Message: Anal Cleanliness and Depth

Saurav: Is it safe to have anal sex without condom if both partners are clean and monogamous. How much penis to enter the anus

It certainly is safe: if you’re comfortable having sex with each other without a condom from an STI standpoint, then you can safely have anal without a condom as well, because anal is natural birth control.

As to how deep to penetrate, that depends on the receptive partner and how comfortable they are. As deep as you both want to is fine, so long as it feels good. If going too deep becomes uncomfortable, then don’t go that deep for now, and revisit it later after more practice.

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One response to “Message: Anal Cleanliness and Depth”

  1. Chris says:

    It’s perfectly safe. In fact, there have been some studies that a man’s ejaculate is beneficial for a woman when absorbed that way. As for depth, go deep! As long as she’s relaxed it’ll be more enjoyable for you both. There is no feeling better than being full-length inside her and being gripped around your base by her anus.

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