Reddit: 19 Year Old Virgin

I’ve always known that I wanted to save myself till marriage. I tried anal for the first time at 18 years old, it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. We use lube and it burned and i guess that’s when I started to just use my spit. I’ve gotten better at anal since then and it’s great. I’m still trying to get used to being pounded for a long period of time ❤️

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Reddit: Anal Only For My Boyfriend’s Best Friend

My boyfriend (21M) and I (21F) have been in a cuckold relationship for almost two years. I love vagina sex but my vagina couldn’t take big stuff. My boyfriend isn’t really into anal sex which I don’t mind as he has an average thin cock of about 4 inch. His best friend (22M) introduced me to anal sex (with clit stimulation) which made me love it more than vagina sex. I can take his whole 7 inch cock without any pain at all unlike my vagina. The only reason why I still have vagina sex with him is simply because I have a thing with creampie (anal creampie doesn’t feel the same way). I just found out about this subreddit and it makes me wonder if I should go this route with my bull. I could stop taking birth control if we only have anal sex(Am I right?). My boyfriend is submissive to me so I could tell him to start wearing condom if he wants to have vagina sex with me.

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Go Anal Only This Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, make it extra special and ask your partner to commit to trying the anal only lifestyle together.

Now, if they’re completely new to anal, you won’t want to dive right into anal sex, but gradual (and consensual!) introduction of anal play into your sex life with a long term goal of shifting towards anal only. If you both already enjoy anal regularly, asking to try going straight to anal only may be appropriate.

It doesn’t have to be a long term commitment just yet—try it for a month and see how things go! Most people who make it through a month of anal only choose to stay that way long term and rarely want to go back to vaginal.

Reddit: What Tipped You Over the Edge?

Seeing a lot of posts from ladies who say they enjoy AO (Which is fucking Awesome btw)

But, what got you started? What made you choose AO? What keeps you AO?

I find the stories hot for one, but also just trying to see what made you interested, and what made you move from interested to actively enjoying, and seeking.

Wifey loves me, and vice versa. She’s sort of open to the idea, wondering if there’s a way to make Anal special for her too. I don’t want to just take, I’m a giver by heart.

So yeah, how do I expand on this productively, and without pressure or coercion? Would love for us to enjoy this journey together and not with some other random…

ASatyromanticGuy, /r/analonlylifestyle

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Message: Clit Denial is Better

Annie: I am having an argument with my friend, she says it’s important for a girl to use her clit to cum and I say it’s bad and girls shouldn’t use their clits and it’s better to only do anal. How can I show her that it’s true?

You’re both right and both wrong, to some extent. Every girl is different and has different needs, and it’s important to recognize and respect that. For some girls, clit stimulation is a need. For others, anal only without clit stimulation is better.

Some women struggle to orgasm without clit stimulation. If clit stimulation helps them to be anal only otherwise, isn’t that still a better option? It works for them and they enjoy it and everything is great.

Some women get more negative side effects from clit stimulation and lose their arousal and desire for sex if they use their clit, and so it’s often better for them to stick with pure anal only and no clit stimulation so they don’t crash post-orgasm as can so often happen.

Once a woman firmly establishes an anal only routine even if it includes clit stimulation, experimenting later with clit denial can be a good option as well!

Why Vaginal Sex is Outdated

It’s 2022 and sex is predominantly an activity for pleasure, bonding and intimacy without the desire of getting pregnant, and yet many people still use vaginal sex as their primary sexual activity despite the fact that it requires either a physical barrier or often-harmful hormonal birth control to avoid getting pregnant and doesn’t cause the majority of women to orgasm without additional stimulation.

It’s time to move past vaginal sex and adopt the anal only lifestyle. Anal:

  • can’t get you pregnant
  • feels more intense and pleasurable
  • can make you orgasm without the need for additional clit stimulation
  • is more intimate
  • looks and feels better for men too

Let’s face it: vaginal is outdated, and it’s time for it to move aside and let anal take the center stage as the primary human sexual activity.

Message: Heterosexuality and Vaginal Disinterest

Joe: I am a straight man who is and has only ever been into women my whole life but I have always thought vaginas were a turn off and never liked the idea of vaginal sex. Some of my partners made me feel bad and wrong for this or said I was gay because I only wanted anal. But I am not interested in men, I just love anal sex with women.

Why do we think sexuality has to do with genitals rather than with sex and gender? I am attracted to women, I just prefer anal sex rather than vaginal sex and will not do vaginal because anal is more natural for me and what I love.

My friends prefer anal too but are afraid to go anal only because they think they will also be called gay if they stop having vaginal sex. It is wrong that we are forced to do something unnatural to us and it is equated to being unnatural in a different way if we don’t.

For the most part, this comes from the fact that people’s genitals are an intimate part of their body and often associated not only with sex for them, but also come with various insecurities. When someone is not interested in having vaginal sex with them and only wants anal, it can feel like a rejection of their genitals which can trigger those insecurities and result in them lashing out.

It’s important to express your needs and preferences in a manner which shows them that you aren’t putting them down, you just find their ass and anal sex with them to be so sexy, and that there isn’t anything wrong with their vagina, you just prefer anal. Make them feel hot and sexy to be doing anal with you and they’ll be much more open to it.

Article: How To Have Anal Sex Safely And *Still* Prioritize Pleasure

Even though anal sex—or at least, talking about anal sex—has become significantly less taboo in the past decade, it still remains the big elephant in the bedroom, despite the world becoming a lot more comfortable with the derrière.

Butts have taken on an entirely new status (thanks, social media!)…and the good news is society has become more sex-positive overall (yay!). Still, actually having anal sex remains ~controversial~ among women, no matter how often it’s discussed.

“Unfortunately, there is still a tendency to stigmatize acts that might be considered ‘non-traditional’ for some people, due to lack of information,” explains Alexis Clarke, PhD, a licensed psychologist who specializes in sex and relationships.

Thing is, anal sex can oftentimes become the preferred method for women who don’t have vaginas, for those for whom vaginal penetration is especially painful, and for women who simply experience more pleasure that way, Clarke says.

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Message: Anal Only Because Vaginal Hurts

Bruce: My wife has abandoned vaginal sex as she now finds it hurts to fit my cock in there but finds anal is fine so when we fuck its now only in her ass is this a common problem as its usually the other way around

It’s surprisingly more common than people think, and anal is easier for a lot of women who experience discomfort or pain from vaginal. Going anal only is a common solution to this and makes perfect sense. Of course, with practice, going anal only can be a better experience for everyone—some are just naturally better suited to it without needing much practice.

Replace Birth Control With Anal Only

As we enter the new year, hormonal birth control methods can still be difficult for people to obtain in many parts of the world, in addition to the wide variety of negative side effects they can cause for many women. Rather than relying on an artificial and potentially harmful method for birth control, why not go anal only instead?

All Natural

Anal sex is the original, all-natural method of birth control. You can have all the anal sex you want and you aren’t going to get pregnant from it unless you really try. Anal lets you have sex stress-free without any reproductive fears or baggage.

Pure Pleasure

Anal is sex for pleasure and intimacy alone, without anything to do with reproduction. It separates sex from reproduction and provides sexual freedom for women who don’t need to worry about pregnancy or taking birth control. Going anal only is the real sexual revolution.

An Uncertain World

In these trying times in the world where access to birth control is not always reliable or affordable, and abortion is at risk of being limited in various places, humanity needs a reliable outlet for non-procreative sex. Anal sex gives more pleasure, more intimacy, and more reliability of birth control.

What are you waiting for? Go anal only today!