Message: How Much Anal is Too Much?

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been anal only for about two months now and its been going pretty good. We normally do anal about 2-3 times a week and I just give him blowjobs on the days between but recently he told me he would like to start doing anal everyday. I’m definitely open to the idea but I’m a little worried that that might not be good for my health and was hoping I could get some advice here. Is it harmful for your butt to have a small enema and anal sex everyday?

Daily anal sex, so long as your body is adjusted to the routine, is perfectly fine to do. Ultimately you have to listen to your body to determine if you’re ready for that frequency yet. Try it, and see how sustainable it is for you. You can also just work up to that over the course of several weeks, where each week you add another day a week that you do it, and you should be totally fine if you take that approach.

Deeper enemas should be avoided at high frequency, but a small flush of the rectum isn’t a problem.

I say go for it, chances are you’ll love daily anal and it will ultimately make your anal only experience that much better.

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4 responses to “Message: How Much Anal is Too Much?”

  1. Linda says:

    There’s no such thing as too much anal.

  2. Eirini says:

    It is a shame that people ask about this. It should be taught at school for certain! Anal sex it should be the standard sex and the recommended sex, parents should endorse it and explain the real use of the anus so there is no shame or taboo! Wrong and no knowledge about anal is very wrong!
    We need anal sex education and masturbation in schools yesterday to all ages! It is must!

  3. H Dean says:

    As an older man I have been enjoying anal with various partners for many years. Mostly, it’s been about a 50/50 ratio. After having her first anal orgasm a few years back my GF decided she wanted to go AO. We are coming up on three years of AO now. It’s better now than it was when we started out.

    To answer the hilighted question: Anal every day is absolutely fine. Obviously things will get in the way. Life has a way of throwing a wrench into plans, after all. But in the nearly three years since me and my GF have been AO our sex has only gotten better.

    But don’t feel silly about the question. My GF was once worried about getting too loose for me to enjoy her ass and losing control. None of that has transpired. The only real difference is that her ass opens to take me with greater ease. In fact, there were occasions she would get overly excited and take me too quickly, causing tremendous pain. Such is no longer the case. Now, no matter how quickly my cock enters her ass she is absolutely fine providing there is enough lubrication on her ass or my cock.

  4. Chris says:

    My girlfriend and I have anal most days and once in a while more than once a day. That’s been our routine for the last couple of years and she’s in great health so there’s no need to worry about doing too much. I think it’s awesome that he loves your ass so much and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it if you can agree to start doing anal every day. While I’m sure the blowjobs between days are great it sounds like he’d be much happier swapping. I say that because some people can take it as a rejection when it’s far from that. I think he just wants what’s best for the both of you.

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