Reddit: Anal Only and Trying to Concieve

My husband and I have done anal since the start of our relationship. We both enjoyed it, but it never occurred to us that going anal only or primarily anal was a choice we could consciously make until after the birth of our daughter who is 7.

Once I got cleared for sex, I was anxious about PIV so we opted to do a lot more anal. Shortly thereafter we met someone through the kink community who mentioned that she was “anal only” and we realized that it was something we could choose for ourselves.

For the next 2.5 years, we did mostly anal only. I think we did PIV 3-4 times in that period. At some point, we had a discussion about moving to anal only and used it to fuel some of our other kinks. For the last 6-8 months of that 2.5 year period, we did anal only. No PIV, no clitoral stimulation.

Then we decided to try for a baby, but we didn’t want to leave anal behind. While trying to conceive our second child, I monitored my ovulation and we did vaginal sex during the days I was ovulating and anal during the rest of my cycle. My husband played into our shared breeding kink by telling me that my pussy was only good for making babies and that that was the only time I’d ever be fucked in my pussy again… when he wanted to put another baby in me. It was super hot and made conceiving our second baby a lot of fun. It took us three months of trying to finally conceive. Once I got pregnant, we reverted to anal only. I actually went into labor with our second shortly after a pretty rough anal fuck while 9 months pregnant.

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  1. Chris says:

    Trying to conceive leaves me cold but anal sex with a pregnant woman is very hot. The idea of the pussy being left alone and unloved for the whole 9 months while the hole right next to it is getting pounded day after day is a beautiful one and one I can imagine brings a couple even closer together during a special time. As for actually getting pregnant, I think the best way would be for the woman to push it out after the man has cum in her ass and let it run down to her vagina. I would love to hear of couples who’ve been successful that way.

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