Message: Considering Adding Anal to a Tittyfucking Only Lifestyle

H Suzuki: My girlfriend and I have yet to engage in any penetrative sex. In the months we’ve been together and fucking we’ve been what you could call tittyfuck only, with oral foreplay, because she has very large tits and a fetish for her tits being used like a “hole”. The hottest thing she’s ever said was the first time she asked me to “impregnate her tits”, and that’s become a regular part of our dirty talk since. Anyway, our routine is usually a blowjob, followed by me fucking her tits until I cum, and then her cleaning me off with another blowjob. Sometimes we skip the first blowjob and use oil instead so the tittyfucking is extra slippery, and sometimes I stop fucking her tits and finish directly in her mouth. So basically we live the oral only lifestyle but with the focus being tittyfucking instead of oral. Recently we’ve been talking about adding penetrative sex to the routine, and I suggested anal, thinking it’d be hot if we just skipped vaginal sex in favor of just using her tits, mouth, and ass as the sole means of sex, and she seemed receptive. Here’s hoping we can make it work. I’m curious if you’ve run into any other couples who’ve centered their sex life around a tittyfucking lifestyle and either stuck with it or branched out into adding anal?

Thanks for sharing! I’ve generally encountered couples who have been anal only but would occasionally do an oral only or titfucking only month here and there, but it makes sense that people would approach it from the other direction as well!

I think it makes a lot of sense to add anal into the mix but of course keeping things anal only and completely excluding vaginal now and always. If she’s receptive, by all means you should do it!

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One response to “Message: Considering Adding Anal to a Tittyfucking Only Lifestyle”

  1. John says:

    I find this interesting because I have always had a fetish for woman’s legs, especially the thighs, knees and behind the knees. They have to have shapely calves as well. (An example of a woman that had gorgeous legs when she was young was Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island.) I used to pump the thighs and the soft spot behind the knee of my ex wife and an ex girl friend. I love oral and the ass too and yes, tittyfucking. Like you I would prefer to skip the pussy and just go straight for the legs, ass, mouth and the occasional tittyfuck. I have always found regular sex boring compared to these other things. In high school I remember guys talking about pussy like it was the be all, end all and I never felt that way. Pussy to me is like the mashed potatoes and gravy at the buffet at Golden Corral. It is good but bland and there are other things on the buffet I like a whole lot better. When I was younger I felt ashamed of this and tried to deny it but as I got older I began to accept my preferences. I came to realized as long as I did these things with other consenting adults there was nothing wrong with it.

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