Message: How Big To Go?

Anonymous: I’m a self-described anal only slut and I just can’t ever seem to get enough of big things in my ass. I’ve been doing anal since I first started masturbating and knew right away I liked to put my finger in my butt more than my pussy, and pretty much have been anal only ever since, only trying it in my pussy a few times along the way, but otherwise it’s barely been used and I’m done trying, I just want it all in my ass all the time! I cum easily from anal and never have from my pussy.

I like using big toys, stretching my ass as much as I can and making it bigger until it gets easy and I go even bigger yet. I really like fucking guys one on one still too and it feels great but I’m compelled to stretch it more and more as well. I started doing double anal pretty often last year and that’s a lot of fun, both on my own with toys and with two guys at once. I think that’s my current favorite, but I’m getting into fisting now too and I’d like to start doing triple anal.

But how big should I go? Should I stop somewhere or just keep chasing my need to go bigger and bigger? I know how to be safe and not hurt myself and I always stop if something starts to hurt, I don’t want any long-term injuries or ill effects, and I don’t have any problems as a result of my passion even though I’ve been at it for years now. I saw you posted about some girls going double anal only and I’d like to try that at least for a while. I wear a 2″ plug every day and sometimes bigger, should I go larger with that?

Thanks for the message! Sounds like you have an awesome and healthy anal only sex life! While not everyone craves going to bigger and bigger sizes, there’s nothing at all wrong with that desire and I think it’s totally normal as you really get into anal and the anal only lifestyle, especially when combined with a slut lifestyle.

Go as big as you want and keep chasing that craving. As long as you play it safe, you aren’t going to hurt yourself or develop long-term issues. And don’t worry about getting “loose” either, assholes don’t really get loose, they just increase their upper size limit. And you can have a lot more fun with a well-trained, flexible asshole than an overly tight one! So definitely keep doing what you enjoy most.

Double anal is definitely becoming more popular lately. It’s been a popular porn genre for a while, but in recent years I’ve seen a huge uptick in real women starting to practice it, some occasionally, some regularly. I know several who have gone “double anal only”, as you mentioned, and who have made it their primary sexual activity, only having sex with two or more partners penetrating them anally at the same time. If that sounds appealing to you and you have the partners to make it work on a regular basis, it could definitely be something to explore. It’s a very fun idea for the right person.

There are a lot of large plugs out there. If you find your everyday plug really comfortable and not pushing your limits anymore, you might try going to a larger one as your primary one, which will help keep you relaxed open for bigger and better things.

Good luck, and let us know how things go. I’m sure you’re in for a very fun time going forward.

Article: Anal Is the New Birth Control

In this well-written article, author Emma Austin advocates for the use of anal sex as a primary form of birth control, diving into many of the reasons that it’s a good and beneficial idea.

I know it sounds like a joke, but I am completely serious. Anal sex really is one of my birth control methods of choice.

It’s not something they’ll teach you in high school sex ed, and the nurse who doles out condoms and advice about the morning after pill probably won’t recommend it, but I’ve used this method in my teenage years and in my married life and it’s proven to be both reliable and fun.

Now, of course, I know I didn’t invent this. Christian teens have long been rumored to use anal sex as a way of avoiding vaginal penetration. And although I don’t have any religious reasons for doing it, I salute them for blazing the trail.

Anal sex really is a very effective form of birth control, and while like any other method it’s not 100% foolproof, with a little care it can be effectively so, and lacks all the negative effects of other forms of birth control.

Although it’s growing in acceptance, anal sex is still seen as a taboo. Even a lot of the women who enjoy it still can’t shake the feeling that there’s something a little dirty about it.

But it really doesn’t deserve the raunchy reputation we’ve given it. It really can be an intimate act, and one that’s appropriate for relationships of all stripes.

That’s because good anal sex is all about trust and care. In most cases, it needs to be taken slowly and engaged in gradually. It needs a lot of preparation — both psychologically and physically. And it requires a partner who is continually attuned to the way you’re feeling so they can know when to slow down, when to keep going, and when to let you take the lead.

She couldn’t be more right about this—while for the purposes of certain kinks, anal can take on the role of something dirty or raunchy at varying levels, it really isn’t inherently. It’s a beautiful, intimate act that relies on mutual trust and in many ways is far more intimate than vaginal sex. Couples who regularly engage in anal sex or who have gone anal only frequently talk about what wonders it has done for the intimacy of their relationship.

I first started thinking seriously about anal sex as birth control when I decided to go off the pill.

I had been taking hormonal birth control practically since I hit puberty. It was sort of the default. Every girl who reached the age where she might start lusting after boys was supposed to start taking it, just in case.
The pill was always presented in a positive light. It would keep you from getting pregnant — no need to wonder how it worked, it just did (well, for the most part).

So, I took it religiously, and I had no idea that it was slowly wreaking havoc on me.

There are quite a few side effects you can get from taking the pill. I had three major ones. There were mood swings. There were also unbearable migraine headaches. But probably worst of all is that it seriously diminished my sex drive, especially once my raging teenage hormones started to give way.

Ruining my sex drive really affected me. I think it’s no surprise to any of my followers that I love sex. And it was quite depressing to not want it while also really strongly wanting to want it. It felt like a part of me was missing.

Though I do have to admit, killing my sex drive was a great way to keep me from getting pregnant.

In general, it’s best not to mess with your hormones unless they’re out of balance. I’ve been off the pill for years now and I will never go back on it. I’d much rather resort to anal sex than put my body through that again.

Though it’s being discussed a lot more in recent times, the vast negative effects of hormonal birth control still goes largely ignored or glossed over by most, possibly as a means of ensuring that people continue to use birth control to avoid vast unwanted pregnancies. A better strategy would be to advocate for the adoption of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle as the default form of natural birth control instead.

It’s a good article overall, and while it’s not specifically advocating for people to go anal only, it’s still a very anal positive perspective that applies to those interested in anal exclusivity as well, and I encourage going to read the rest of the article as well.

Here, of course, I’ll go a step further and advise people to fully embrace the anal only lifestyle as their primary means of birth control rather than to compromise by continuing to have vaginal sex with condoms, etc. In addition to the natural birth control benefits of the anal only lifestyle, there are many other reasons for giving up vaginal sex and going anal only.

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Reddit: Ready to Give Up

I have been anal only my entire life (I’m only 19 but still) and I have a few other kinks. But it’s seeming impossible to find a Daddy or another little/cow anywhere near me that is ok never putting anything in my pussy. I am ready to just go back to the last Daddy I tried to date who was willing to only if he could fuck my pussy (and “pop my cherry”).

I don’t know what to do and I’m scared I’m going to have to give up being anal only.

Lilly_Moonstar, /r/analonlylifestyle

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Why You Should Do Ass to Mouth

Even within the anal only lifestyle, ass to mouth can be an act of some contention. While increasingly popular, there are still those who see it as something dirty or degrading. And though it can be incorporated into play in that manner if so desired, it’s anything but when done right.

Ass to Mouth is Intimate & Loving

In much the same way that shifting to primarily or exclusively having anal sex, couples who have incorporated ass to mouth as a regular part of their sexual routine frequently talk about the increase in intimacy that results from it. Because it requires mutual trust between partners, just as anal sex does, and because it shows an openness with one’s body both with oneself and sharing with a partner, it can be a powerful act that brings people closer together.

Ass to Mouth is Sexy

That same openness that leads to an increase in intimacy is sexy and attractive. Both partners can find ass to mouth to be a very sexy act—it’s a delight to switch from anal sex to oral sex without getting out of the moment by “cleaning” first, and just going for it. As before, it’s an acceptance of sex and each other’s bodies and that makes everything sexier and better for everyone. The fact that it’s still somewhat of a taboo can also be exciting for some, and some women find they get off on the idea itself, with a few even orgasming from going ass to mouth.

Ass to Mouth Tastes Good

Despite the misconception that anal sex and ass to mouth always smells or tastes bad, the reality is that a clean anus and rectum will actually taste incredible, if it tastes like anything at all. With proper hygiene, bad tastes or smells just aren’t going to be a factor, and some people find that it can actually be subtly sweet in flavor. Developing cravings for the taste and wanting it frequently is not at all uncommon.

Ass to Mouth is Addictive

The more you do it, the more you want it, both for the act and the taste, and women who do it often report developing a compulsion and craving for it, which in turn boosts their arousal and cravings for anal sex as well, leading to good times all around for everyone.

So, start doing ass to mouth if you aren’t already. You won’t know what you’re missing until you try it.

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Discussion: Is anal sex as common as people seem to believe?

Myself and my girlfriend do anal sex sometimes, but only sometimes. One of the main reason for this is because although its pleasurable and kinky its a lot of hassle; prepping, lubing, covering the bed and showering immediately after. If i were gay i dont think i would do anal sex much because it often doesnt seem worth the hassle as opposed to oral sex which although less pleasurable (at least in my experience) is far less hassle. Gay men are often perceived as doing anal sex frequently, but is it really as common as society seems to think?

Solomon Rustlake, Quora

There are a variety of answers, of varying quality, but here’s one on the pro-anal side:

Psst. Wanna know a secret?
*looks around furitively* Anal sex is the universal sex.
*looks around again to make sure no one heard me say this*
Wanna know why? Everyone has a butt hole. That means everyone can penetrate or be penetrated in the butt. Not everyone has a vagina, and not everyone has a penis, but everyone has a butt hole. (If they don’t, that’s a medical condition to discuss with one’s physician.)
All manners of people have anal sex!

Kathryn Elle, Quora

To more specifically answer the original question, however, it sounds like the original poster’s real problem is with needing to do it more often and get into a routine of anal sex to avoid the need for what he perceives as the hassle surrounding it. With frequent anal play, butt plugging and sex, the needs for warmup are minimized, you can get started with nothing more than a little dab of lube most of the time. Warmup is certainly important for people starting out or doing it infrequently, and should not be ignored if it’s needed, but as people get more and more into the anal only lifestyle, they tend to be engaging in anal penetration often enough that they stay always warmed up. It’s also not necessary to “cover the bed” or shower immediately after, though putting down a towel isn’t exactly difficult for a bit of extra precaution. Follow up with a little bit of ass to mouth and you’re as clean as you need to be, barring any unfortunate accidents.

He acknowledges that anal is far more pleasurable. He just needs to get more comfortable with it and he can be doing it every time rather than on a rare occasion.

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Message: Even the Bible Teaches Anal Sex is Natural

Anal Evangelist: Many think the Bible teaches that anal sex is wrong. To the contrary, I believe the Bible teaches anal sex is the “natural use of a woman.”

The intention of this post is not to attack homosexuality, but to point out some interesting things I noticed regarding the teachings of the Bible in regard to anal sex. This is why I have truncated the following verses, as the remainder doesn’t effect the context in regard to anal sex between a man and a woman.

Some may say the Bible teaches sex is just for procreation, but that flies in the face of Proverbs 5:18-19:

Proverbs 5:18-19 says, “May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer — may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.”

That doesn’t sound like the writer is talking about procreation, but recreation.

Romans 1:27 says, “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another…”

What then is the “natural use of the woman?”

Leviticus 20:13 says, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman…”

As anal sex is the only way a man can have sexual relations with another man, the logical conclusion is that “the natural use of the woman” would be for anal sex. In other words, normal sexual relations for pleasure were meant to be anal sex. This seems only logical in that there was limited means of birth control at the time these passages were written.

1 Corinthians 7:5 says, “Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”

This verse seems to indicate sexual relations were expected to be frequent. As it is today, with limited resources, few couples could afford to feed and clothe a large family. Anal sex was (as it is today) the perfect solution to allow frequent sexual relations, while limiting the number of children a family would have.

I’d be interested to know what others think.

It’s an interesting theory, and looking back at it from our perspective it makes sense, and we do know that there were a number of cultures in history who engaged in anal sex as their primary form of sex in part for birth control purposes. I don’t think there’s enough evidence within the Bible to definitively say this was the case there, but it’s fun to imagine if nothing else!

Discussion: Anal Semen Therapy

A HipForum member asks:

I’ve read several studies on the health benefits of semen. Long story short it has anti-inflammatory effects on arthritis, mood enhancing, and more. The studies show vaginal and oral use if semen. But as oral destroys much of it in stomach and vaginal drips out so easily my husband and I are using anal as an alternative. It can be retained in the rectum for hours and absorbs very well. (Think rectal suppositorries). Has anyone else tried this? How is it working for you?

Katravenclaw, HipForums

She follows up some time later with her own experiences:

If anyone is interested… We’ve been doing this for almost 6 months now. No matter what we do my husband always finshes in my ass. He does so as deep as he can get so I can retain it for as long as possible to get the most benefits (in addition to the fun of anal sex obviously ). If we have anal sex at night I can almost always keep it in until morning sometimes later in the day. If we do it in the morning I can keep it in comfortably most of the morning sometimes into the early afternoon. 

I’ve noticed an uplift in general mood, an estimated 15 maybe 20% reduction in arthritis pain and swelling, and a huge up curve in my immune system. Barely a sniffle this year.

We are going to keep this up. I know the health benefits are one thing but we both feel so much closer and more intimate when he orgasms in my ass. It’s probably the most intensely intimate thing we have ever shared. I LOVE it. Don’t think I could have a sex life without it ever again.

Katravenclaw, HipForums

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Message: Love Tasting My Ass

Anonymous: Hey! I love your blog and everything it talks about and want you to know that I went anal only like five years ago the first time I had sex because of it and I totally agree it’s the only way to live.

Besides that, though, I haven’t seen you talking about ass to mouth too much lately and I wanted to say that it’s one of my favorite things and I think every anal only girl should do it because it’s just so good! I love tasting my ass on a guy’s cock that’s just been fucking me. It tastes amazing, it’s so sexy and slutty, it turns him on almost as much as it turns me on, and it’s just so natural to do as an anal only girl. I’m totally addicted to it now and honestly crave it.

So yeah I think you should write about it more!

Thanks for the message! That’s awesome that you’ve been anal only since you first had sex, and that you’ve stayed AO for so long. It sounds like you’re planning to stay anal only and a vaginal virgin for good? I definitely strongly encourage that and wish you the best of luck!

I also agree about ass to mouth—it’s something I’ve touched on quite a bit over the years and should do so more, because everything you said is right. It is amazing for everyone involved, and should be a natural part of the anal only lifestyle for more people.

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