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Chris: I’ve recently returned to this blog after a long absence. I honestly forgot about it for a few years, I guess because once you start living an anal-only life you just get on with living and don’t think much about how you got there. I know that’s kind of unfair as I have so much to be thankful for because of this blog. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I never would have thought of the concept of anal-only if not for this blog. I always preferred and wanted more anal but never put two and two together and took it to the next logical step. I realized that I didn’t have to be having vaginal sex again. If I’m honest I feel stupid for not thinking of it myself. It didn’t even require a huge discussion, just changing assumptions so that my girlfriend was like “Oh…you want to put it in my ass again this time? Okay…”. She never even questioned why we started having vaginal sex so rarely. It simply became routine to have anal. I think of vaginal as being like a bad habit that we kicked together.

So here I am a couple of years later with the sex life I always wanted. It is so much less complicated and stress-free compared to what we had before. Most nights now we have sex and there is something wonderful about cumming in the tight grip of her anus that never gets old. It was a sense of completeness or fulfillment that was always lacking from vaginal sex. It’s not just me saying that as my girlfriend feels the same.

All of this is a long-winded way of me saying how much this place means to me, but how saddened I am by the drop off in content. It seems the community around this is dying. And not because of lack of interest. I think it’s because places like this are so hard to find these days. If you search for “anal only” or similar terms then all you get is porn. Do you get the feeling that educational and information content is being suppressed or that entertainment is boosted in the algorithm? Does more interaction from the community boost the rankings? If so I’ll continue to try and comment on posts.

Glad to hear of your anal only success, and it’s understandable and desirable for it to be routine in a sense and move on to living a better life with pure anal. But as you said, continuing to stay engaged in the community can help with keeping things more active and inspiring others to make the same change!

I think some of the decline in community is due to that, but the loss of community-centric platforms like Tumblr affected engagement significantly. We went from tens of thousands of active followers there to much less across various platforms. The addition of the “Anal Only” porn production name diluted search results, as you noted, making it much harder to find actual discussion on anal only topics.

A combination of less people submitting content to this blog and my own reduction in availability to spend active in the community myself hasn’t helped. But the more people continue to share their experiences, ask questions, post comments, and stay engaged on here, the better for the blog community! Any other ideas are encouraged as well.

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7 responses to “Message: My Story”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve read many posts on the forum by people saying they want to keep anal-only exclusive or they don’t feel any need to raise awareness or persuade others. I just don’t get that. I’ve always been pleased whenever I read about another couple who have changed their lives for the better. Who wouldn’t want to share the pleasure and happiness that comes with being anal-only? Millions of people are living unhappy and unfulfilling sex lives because they carry on doing something they don’t like that much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’d be surprised how many people do the same thing day after day, week after week because its what they’ve always done. Your comment about vaginal being a bad habit really resonates. I think your analogy gets to the heart of it and explains the difficulty faced in moving towards an AO lifestyle.

  3. Chris says:

    Of all the things I’ve done, I’m proudest of helping her break that habit.

  4. Nina says:

    Wow. What is your approach to cunnlingus and rimming then?

  5. Chris says:

    Nina, we do both but my girlfriend prefers to be rimmed mostly.

  6. Nina says:

    It’s remarkable that at first your girlfriend was ready to give up the anal only lifestyle because of her attachment to the vagina and now she doesn’t mind almost total pussy abandonment and even prefers anal licking to cunnlingus. An amazing transformation to be honest.

  7. Chris says:

    Nina, I’m really happy with the result. I wouldn’t call it pussy abandonment as we don’t totally ignore it, but I prefer to keep the focus on her anus. I don’t think she had an attachment to her vagina and if women do it’s a false attachment which changes once she learns how much pleasure can be had from her anus instead. And don’t forget, this didn’t all happen overnight but its something every woman should try and can do if they have an open mind. The trouble is that most dismiss the idea outright thinking “I can’t do that” without really exploring what it can do to improve sex and the relationship for both.

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