Message: I Cum So Hard Thinking About Anal Only

Anonymous: Hello! I’m a female and completely obsessed with anal. My favorite videos and images are multiple anal or anal gangbang. The idea of having my tight ass cum filled by multiple cocks gets me so turned on and I cum so hard thinking about ANAL only when I masturbate. Thank you for promoting empty pussies and full asses! — a fan in CA

You’re very welcome, and thank you for sharing your appreciation and enjoyment of anal only. Is it only a fantasy for you so far, or are you anal only yourself?

The original poster responded:

Hi! I’m the female fan from CA and you asked if I’m anal only yet or if it’s still a fantasy. I am not 100% anal only but the idea of abandoning my useless cunt in favor of the superior fuck hole (my delicious tight asshole) is very appealing to me. I get so hot looking at your Tumblr, thanks again!

Well, if my opinion means anything, I (obviously) think you should go for it. After all, it’s No Pussy November!

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