Benefits of Avoiding Clitoral Stimulation During Anal Sex

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While a majority of anal only women continue to include clitoral stimulation alongside anal sex, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if it’s what they enjoy and prefer, there are some benefits to reducing or eliminating clit stimulation as part of the anal only lifestyle, which can be worth exploring if they apply to or interest you.

Anal only orgasms can be more easily triggered without the distraction of clit stimulation

Many people want to experience pure anal only orgasms strictly from anal penetration, but because most people orgasm most easily from clit stimulation, that often has a “short-circuiting” effect in the orgasm process, where if it is present, it distracts from and drowns out the other, more complex or subtle paths to orgasm that exist. Clit denial can be an effective tool in the process of learning to orgasm from just anal sex and experiencing an anal orgasm.

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Clitoral stimulation and orgasms can lead to loss of arousal and feelings of depression

It’s an unfortunate side effect for many women that orgasms cause a significant arousal crash afterwards, which can lead to other negative feelings of depression or even self-loathing after sex, and which can cause unfortunate associations between that and sex itself, which further suppresses arousal. As such, edging and orgasm denial have become a popular area to explore for many such women as means of experiencing pleasure while retaining their arousal and sexual desire. With anal orgasms, however, a majority of women don’t experience the same effects. The cresting burst of intense pleasure remains, but usually without as much loss of desire. Some women will have a partial reduction in how horny they feel after, while others stay at more or less the same level and can keep going for more and more orgasms until they get tired.

It appeals to some to be able to be “pure” anal only and get all the pleasure they need just from anal

For some, it’s just the psychological aspect of clit denial that appeals to them, the idea that they are completely committed to pure anal only without any need for anything else. There’s something very sexy indeed about complete vaginal and clitoral abandonment, not as any sort of punitive or coerced action, but completely by choice because they simply don’t give as much pleasure or satisfaction as anal does, and so also by choice, being strictly anal only makes the most sense.

Orajel and other numbing creams can help with clitoral denial

If this is something that you would like to explore further, applying a topical anesthetic in a small amount, such as Orajel and others created for dental painkilling, can be very effective in helping you with the transition away from your clit. Before masturbating or having sex, apply it to your clit, and within a few minutes it should start to become numb and lose sensation for the next half hour to hour, making any touching ineffective even if you do give in. Note that some forms of topical anesthetic don’t work as effectively for some as others do, so you may need to try a few if the first has no effects. Do note also that topical anesthetics can be dangerous in large doses, so stick to just a small amount at a time, the minimum needed to get your clit numb.

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