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Challenge Month: Double Anal December

Welcome to Double Anal December! This month is dedicated to celebrating and promoting one of the most thrilling and pleasurable forms of the anal only lifestyle: double anal penetration.

Double anal involves the simultaneous penetration of the anus by two objects—typically penises or dildos. It provides an intense and profoundly fulfilling sensation for the receiver and an incredibly arousing experience for the giver(s). As always, we stress the importance of safety, communication, patience, and plenty of lube when attempting double anal.

If you’re new to Double Anal December or to the concept of double anal itself, fear not! This month is about exploration. Start slow, listen to your body, and gradually work your way up from smaller toys or fingers to two full-sized dildos or penises. Remember, pleasure, not pain, is the goal.

For our seasoned double anal enthusiasts, use this month as an opportunity to push your boundaries and discover new depths of pleasure. Try upsizing your toys, increasing the duration of your double anal sessions, or experimenting with different positions and techniques. If you’ve been toying with the idea of going double anal only, now’s your chance! And we encourage those who attempted or succeeded at going double anal only during No Pussy November to keep the momentum going and commit to staying double anal only this month—and beyond!

Double Anal December is also an opportunity for couples and poly groups to explore new dynamics in their sexual relationships. If you’ve been including friends in your double anal only sessions, maybe it’s time to consider whether they should become a larger part of your relationship.

So, are you ready to embrace the festive spirit and join us in celebrating Double Anal December? Share your plans, goals, and progress. Happy Double Anal December to all, and to all, a fulfilling month of double anal pleasure!

Challenge Month: No Pussy November

Welcome to the 11th annual No Pussy November! It’s that time of the year again where we challenge everyone to forego vaginal sex entirely and fully embrace the benefits and pleasures of the anal only lifestyle.

Whether you’re new to the anal only lifestyle or a long-standing devotee, No Pussy November offers a unique opportunity to explore or strengthen your commitment to the anal only path and explore new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

For newcomers to the lifestyle, this month is a great opportunity to try out anal sex and masturbation as your exclusive sexual activities. Commit to daily anal stimulation, either by yourself or with a partner, and see how your body responds. You may just find that it’s an enjoyable and satisfying change!

For our experienced anal only followers, we challenge you to push your boundaries even further. Are you regularly wearing your butt plug? Maybe it’s time to upsize or try to wear it for longer periods. Have you tried double anal yet? This might be the perfect opportunity to introduce this more intense pleasure into your routine.

We’re also continuing our advanced challenge from last year: Double Anal Only November. For those of you who are up to the challenge, try to incorporate double anal in every sexual encounter this month, either with two partners, a partner and a toy, or two toys if you’re playing solo.

So, who’s with us for No Pussy November this year? Let us know what your plans are, and keep us updated with your progress.

Challenge Month: Orgasmic October

Welcome to Orgasmic October, where we celebrate the pinnacle of anal pleasure: the anal orgasm.

Orgasmic October is all about discovering, exploring, and maximizing your anal orgasm potential. Whether you’ve experienced an anal orgasm before or you’re still on the path to your first one, this month is for you!

If you’re new to the anal only lifestyle, Orgasmic October could be your chance to experience your first anal orgasm. Use this month as a chance to explore the different sensations that anal stimulation can provide and try to relax and let the pleasure build naturally. Remember, everyone’s body is different and it might take time and patience to reach your first anal orgasm.

For our more experienced anal only followers, Orgasmic October is a perfect opportunity to deepen your anal orgasm experiences. Perhaps try a new anal toy that targets your most sensitive spots or experiment with different techniques or positions that could intensify your orgasms.

We also have a special challenge this month for those who want to push their limits: the “Orgasmic Odyssey”. The goal here is to achieve multiple anal orgasms in a single session. Whether you’re doing it solo or with a partner, remember that communication and relaxation are key.

As always, we promote safety and consent in all our challenges. Orgasmic October should be a journey of discovery and pleasure, not discomfort or pain. So, go at your own pace, respect your body’s limits, and most importantly, have fun!

Are you ready to embrace Orgasmic October? Share your plans and progress with us—we can’t wait to hear about your anal orgasm experiences and adventures!

Message: Stretching

H Dean: For about the last 2 1/2 years my GF and I have been AO. An anal virgin prior to me introducing it to her, she requested we go AO within a week after her first anal orgasm – multiples, mind you. Over the last 2 1/2 years her ass has become quite receptive.

Now, my GF is a bit hesitant with the use of plugs. I introduced a Hush plug to her about a year and a half back. She said it was okay but tended to hurt after awhile. About 6 months ago I got a Square Pegg Medium sized egg plug. We started sporadic use of it shortly thereafter. Still she was hesitant.

It was on a warm day this summer I pushed a little and managed to get her to agree to using the plug. After installing it in her ass we left the house and went about our day. After returning to the house some five hours later I asked how her ass felt with the plug. Turns out she had actually forgotten it was in until certain movements reminded her of it.

Since that occasion we have used the plug only sporadically. Most recently I installed it after sex one night. It was in for about 8 hours while she slept and she didn’t seem to notice it.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, because I have discovered some very nice things about anal stretching:

First, once an ass is properly stretched entry is quite easy. Used to be that when my GF would get a little over exuberant and thrust her ass down on my cock so quickly it would cause pain from the sudden stretch. Since we have started plugging more frequently that no longer happens. In fact, if my cock is lubricated I can enter her in one quick thrust with zero pain.

Next, once stretched there the need for lube is lessened. For a long time we have only used saliva for lube. She would suck my cock and get it good and wet and then ease in. Now, she just rubs a little saliva on her ass and I can ease right in. The increased friction sends her over the top almost instantly and there is no pain.

Another benefit since using the square peg plug, so it seems, she has gained use of previously unused muscles. As most male anal enthusiasts know the sphincter tends to be the epicenter of sensation – it squeezes. Deep inside there tends to be far less constriction of your cock. However, at least after using this plug, her anal canal feels much like a sheath and I can feel far more sensation along the entire length of my cock.

Finally, while my GF was always quick to orgasm, she seems to orgasm more quickly and with greater intensity after making use of the plug.

In closing, and based recent experiences, I would highly recommend anal stretching for anyone who enjoys anal as we do. It’s proven quite beneficial.

Challenge Month: Stretching September

Welcome to Stretching September! This month, we’re putting a spotlight on the art of anal stretching, an essential part of the anal only journey. Whether you’re just starting out or have been enjoying anal for a while, Stretching September is about deepening your understanding and skill of this incredible practice.

If you’re new to the anal only lifestyle, Stretching September is the ideal time to start exploring the world of anal stretching. Start by using fingers or small toys and remember to take your time, using plenty of lube and going at a pace that feels comfortable. The aim is not to rush but to understand and respect your body’s limits while steadily progressing.

For those of you who are already familiar with anal stretching, this month is an opportunity to explore new challenges. Perhaps you could try a bigger plug or dildo, or push the duration of your stretching sessions. Always ensure that you’re warmed up properly and in a comfortable and relaxed state before attempting to stretch further.

For our advanced anal only enthusiasts, we’ve got the “Stretching Superstar” challenge. This is all about pushing your limits and reaching new milestones in anal stretching. Whether that means being able to take a larger toy, fist, or even double anal, we encourage you to safely and slowly progress throughout the month.

As always, safety and consent are the cornerstones of all our challenges. Use plenty of lubrication, listen to your body’s signals, and never push yourself too far, too fast. Stretching September is about celebrating the journey of anal stretching, not just the destination.

Ready to embark on Stretching September? Let us know your plans and share your progress with us!

Message: Ass to Mouth August

Rimmer: We do ass to mouth sometimes but last month decided to make it a regular thing, so timely that you are encouraging Ass to Mouth August. we have been having ass to mouth most times for the last month or so and it certainly will be the norm by the end of August. Thanks for the encouraging challenge, it makes Anal even more sensual.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it and it’s becoming a daily activity for you as a result!

Challenge Month: Ass-to-Mouth August

Ass-to-Mouth August is here and it’s time to take your anal only journey to a new level. This month, we challenge you to introduce or embrace ass-to-mouth as a regular part of your sex life.

If you’re new to the concept, ass-to-mouth involves going directly from anal sex to oral sex. It’s a form of play that can be incredibly erotic and taboo, amplifying the thrill of your anal only experiences. As always, hygiene and health should be a top priority—clean thoroughly and ensure you’re comfortable before you dive in.

If you’re a newcomer to the anal only lifestyle, Ass-to-Mouth August might be the perfect time to take your first steps into ass-to-mouth play. Start slowly, perhaps by tasting your own fingers or a toy after some light anal play. As your comfort grows, you can gradually explore further.

For those who are already a part of the anal only lifestyle, this month is a great time to normalize ass-to-mouth in your routine. If you already enjoy ass-to-mouth occasionally, consider making it a regular feature of your sexual encounters. It can be an intense expression of your commitment to the anal only lifestyle, and a whole lot of fun too!

For our more experienced followers, we’ve got the advanced challenge of “Ass-to-Mouth Extravaganza”. Push your boundaries by incorporating ass-to-mouth in all your sexual activities throughout the month, whether that’s during masturbation, sex, or even a threesome. Go from anal to mouth and back again multiple times, exploring the potential of this erotic practice.

No matter where you are in your journey, Ass-to-Mouth August is about exploring new dimensions of pleasure. Remember, everything should be safe, consensual, and centered around enjoyment. Share your ass-to-mouth experiences, questions, and advice with the community and let’s make this a month to remember!

Are you up for Ass-to-Mouth August? Share your plans with us!

Balancing the Anal Only Lifestyle with Other Responsibilities

Leading a fulfilling and satisfying sexual lifestyle is an integral part of one’s overall well-being. For those of us in the anal only community, our sexual journeys often require unique considerations, especially with maintaining a balance between our lifestyle and the multitude of other responsibilities we face in our daily lives.

The anal only and double anal only lifestyles can be time-consuming and demanding due to their inherent physical challenges. However, with careful planning, effective communication, and proper care, one can enjoy this exhilarating lifestyle without compromising other aspects of life. Here are some strategies to consider:

Set Clear Goals and Priorities

Just like any other life project, achieving success in the anal only lifestyle starts with setting clear goals and priorities. Do you want to reach a certain level of anal stretching? Achieve double anal penetration regularly or stay strictly double anal only? Are you aiming to remove clitoral stimulation entirely from your sexual routine? Define your anal only goals, set clear and realistic timelines for them, and make them a priority in your schedule.

But remember, these goals should not override your daily responsibilities. Work, family commitments, health routines, social obligations—these all form the different aspects of your life that need attention as well. Being clear about your priorities helps you dedicate adequate time to each area without neglecting the others.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Time management is crucial in maintaining a balance between your anal only lifestyle and other responsibilities. Dedicate specific time slots for your anal only practices, whether it’s solo play, with a partner, or a more social anal only activity. Keeping a regular schedule can help in minimizing any potential conflicts between your anal practices and your everyday duties.

You could also combine your anal only lifestyle with other routine activities. For instance, wearing a butt plug during the day is a passive way of practicing anal stretching without needing to set aside extra time. This method can be a great way to maintain your anal only practice without it interfering with your daily routine.

Communication is Key

Open communication with your partner, family, and close friends can be beneficial in balancing your anal only lifestyle. This does not mean you have to disclose every aspect of your lifestyle to everyone. Rather, communicating your needs and requirements in order to set aside time for sexual activities, can foster understanding and support from those around you.

If you’re in a relationship, discussing your anal only lifestyle and the time it entails can lead to shared schedules and mutual understanding. This openness can help manage expectations and reduce potential conflicts, creating a more harmonious balance between your sexual activities and other shared responsibilities.

Physical and Mental Health

Maintaining your physical and mental health is vital for a balanced anal only lifestyle. This means eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest. Anal activities, particularly double anal, can be physically demanding. It requires a healthy body for a safe and satisfying experience.

On a psychological level, a healthy mental state enables you to enjoy your anal only activities more fully and deal with any challenges that may arise. Moreover, a balanced lifestyle supports overall mental well-being.

Resilience and Adaptability

Life is unpredictable, and we all face unexpected responsibilities at times. Balancing your anal only lifestyle with other duties requires resilience and adaptability. There will be days where you may not be able to dedicate as much time to your anal only activities as you’d like. That’s perfectly okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, focus on adapting your schedule and finding ways to include your anal only lifestyle into your adjusted routine.

Professional Help and Support

Finally, don’t shy away from seeking professional help when needed. Whether it’s talking to a sex therapist, joining an anal only support group, or attending workshops and seminars, professional resources can provide the advice and support you need in your journey.

Balancing the anal only lifestyle with other responsibilities can be a challenging feat. But remember, this journey is about personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Keep your well-being as your top priority and enjoy the journey at your own pace. With the right balance, you can enjoy the pleasures of the anal only lifestyle while effectively managing your daily responsibilities.

Why Every Couple Should Adopt the Anal Only Lifestyle

We’re often asked why couples should consider adopting an anal only lifestyle. Today, we’ll explore the various reasons that are leading more and more real life couples to take the leap into the anal only world.

Firstly, what is the anal only lifestyle? Simply put, it’s a commitment to focus sexual activity primarily around anal sex. This means leaving traditional vaginal sex behind, and embracing anal penetration as the primary form of intimacy.

Now, let’s explore why everyday couples might consider this switch.

  1. Heightened Pleasure: Both men and women have reported experiencing heightened pleasure through anal sex. For men, the tightness and unique sensations provide an unparalleled sexual experience. Women, on the other hand, can have more intense orgasms due to the number of nerve endings in the anal region, as well as the indirect stimulation of deep internal pleasure zones.
  2. Increased Intimacy: Anal sex requires a higher level of trust and communication between partners. This can lead to increased intimacy and a stronger bond. It’s about mutual respect, open dialogue, and a shared commitment to explore new boundaries.
  3. Enhanced Male Control: With vaginal sex, there is a certain level of restraint required of men to ensure their partners are comfortable. With anal sex, after appropriate preparation and communication, there can be a greater degree of freedom and control, which many men find empowering and arousing.
  4. Novelty and Excitement: Anal only brings a certain novelty and freshness to a couple’s sex life. It’s a whole new world of exploration and pleasure that can bring excitement back into a relationship.
  5. Effective Contraception: Anal sex provides a natural method of contraception, allowing couples to engage in spontaneous sex without the worry of an unwanted pregnancy. This, however, doesn’t remove the need for protection against STDs.

Making the switch to the anal only lifestyle is a journey, one that requires mutual understanding, patience, and care. Starting slow with lots of lube and gradually increasing comfort with anal play is key to a positive transition.

As with any major change, it’s vital to keep an open mind, communicate honestly, and prioritize your partner’s comfort and pleasure. Remember, the goal is to enrich your shared sexual experience, bringing you closer together as a couple.

So, why not give it a try? The anal only lifestyle may just be the exciting change you and your partner have been searching for. Stay adventurous, and enjoy the journey!

The Anal Only Lifestyle as an Alternative for Vaginal Medical Conditions

Vaginal sex is, even still, often considered by many to be the default form of sexual intimacy. However, it is not universally enjoyable or even possible for everyone. A variety of medical conditions can make vaginal sex uncomfortable, painful, or even impossible. These include conditions such as vaginismus, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and many others. The anal only lifestyle, wherein vaginal sex is set aside in favor of anal sex, provides a feasible and satisfying alternative for those dealing with such health issues.

Before delving into the benefits of the anal only lifestyle, it’s crucial to dispel some misconceptions about anal sex. Contrary to prevalent myths, when performed correctly — that is, with ample preparation, communication, lubrication, and consensual agreement between partners — anal sex can be safe, pleasurable, and free of pain.

For individuals with conditions like vaginismus, which involves involuntary muscle spasms in the pelvic floor muscles that can make vaginal sex extremely painful, the anal only lifestyle can be a lifeline. It offers an avenue for sexual expression and pleasure that avoids triggering the distressing symptoms associated with their condition. Instead of feeling left out or incapable of enjoying sexual activity, adopting the anal only lifestyle can provide a sense of normalcy and fulfillment.

Even for conditions that aren’t directly related to the vagina, such as interstitial cystitis, where sexual activity can trigger discomfort or pain, the anal only lifestyle can provide a solution. By focusing on anal sex, these individuals can enjoy sexual pleasure without the fear of triggering their symptoms.

The anal only lifestyle also offers benefits to those experiencing menopausal symptoms, such as vaginal dryness or thinning of vaginal tissues. These changes can make vaginal sex uncomfortable or painful. By adopting the anal only lifestyle, women can continue to enjoy active sex lives without resorting to hormone therapies or other medical interventions.

Furthermore, individuals who have undergone hysterectomies or other gynecological surgeries may find the anal only lifestyle a viable option. This lifestyle allows them to reclaim their sexual lives post-surgery without the need for further medical intervention or risk to their health.

Of course, the anal only lifestyle is not just about avoiding pain or discomfort. It also offers a range of potential pleasures. Many individuals find that anal sex offers a unique and deeply satisfying form of sexual stimulation. In fact, with the right techniques, many people find they can achieve orgasm solely through anal sex.

Adopting the anal only lifestyle is also not without its potential challenges. There’s often a learning curve involved, particularly for those new to anal sex. Patience, communication, and plenty of lubrication are essential. But with time and practice, many individuals find that the rewards far outweigh the initial effort.