Message: Anal Only Diary

Chris: Not many people share their intimate experiences and I thought doing so might be a good way to inspire others.

It’s Sunday morning and my girlfriend and I are just chilling in bed. We have nowhere to go and all the time in the world. I start to get turned on feeling her body, especially running my hands over her hips and ass. I even rub her pussy a little and cup it with my hand, but I won’t be going there. Every day with her I think how lucky I am not to have to have vaginal sex ever again.

My girlfriend spits in her hand and starts rubbing my cock. When she’s got me wet, I get her to roll on her side away from me and I do the same with her anus. It takes less than a minute to get her slippery inside using my finger.

Spooning behind her I love looking at her back and shoulders as I guide myself into her anus. She’s relaxed and used to the penetration but the little resistance I always still get from the muscle feels great. It’s one of the best parts and we both moan every time. I ease all the way in and push up close behind her.

After waiting a few seconds to make sure we’re both comfortable I begin to pump. It’s always hard to tell how much time passes because my mind can’t concentrate on much other than how good it feels. The heat, the tightness and always her anus gripping me. I remember kissing her back and neck as I caress her waist, hips and breasts. A few times we pause to add more saliva before we continue.

My girlfriend has always been quiet during sex, except when I try and thrust extra deep or toward the end when I speed up. After a while, she starts to push back a bit with her ass. I know from what she has told me that the good feeling for her grows and slowly builds. When I hear her breathing a bit faster and deeper then I know she is happy and also knowing that we are connected in the most intimate way possible, plus the feelings of being inside her ass, push me to the edge.

My girlfriend says I can be loud when I cum, but I’m not aware of it. Every time I shoot inside her ass it feels like her whole anus and rectum squeeze my cock, almost trying to suck me inside. It was never like this before – her pussy always felt dead to me.

We lie recovering for a minute, she holds my hand and we try to kiss but it’s awkward with her facing the other way. I pull out slowly and the head of my cock catches on her anus on the way out. The feeling is as awesome as going in. The hole closes, keeping all my cum inside. Even that is better than the pussy, which couldn’t even do that properly.

My girlfriend turns and we kiss and hug for a bit. She behaves differently from how she used to be after vaginal. She’s more happy and affectionate. She’s told me before how the good feelings that built up in her ass during sex stay with her for some time after.

I wish everyone could experience this.

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3 responses to “Message: Anal Only Diary”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you and your girlfriend approach the clitoris? Does she use it? In your opinion, is it better to give it up?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had the same questions. Since anal sex is clearly the future and we’ll see more and more couples defaulting to this, then its important to consider the approach to the clitoris. I’m guessing that most men will prefer she gives it up and focus on the anal pleasure while women will be more likely to continue to think they need it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For some reason most AO men don’t seem to talk a lot about giving up the clitoris. Not sure if it’s because they want to accomodate women who may not feel ready for it yet (which I can respect), or if they really don’t care as long as they get to use the right hole? However as a woman who feels giving up the clitoris is essential to the anal only lifestyle, I think a frank and open discussion about all the benefits it has for women would make more of us open to trying it.

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