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Posts discussing orgasms that come purely from penetrative anal sex without any vaginal or clitoral stimulation. For more information on this topic, see our guide to achieving an anal orgasm.

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Reddit: 6 Weeks No Clit!

I haven’t posted in a while, too busy!

But we successfully got through the full month of November with absolutely zero clit contact or pussy stimulation of any kind. I am beyond happy with things!

My gf has found it more challenging than I have – she is not getting orgasms every time we have sex anymore. If it’s just a quickie, it’ll typically just be me getting to cum.

The trade off is that she says her anal only orgasms are more intense when we have time for making it happen. So much so that she’s more than happy to continue being completely anal only (apart from oral, anyway). We’re using more light bondage and domination during those sessions and we’re both finding it very enjoyable.

So my gf is now what I would consider the perfect woman! Happy to be anal-only, happy to abandon her unwanted pussy, and more fulfilled than ever to only cum when her ass is fucked.

I encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in the idea of going anal only to dive in and get started. It’s improved our sex enormously and it only gets better the more strict we are with pussy denial etc.

It’s a bit of a contradiction, but I’m really attracted to the look of female bodies and love the look of pussy, but I’m just so much more turned on by denying any contact or penetration except anal… the thought of putting my penis in a pussy literally turns me off these days, weird as it may sound!

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Forum: Renewed Anal Only Wedding Vows

My wife and I have been married for eight years, as of September. We had anal intercourse throughout our relationship, but we only began to reliably have anal sex starting around our fifth year. Since then, each year she has become more and more interested in an anal only lifestyle. I had brought it up to her during intercourse, and she said that she enjoyed the thought of it.

We have started maintaining an anal only lifestyle since two months ago. Leading up to this wonderful change in our relationship, we made the decision that should would not be allowed to orgasm outside of anal sex. It wasn’t long before my wife abandoned her cunt in favor of anal sex, though she chooses to abstain from orgasms about half of the time, as she wants to ensure that she is focused on anal pleasure.

She has told me that she wants to maintain two different styles of anal only sex in our marriage. First, she wants to only orgasm when my cock is in her ass, and she wants to work toward being clit-free. Second, she wants to nourish an orgasm-free outlook regarding anal sex, so she often has me assfuck her without allowing her to touch her clit. Each time that we have clit-free anal sex, she becomes more and more aroused by it. We have not successfully had an anal only orgasm, but as she abstains from clitoral orgasms, I can tell that we are getting closer.

We have decided that she will use her glass plug, which is about the circumference of my cock, every other day. It has gotten to the point when she wears it without me bringing up the topic. She wears it about two hours every other day, and she continues to wear it for longer periods of time. This makes anal sex much easier, as the warm up period it the more serious hurdle regarding anal sex. She has a semi-permanent gape, and she proudly shows it to me in the evenings.

Last week, she surprised me by asking me if we could renew our wedding vows on our 10th anniversary to be anal only. This would be a private event with her girlfriends. I am looking forward to making our new wedding vows. We are taking active steps for her to be clit-free, and I feel that her first anal only orgasm will lead directly to total freedom from her cunt and clit. She has expressed interest in being an anal only doll, as she wants her pleasure to be derived from my own pleasure and whatever experiences she has with her ass during intercourse.

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Forum: No Clit Stimulation Challenge

Hello, my wife, Mrs. Canassman, and I have been Anal Only for several years now, but she and I have decided to see how a period of time without clit stimulation goes. Lately we’ve realized that she can squirt and that’s been a fun addition to our sex life. Normally she can have several small squirting orgasms in succession. However, with clit play she can just have one BIG orgasm and then she’s done. This period of time is to see if it alters her orgasms in any particular way, in addition she prefers to be a submissive in the bedroom and this allows her to play this fantasy out as well. For our purposes she won’t be touching her clit or stimulating it in any way at all. Nor can I stimulate her clit to orgasm either. In her submissive role she has declared that I can do anything else to her.

I’m also looking for some advice though – I love eating her pussy and I don’t get enough time for it as far as either of us are concerned. I’m thinking that I can eat her pussy still as long as I don’t bring her to orgasm. In fact it could be a lot like edging her pussy – getting her soaking wet and aroused but then taking her ass. On some sessions I’m thinking of eating her pussy but also not touching her clit at all. I feel I’m following the letter of the law in this regard, but wondering if others feel this is ok or is it not fully taking on the no clit challenge? thoughts?

Canassman, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Message: Evolving to Anal Only

Laura: Hi, I’m Laura, 32, married for 8 years now. My husband and I have two kids, and we’re not planning to have another.

Lately, my husband has been practising anal sex more and more with me. He’s the one who introduced me to it when we met, and we’ve always done it once in a while, but lately he’s doing it much more often, and I can tell he’s much more enthusiastic when he’s doing it (licking or penetrating my hole), whereas he seems reluctant when he’s using my vagina or my clitoris.

I sort of “spied” on him by watching his browser history, and I discovered he watches and reads a lot of anal only content: porn, stories, and message boards. I’m 99% sure he actually posted messages on a board (not yours) telling he couldn’t stand vaginal and clitoral sex any more, to the point it “disgusted” him. People sympathized with him, and encouraged him to make me “evolve” to have anal sex only.

I’ve been really shocked at this, and the next times we had sex, I sort of got disgusted myself when he used my vagina or clit – not because I don’t like it, but because I know how he feels about it. So, I sort of directed him to my asshole instead, and it seemed to arouse him A LOT, resulting to the best, most passionate sex we’ve had in a while.

I thought a lot about it, and I’d like to give anal only a try, because what other options do I have? I love my husband, we’ve got a home, two kids, and I’m still planning to live the rest of my life with him: I can’t leave him for something as trivial as sexual preferences, and I can’t change how he feels about it.

I actually enjoy anal sex, and the latest intercourses we’ve had turned me on more than I expected, so I’m actually eager to try it. But I’m still worried about having only anal sex from now on, it seems to unreal. Will I get sore? How can I make it easier for him to get in, and even more pleasurable? Can I orgasm from it? Can I stop birth control? Will there be effects on my health? My husband has pretty big sexual needs, which even increased since I encouraged him to have anal sex, and he also happens to be rather large, so I’m worried about long term consequences. Also, I know he’s turned off from me touching my clit, what would you recommend to help me cut off the habit and get more anal pleasure?

Thank you.

You sound like a wonderful wife, and your husband is lucky to be with you. Not only are you interested in trying to go anal only, something that he clearly wants and prefers, but you’re excited to explore it together with him and learn how to best enjoy it for yourself as well. I think anal only is going to go very well for the two of you and you’ll find that you won’t want to return to vaginal sex.

I suggest being open with him and talking about it. Let him know that you can tell he prefers anal and ask if he would like to try going anal only together. Then, you can figure out together how best to do it.

You might get sore at first if you’re doing it every day all of a sudden, so try for two or three times a week to begin with, and give him a blowjob other times, then increase the frequency from there after a week or two, so that your ass can adjust to it.

With practice and more frequent anal sex, as well as anal masturbation with dildos and butt plugs, you will start to relax and open up for him more easily and require less preparation and warmup before having anal sex. It’s one of those things where the more often you do it, the easier and better it gets.

It’s definitely possible to orgasm from pure anal sex. Everyone’s a little different, and it’s easier for some than for others, but with practice you should be able to get there. Avoiding clitoral stimulation and becoming increasingly aroused by going multiple sessions without orgasm can help a lot as well. Focus on what sensations feel really good during anal sex and keep doing those to try and get the pleasure to build to an orgasm.

Many people do stop using other forms of birth control once going anal only, and find that anal sex is a very effective form of natural birth control for them. It can help to eliminate the negative effects of hormonal birth control, while also solidifying them in the anal only lifestyle. Care should be taken to avoid semen running from the anus into the vagina after sex, but the chance of accidental impregnation from this is very low, and many people successfully use anal sex as their preferred birth control.

There are no long term negative health effects from anal sex, when done properly with the appropriate warmup and preparation to avoid injury. If it hurts, you probably need to be warming up more first. If there’s any bleeding, you should stop and take a break for a few days to heal. But otherwise, you’ll be perfectly fine, even having anal sex every day. As stated above, the more you do it, the better it gets, and with frequent anal sex, your anal muscles stay more relaxed and flexible and you can have bigger, harder, deeper anal sex without issue or discomfort when you’re doing it regularly.

As for working towards clitoral denial, I’d suggest focusing on playing with your nipples or rubbing and fingering your ass when you’re horny, rather than touching your clit. Masturbation should become anal penetration with fingers and toys. During sex, if you find it hard to resist your clit, you could apply numbing creams like Orajel to your clit to temporarily remove sensation for the duration of your sexual activity. Some women enjoy having no sensation there at all and apply numbing creams throughout the day to help keep their focus on their ass.

It sounds like you have a very fun adventure ahead of you, and I wish you the best of luck, and invite you to continue following up as you progress through the anal only lifestyle and have more to share or other questions to ask.

Forum: Can’t Have Vaginal but Curious of Anal

I have a disease that makes it painful to have vaginal penetration and so I haven’t had sexual intercourse or an orgasm. To be honest I don’t really have that much of a sex drive at all. But I’ve heard that you actually can have an orgasm from anal sex and so I got curious. I’ve tried it on myself and my sex drive has gone up somewhat (now I actually fantasize about sex) but I can’t seem to get an orgasm or really get horny by it.

How long does it usually take before you can have an orgasm or enjoy it. How does guys usually respond to girls that only have anal sex, it seems quite taboo.

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Forum: Learning to Prefer Anal

I’ve been in a relationship for around 9 months now and he is very into anal, if I’m honest I can take it or leave it. I don’t dislike it but it doesn’t make me climax and we currently do it around once a week compared to 3 or 4 for ‘regular’ sex.

From this weekend, we’re going to have a few weeks of Anal Only, partially because he is really keen to go AO but also to see if my enjoyment gets any better if it’s the only type of sex we’re having, the plan is for 4-5 weeks and see how we both feel.

I have mixed feelings about it at the moment, I want to give it a go but am a bit concerned about the shift from once a week to 4/5 times a week, mainly I’m concerned about becoming sore. Any tips or advice will be welcome

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Reddit: No Clit Challenge Update, Part 2

So since last time we’ve had a couple of fairly unremarkable quickies, but one time from the weekend was worth mentioning.

We started off fooling around as usual before I suggested we use tape (which I’d already craftily placed under the bed) to reinforce her no clit discipline. She agreed, so once she got naked the first thing I did was to apply a strip over her pussy and cover everything up. I rubbed it firmly down to make sure it was well attached and joked that I didn’t want to rub too hard in case I accidentally got her clit going. She keeps herself smooth apart from a small patch of hair above her slit, so tape tearing hair out wasn’t an issue but she was still afraid it would hurt coming off.

Once I was happy that her pussy was suitably restricted, I flipped her over and rimmed her ass for a while until she was nice and relaxed before slipping a short fat silicone plug into her tight hole.

Then I had her on her knees sucking my cock for a bit, while I worked the plug in and out off her ass a few times to get her nice and ready to take me in there later.. and gave her some light spanking for good measure.

She was getting really turned on by now, so before long she asked for cock in her ass and I was happy to oblige!

She got on her back with her legs raised up and her hands reaching down to spread herself for me. I pulled the plug out for the last time… but before I began to fuck her ass, I had an idea… I quickly put the plug in her mouth before taking a bit more tape and securing it there to gagging her with it! This was a bit kinkier than our usual play, and her eyes went wide with surprise but she didn’t object and the noises she started making were muffled but encouraging.

I stood back for a moment to look at the scene… it was incredible! Seeing her with her useless, denied pussy taped shut and her mouth filled with the plug straight from her ass while her hands were still eagerly spreading her cheeks open to display her lubed and ready asshole was just a thing of beauty!

Finally, I went to work on the hole I’d been craving all evening, pumping my cock deep inside her anus while gently but firmly holding one hand on her throat and using the other to caress her tits and play with her hard nipples. She was clearly enjoying everything about this, with her eyes closed and her back arching as she pushed her ass toward me in time with my thrusts as we worked together to bring her toward her climax.

I was surprised by how quick she came this time… within a few minutes she began to convulse and moan into her buttplug gag as her eyes rolled back and her legs began to quiver – at last! I thought – an “easy” fully anal only orgasm with absolutely no pussy or clit!

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Message: I Can’t Believe I Waited So Long To Go Anal Only

Anonymous: My husband and I agreed to try anal only together this month for No Pussy November. He brought up the idea, though I’d heard of anal only before. I thought it sounded fun but never tried it. We do lots of anal already and I thought the usual things: why limit myself? Surely doing everything is better than just doing anal, right?

Well, I can tell you, after a few weeks anal only I realize I was wrong about that, just doing anal every time, and doing it as often as we can, it’s so much more enjoyable than doing it only on occasion and mostly focusing on vaginal. I know a lot of women have said similar things on your blog (I’ve been reading the archives a lot since I started!) but it’s true: I don’t miss having my pussy fucked at all and I’m orgasming from anal more easily and just craving anal all the time.

It’s honestly amazing. I wish I had done this years ago.

If you’ve read my blog archives, you probably realize that this is not an uncommon sentiment once women who already love anal try going anal only for a while. Sometimes it can be harder at first, but most people end up at this point of realization that anal is so much better that they should just focus on it and move past vaginal completely. It sounds like you’re there. I’m glad it’s been such a revelation, and I hope that once the month is over, you’ll decide to stay anal only for good and not return to vaginal.

Reddit: No Clit Challenge Update

I’ve posted before that my gf, who originally initiated our move to AO penetration, has agreed to try going entirely pussy free and stop using clit stimulation to cum when we have anal sex. (I haven’t penetrated her vaginally for a whole year now and have been giving her clit less and less attention myself too as my interest has shifted entirely to anal).

Here’s the latest!

So the last time my gf had a clitoral orgasm was about two weeks ago. Since then her pussy and clit have been entirely ignored every time we have sex and she has not masturbated her clit or pussy either.

In this time we’ve had sex 5 times but she has only cum properly during one session so far, although she has been really turned on and hornier than usual due to the denial aspect.

I don’t think either of us realised how much she had been using her clit during our anal sex for the last year… she admitted most of her anal orgasms with me have involved some level of touching herself “round the front” and now we’ve started clit denial she is struggling to avoid the impulse to reach for the easy button to tip herself over…

But she is still committed to continuing the experiment for now and I’m determined to make it work for her too because I find the sex with complete pussy/clit exclusion incredibly more satisfying. I absolutely love fucking her ass and looking down at her empty, untouched pussy. Especially when she gets so wet there that I can feel it lubing her ass up. It’s like her pussy is so desperate to be fucked that it’s actually helping me keep it empty by accident. Urrrgh! It’s just so hot. I can’t even describe how good the thought of making that a long-term thing is!

Jasper778, /r/analonlylifestyle, Reddit

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