal sex unenjoyable and not wanted by both of us. Sex has always been a normal aspect in our lives and to remove it caused additional frustrations.

My wife and I have had anal sex only a handful of times in our 7 years of being together but the times that we did we both enjoyed it. So to not remove sex out of our lives I asked if she would like to be AO more as a joke but with mild interest. She was a little hesitant at first but after a few days she wanted to give it a shot because of the lack of sexual intimacy in our lives. So we have been AO for over a month now and both much happier. While we still talk about vaginal sex it has shown that doing anal has been more pleasurable for both of us. Orgasms for her prior to AO has only happened by fingering or clitoral stimulation. We found out that orgasms are possible for her through anal and a more enjoyable experience since she gets off be my penis alone which is something she’s always wanted. The interest in anal has definitely shown by our increased sexual activity and anticipation for the next time we can do it again. Idk if it will be a lifelong commitment for AO but our sex lives as of now reflect that it’s definitely possible.

Silentmember, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Reddit: Having a Baby Without Giving up Anal Only

Lately me and my husband are considering having a baby, but I just became fully AO approximately 2 years ago (bc I still needed PIV once in a while). We didn’t want to ruin our progress, it was so hard for me to get to where I am now. I’m afraid if I have vaginal sex I’ll start craving it again or something.

I know all it takes to get pregnant is sperm, there’s no need for PIV, but I’m not sure if it even works. Also we’re looking for ideas to get that sperm in there without doing vaginal, so any suggestions are welcome. If anyone had any experience with this before please let us now. We’d really appreciate it.

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Message: Pregnancy in an Anal Only Lifestyle

This message was sent to the Anal Only Bdsmlr porn blog, and is being cross-posted here.

Anonymous: I’ve loved your blog for a long time, and I am glad that you’re active on Bdsmlr again like you were on Tumblr! I’ve reached out to you there before, a few years ago, but your blog inspired me and my boyfriend to go anal only way back in 2015. We’ve stayed anal only successfully since then and when we got married a couple years ago we vowed to be anal only together as part of it. We’re thinking about having kids now, and we’re going to try out non-vaginal ways of getting pregnant first, but it also seems like you’re okay with vaginal sex to get pregnant, is that right?

Very good to hear an update from you! I’m glad that the old readership is moving over to Bdsmlr and following along here as well, and that the community on Bdsmlr is growing more!

It’s great to hear that your anal only relationship has been so successful for the both of you and that you’re still committed to it 5 years later!

Vaginal sex for getting pregnant is definitely consistent with the anal only lifestyle if that’s the route that you want to take. However, as you yourself note, often once people have gone years without vaginal sex, they don’t want to go back to it even just for the purpose of getting pregnant. So it definitely makes sense to try non-vaginal means of getting pregnant first, if that’s important to you!

I’d suggest exploring having him ejaculate in your ass and then push it out while spreading your pussy so that it runs down and back into your vagina. Alternatively, he can pull out at the last minute while you’re spreading open your vagina and he can aim into your vagina. If you try those for a few months with no success, you could also try something like a turkey baster or syringe (without a needle) to suck up his semen after you push it out of your ass and then get it into you vagina with more force to get it deeper inside of you.

Good luck, and please keep us posted on how things go!

Bdsmlr: Getting Pregnant in an Anal Only Relationship

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Anonymous: I’ve loved your blog for a long time, and I am glad that you’re active on Bdsmlr again like you were on Tumblr! I’ve reached out to you there before, a few years ago, but your blog inspired me and my boyfriend to go anal only way back in 2015. We’ve stayed anal only successfully since then and when we got married a couple years ago we vowed to be anal only together as part of it. We’re thinking about having kids now, and we’re going to try out non-vaginal ways of getting pregnant first, but it also seems like you’re okay with vaginal sex to get pregnant, is that right?

Thanks! I’m glad I helped inspire you and that you’ve stayed anal only since for the past five years! That’s wonderful.

Vaginal sex to get pregnant and anal for everything else is consistent with the ideas of the anal only lifestyle, for sure. But, as you’ve noted, many people who stay anal only long enough like the idea of never going back to vaginal, even to get pregnant, and so often try to look for other options, whether that be artificial insemination, or ejaculating during anal sex and spreading open her vagina to let it run out and back into her. Whatever approach you decide to take, good luck and enjoy your anal only future together!

Message: Daughter Asking About Anal Only

Anonymous: So I’m a vaginal virgin and I adopted my daughter to remain a vaginal virgin. My teen daughter snuck into my room and got on my laptop. I had your blog up and she asked me what anal only is and what clit denial is and why would someone like it. I told her I would talk to her later about it. so I’m kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place cuz I don’t know if I should explain it, I don’t know if I should encourage, her and I don’t know if I should tell her I do it and why. So maybe you can help me with what I should do

If she is an appropriate age to start talking about sex as a parent, then I think it’s perfectly fine to also talk about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle in an educational way. Sit down with her and have a normal, healthy conversation about it. If she wants to learn more, she’ll ask.

Article: You Can’t Get Pregnant From Anal Sex, Except…

This article on Refinery29 goes into detail about how and why anal sex doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Anal sex is a kind of sex, but just like oral sex, it won’t result in pregnancy — no matter what genitals the people involved are working with. While you can transmit STIs during anal sex (and during oral sex, too), pregnancy won’t happen — except in one rare situation. […] Pregnancy doesn’t happen during anal sex because the anus isn’t connected to the vagina or any other reproductive organs. People without vaginas can’t get pregnant — while “m-preg” is a popular fanfiction category, it doesn’t work that way in real life: trans men can get pregnant, but cis men cannot.

It then proceeds to detail the one scenario where pregnancy can result from anal sex:

There is one way in which anal sex could result in pregnancy: if semen enters the vagina after ejaculation. According to Planned Parenthood, “Since your anus isn’t connected to your reproductive organs, anal sex can’t directly cause pregnancy. But it’s still possible for semen to get into the vagina during anal sex — if the guy ejaculates into or near the anus, and the semen leaks from there down onto the vulva. Fingers and hands could make this more likely, too, by moving semen towards the vulva.”

That means that if someone has anal sex and then ejaculates into the anus or somewhere else near the vagina, sperm could theoretically, accidentally, enter the vagina and cause a pregnancy. If someone ejaculates after anal sex, touches the semen, and then fingers their partner, that could theoretically result in a pregnancy, too. But if semen doesn’t enter the vagina, there’s no chance of pregnancy happening.

Fortunately, this is exceedingly rare, but it is possible. So if getting pregnant is not your intent, be sure to clean up afterwards and take care to avoid semen entering the vaginal canal after anal sex.

If getting pregnant is your intent, however, and you want to maintain a completely vaginal penetration-free lifestyle even while doing so, whether just because you want to avoid going back to vaginal intercourse or because you want to maintain vaginal virginity, you can utilize this method to engage in anal sex as normal, ejaculate anally, and then push it back out while spreading the vagina open for it to run down and into. This technique can work and has been used by those in the anal only lifestyle, though it may require repeated attempts to do so.

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Message: Permanent Vaginal Virginity and Motherhood

Hi! I’m the vaginal virgin who wrote to you one year ago, tag 20160604. Since it’s thanks to you that I realized I didn’t really want vaginal sex and my husband and I eventually got married, I felt like giving you an update! I’m still a vaginal virgin, we’re still obviously anal only, and we’re extremely happy.

In a year, we started to think about having kids, and the big update is we decided to adopt! We weighted everything that could cause problems: lack of genetic link, possibilities and delays for adoption in our situation, what to tell our families, cost, etc. It may seem excessive or weird, but the deciding factor was my husband just couldn’t sacrifice my virginity. He once told me he couldn’t begin to express into words how important it was to him, and not just sexually, that I stayed a virgin forever, that only my ass and mouth have ever been penetrated my whole life.

When I wrote to you, I was distressed because I felt I was missing something but it’s not the case any more. I just stopped thinking about it, to me my vagina and clitoris are actually less sexual than my feet, which my man loves to lick while he takes my ass in missionary! They’re actually more like my belly button: I wouldn’t look right without them, but they’re biological remains that don’t serve any sort of purpose, and only get touched for hygiene.

I still have my hymen, and my husband treasures it, he said he’d buy surgery if it ever gets damaged. The only time he manipulates my pussy is to check if my hymen is still intact. That way, he jokes, I would have to get fucked in the ass if I ever want to cheat on him, and then he doesn’t really mind!

So, everything is great. I don’t even mind adopting at all, to me biological links don’t mean anything, and it’s a relief that I can 100% forget about vaginal, it nearly made me turn down the love of my life!

Thanks very much for the update! It sounds like things have worked out very well for the both of you, which is wonderful to hear. Since preserving your vaginal virginity is important to the both of you, I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a solution that satisfies that requirement and otherwise works for you as well.