Message: Continue or Not Continue?

Mary: Hi there. Thank you so much for allowing me to ask this question. My name is Mary, I’m 23 and happily married as of two years ago (some would say I’m married too young lol).

When my now husband and I were 18, we were lustful and Catholic. So we had anal as a “technicality”. It kinda hurt the first time but eventually it got very pleasurable and we had it all the time. I lost my vaginal virginity on my wedding night and it was good as well. But it wasn’t what my brain was used to if that makes sense.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, we did find out Catholicism prohibits anal even in marriage. Which we didn’t know at the time. We also know some priests think it’s okay but not enough to make it mainstream. If we take our faith seriously, should we continue to have anal or no? Should we give it up entirely?

[Side question, is it normal that I feel incredibly tingly in my feet and toes when o have anal but not vaginal? According to my husband I have to wiggle them so much when we finish.]

Hi Mary, thanks for reaching out! I’m glad to hear that you started out anal only and still love it far more than vaginal. While I am not religious and you’ll ultimately have to decide for yourselves what is right for you, I would strongly encourage you to not only continue enjoying anal sex but to go anal only.

If anal sex was wrong, why would your bodies be designed to so perfectly enjoy it even more than vaginal sex? Surely a creator would want you to enjoy your bodies the way you most enjoy them, and a smart creator would make one hole for getting pregnant and another just for sharing pleasure with your partner. Anal provides that beautiful pleasurable intimacy without risk of pregnancy, and the anal only lifestyle is the perfect natural birth control.

And yes, it is normal to feel so much more pleasure from anal than vaginal. Most women get far more pleasure from anal, and that’s just one more reason I believe the anal only lifestyle is the right thing for everyone.

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2 responses to “Message: Continue or Not Continue?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for responding. But I was asking about my feet specifically. Like why would they feel that way with his dick up my ass instead of my pussy? It isn’t a pleasure thing but it just makes them feel that way.

    • analonlylifestyle says:

      It’s likely just that anal stimulates your nervous system in a different way that hits the nerves in your feet that way.

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