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Message: Anal Only Surprise

BillW: I didn’t post earlier as I didn’t know how this was going to go, but I wanted to share our Anal Only April story now that the month is over.

My wife and I have done anal once or twice a month since we started dating and she always enjoyed it but for whatever reason we just never did it more often. I’ve started wanting it more but didn’t know how to bring it up. I guess I was worried she would see it as some sort of rejection of her vagina or of her as a woman if I said I wanted to do anal more instead.

When I saw your Anal Only April post, I thought this sounded like a good way to introduce it, as a fun challenge and something relatively short-term at first. Just something new to try, you know? So I told her about it and asked if she’d be interested. She said she’d think about it, but by the end of the day when I got home from work she had her butt plug in and she told me she wanted me in her ass, and as I was sliding inside her, she said I could do her in the ass every day for all of April.

Obviously, I was very excited and we fucked hard and fast and I came deep inside her ass more than once that night, and every night for the month. The more we did it, the easier it got, and within a week she was able to go straight to anal without any warmup. She’d always been able to orgasm from anal, but it didn’t happen every time or come easily for her some of the time. A few weeks in, though, she was cumming multiple times nearly every time we had sex without even touching her pussy. It was like an anal awakening for her, and we were both loving it.

Last week, she told me that if she’d known having anal more often would be like this, she would have wanted to start doing this years ago. I told her that I had always loved her ass and had wanted to do more anal with her for a while but hadn’t known how to say it. She called me silly and said I should have just told her and she would have done it. So let that be a lesson and talk to your partner about what you want!

Now that the month is over, we’ve talked about what we want to do from here. I know you encourage sticking with anal only if it went well for the month and everyone enjoyed it, and we talked about if we wanted to stay anal only or go back to using her pussy some of the time. When I asked her what she thought, she answered immediately that she didn’t miss vaginal sex at all but if she stopped doing anal she would definitely miss that, and said that she thought that said everything for her.

So we’re not going back to vaginal, and I guess we’re anal only from now on. I’m really excited, and so is she! Thank you for the inspiration and helping us get to this point.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience, and congratulations to the both of you. You won’t miss vaginal or regret going anal only, and I have no doubt you’ll never look back if you both had such a strong shift and positive experience from this month of anal only.

If she’s continuing to have pure anal orgasms so easily, I’d encourage committing to excluding clit stimulation entirely if she hasn’t already. Once anal only orgasms start to become easier, clit stimulation just gets in the way of better orgasms and is no longer necessary. Going entirely without it long-term will further develop and amplify the anal orgasms.

Message: Missed Anal Only April

Jessi: I just found your Anal Only April posts and am really disappointed because I would have loved to have tried that with my boyfriend but the month is almost over now. 😢

Anal Only April and No Pussy November are just months we promote actively to encourage more people to try and experience the anal only lifestyle for themselves. It’s not at all the only opportunity to be anal only, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to those months only.

Even though the month is nearly over, why not just start now and go through the end of May as your own anal only month?

The reason for it being a month long is that it’s a good amount of time for the average person to get through any initial challenges of being anal only in the first week or two and then get a few weeks of experiencing what it’s really like to be anal only and eliminate vaginal sex.

By the end of the month, many people find that they prefer being anal only and don’t want to return to vaginal sex. So at the end of May, consider how you feel, and if you really enjoyed your month, don’t go back to vaginal and just stick with the joy and pleasure of anal only.

Message: Anal Only April is Awesome!

Lily: Hi! I’ve been a fan of your blog since Tumblr but I was with a boyfriend who wasn’t into anal more than once a month or so and thought anal was just supposed to be a rare treat. It was so weird, I was asking him for it more often and he was the one who wanted it less! Well, we broke up around Christmas and I started seeing a new guy last month who loves anal! When I saw your announcement for Anal Only April I showed it to him and he agreed wholeheartedly that we should do it.

We’ve been doing anal almost every day since then (we started early because we were so excited to try it, so really we’re already a month in) and we’ve been talking about it throughout and both agree it’s so much better to not use my pussy at all anymore. It makes me so hot and horny and feels so amazing to have his cock in my ass every day and knowing that’s where it’s going every time instead of my pussy. It makes my ass twitch just thinking about it and when I get horny I feel it in my ass now more than my pussy. We’re just totally on board 100% with anal only and I think we both agree there’s no going back now.

That’s awesome! Congratulations on finding a great partner who shares your enthusiasm for anal and who understands the importance of being anal only. Since you’re already a month in and already don’t want to go back, I’m sure that by the end of the April you’ll be even more firmly set into your new routine and committed to living the anal only lifestyle for good.

Message: I Prefer Anal

LoveButtLove: I started watching porn before I had sex and I really liked seeing anal more than anything else, and that got me to start playing with my butt because I wanted to be like all the pretty girls getting buttfucked. I played with my pussy too, but I actually liked it in my butt more so before very long that’s pretty much all I did. I would get started with my pussy sometimes, kind of like foreplay, and then switch to my butt to really play with myself.

By the time I had sex for the first time I didn’t even play with my pussy anymore and I asked my boyfriend to put it in my butt. That’s all we ever did, and all I’ve done since then too. I like that I have sex all the time but that I’ve never been fucked in the pussy even once and I really want to stay that way now because I think it’s really sexy and just better. But my new boyfriend doesn’t understand and he has been pushing me for pussy. What do I do?

First of all, congratulations on making the best choice and going anal only while staying a vaginal virgin. That’s absolutely the way to go if you have the choice, as you’ve discovered.

As for your boyfriend, you need to sit down with him and have a talk. Tell him that you love having sex with him but that you’re an anal only girl and always will be, and have zero interest in losing your vaginal virginity. If he has a real problem with that, it’s better for it to come to a head now rather than in the future. But if you can convince him to just keep going with anal only for a while, he most likely will realize in time that there’s actually nothing to miss about vaginal and that he can get everything he needs through anal and that it’s actually better for the both of you that way.

Message: Communication is Key!

CS: My wife of 5.5 years is pregnant with our second child, something we agreed to. Prior to actually trying for a baby, we were doing anal nearly every time we had sex; vaginal served almost as foreplay for it. In the last year, I had mentioned “Maybe one time you’ll be so into it, you’ll suck my cock after.” “Is that what you want?” she asked. And now ass-to-mouth is something we do regularly, provided everything is clean.

As for the pregnancy, I had mentioned that I found this blog… and as we got into the topic more, she admitted that, aside from wanting a baby, she doesn’t even like vaginal sex that much. The thought that she strongly prefers it in the ass for more than just my desire sent me reeling. She also mentioned that when we’re able to get back into our active sex life, she’d be willing to practice getting off more regularly without clitoral play.

For anyone wanting to try new things, be it anal or not, just talk about it! It’s all about trust in your partner that makes it so passionate and exciting.

Congratulations to the both of you! Communication absolutely is key, and if more couples communicated about such things, many would find that they strongly shared a preference for anal, or that the other would at least be very willing to try an anal focus for their partner.

You’ve both got something to look forward to now as you shift to anal only when returning to an active sex life, and it’s going to be so much fun and so satisfying as you do so.

Message: Wanted To Have Vaginal Sex, Now Not So Sure

Anonymous: Hi! I’m glad I found your blog, it seems the perfect place to ask this question I’ve been asking myself for quite a while.

I’m 24 and I first had sex when I was 17, but we only did anal and oral. I didn’t have access to birth control and didn’t want to get pregnant, and my parents were religious so they always pushed not losing my virginity until I got married. I know having anal sex doesn’t make me a virgin anymore, but I was young and horny and it seemed like a good compromise at the time. I loved it, it felt amazing and I quickly learned to orgasm from anal, so there was no urgent reason to start doing vaginal sex.

I got older and had more boyfriends and since I enjoyed anal so much and still felt my parents saying I needed to keep my pussy virgin until I got married, so I always told them I was saving myself for marriage but we could do anal, and they were almost always totally okay with that, so it was easy to just stay anal only, even though I wasn’t in that mindset and really wanted to do vaginal too someday. I had never considered the idea of only doing anal forever, it was just for practical reasons at first and then because I liked it so much and it was so easy to just stay that way and not challenge myself.

Now, I’m not at all religious and no longer have any religious motivation to stay a vaginal virgin, but I’m in a relationship now with a man who I love very much who has told me how much he loves that I have always only had anal sex and that he would like me to stay a vaginal virgin, not to stay “pure” but because he is only interested in having anal sex and he thinks it’s sexy that I’m not only anal only but that I’ve never even done vaginal and that my vagina is virgin.

I had a hard time with this idea, because as I said I always wanted to lose my vaginal virginity eventually even if I have only done anal for seven years now and really do love it, but I can see his side as well. Even I can see why it’s an appealing idea, there’s something special and sexy about being different from all the other girls and never using my pussy, only my ass, but I still wonder and haven’t decided for sure yet.

For anyone who thinks he’s being unfair or selfish, he isn’t, we’re equal partners in our relationship, we love and respect each other very much, and we talk about each other’s wants and needs. He will respect whatever I do, but he will also share his opinion and desires, and I respect that too.

Do you have any advice you can offer? Should I try to have vaginal sex at least once to see what it’s like? Or should I do what he suggests and just move on from the idea of it entirely? We probably won’t have children, or if we did, we’d adopt, so that isn’t a factor. Thank you!

I think you should stay a vaginal virgin and commit to being anal only for good. You already know you love anal sex, you’ve been anal only for close to a decade now, and all your sexual experience and development has been anal oriented. Vaginal sex can’t get anywhere close to the pleasure, intensity or intimacy of anal, so by starting with anal you’re already doing the most enjoyable thing, and trying vaginal at this point is just going to be disappointing in comparison to what you’re used to.

Most women who start with anal and enjoy it, then try vaginal later, ultimately end up returning to anal only and say they regret ever wasting any time with vaginal and wish they’d kept their vaginal virginity. So why bother? Stay an anal only vaginal virgin and have no regrets.

You love it, your boyfriend loves it and has openly expressed how sexy he thinks it would be for you to stay anal only with him, and the fact that you don’t foresee having children are all reasons to shift your thinking and no longer see anal as something to do for now until you eventually do vaginal, instead recognizing that you’re already doing the ultimate form of sex and that there’s no reason to backtrack to something inferior that you won’t get anywhere as much enjoyment out of.

Be proud and happy to be purely anal only.

Message: Longing for the Past

Darly W: I had a girlfriend in college that was so totally into anal it’s all she wanted to do. She got me hooked. She could take it straight to her ass with little to no warm up. The great thing is she didn’t like condoms, so I got to nut in her ass every time we fucked. Since we were monogamous and clean it wasn’t an issue. I’d bet I seeded her ass nearly 1000 times in the three and a half years we dated. If only I knew how lucky I was I would have done whatever it took to keep her.

I’ve been in several relationships since with women who would have anal sex, even a couple who really enjoyed it. None wanted only anal sex though.

My wife willingly has anal sex about two or three times a month. She orgasms every time, she just doesn’t seem to want it more than that? I would give anything for my wife to be anal only.

Is there any advice you can give for someone in my situation?

Have you tried talking to your wife about it? Not necessarily about diving right in to anal only, but about how much you love her ass and having anal sex with her and wanting to do it more often. Don’t just make it one-sided, ask her what she thinks about it, and listen. If she has hesitations, ask her about them. Most of the reasons someone might oppose having anal sex more often if they enjoy it on occasion can in fact be mitigated by working up over time to having more frequent anal sex.

Message: Missing Anal Only

Cocobutt: I had an older boyfriend when I was younger who only wanted my ass and would fuck me there all the time. He taught me all about anal and how to do it right and I loved it. I didn’t really know anal only was a big thing then but we were anal only together for almost three years. I’ve been really missing that lately after having boyfriends who mostly want my pussy and I just don’t like it very much anymore. I was looking to see if other people were like me and found your blog. I would love to find another anal only man. I’m tired of pretending to like it in my pussy.

I’m so glad that you had a skilled and trusted partner to introduce you to anal and the anal only lifestyle, and who was able to show you how much better anal is than vaginal when you do it right.

If you want to be anal only again, start by only masturbating anally, since that’s something you can control on your own terms. And then when you hook up with or date guys, don’t pretend you like it in your pussy, come right out and say that you don’t do or enjoy vaginal sex, and you only do anal. The right guys will respond very positively to that, and if they have a problem with it, you know right off the bat they aren’t the right guy for you.

Be anal only. Own it. Be proud of it and be honest about it with new partners. You won’t regret it. Not every guy is going to be into the idea, but that doesn’t matter, you just need to find the guy that is, and those guys are absolutely out there. Don’t force yourself to endure vaginal sex when it isn’t doing it for you and anal is what you crave.

Message: Anal Only April

Vince: So I’m trying to abstain from all types of masturbation until April and then starting April 1st I’m going to try and go all month anal only. So far since my last post I haven’t given in to the urge to touch my penis. Is it normal for it to get extremely hard to resist the urge to touch and then it starts to tapper off cuz it was easy for awhile and lately it’s been really hard to resist even tho I’m having anal orgasms. So wish me luck on no touching and making it thru April

Sounds like a good plan!

It can increase and decrease in difficulty depending on a lot of different factors, and just personal variation. Stick with it and you’ll get through the difficulty, and give yourself lots of anal orgasms to make up for it and remind yourself why they’re better.

If it really gets hard to resist, you can try using a chastity device during periods of extreme temptation.

Message: Happy

Gia: I’m so happy and excited and I don’t really have anyone else I can share this with so I thought I’d share it with all you! I’ve followed this blog for years and have always wanted to be anal only since I found out it was a thing, but I couldn’t ever find a guy that was into it as much as I was and they’d try it for a while but would want to go back to pussy eventually, or would keep rubbing and touching me there when I didn’t want that, so it never really worked out for long.

But around the beginning of the year I started seeing this guy I met on Tinder and I decided to tell him right away that I was looking for a guy who was only into anal because I was an anal only girl. He said that he preferred anal too, and he hadn’t ever been in an anal only relationship but he’d love to try it. I was hopeful but a little bit skeptical, since guys before had been positive about it at first before changing their mind and wanting my pussy again.

My new boyfriend, though, if anything he’s gotten even more into it than I was since we’ve started it together. He loves it, he fucks my ass almost every day and loves stretching and gaping me and filling me with his cum, and he tells me how much my ass turns him on and how he wishes he’d met me sooner so he’d have learned how good it is to be anal only.

And best of all, he doesn’t touch or lick or play with my pussy or clit at all, and he helps me from doing it too, we work together to be better at anal only and it’s amazing. We really are like two partners working towards the goal of staying with only pure anal pleasure always! I can cum from anal almost every time we have sex now, and not using my clit for months has been amazing. I’m so happy to have him and to finally be my anal only self.

That’s so wonderful that you’ve found a partner who not only respects your anal only needs and wishes, but who is enthusiastic about the anal only lifestyle himself and helps reinforce and strengthen your commitment to anal only. That’s what makes a great sexual partnership, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy a long and happy anal only relationship together!