Do You Fear Health Consequences From Anal Only?

littlelovelylola: Hi! When did you become anal only? Do you fear health consequences? Very curious about trying this if I ever find a daddy…

ditzystella: Hi! I’ve only been 100% anal only for a little less than 2 weeks… no I haven’t feared any health consequences, just keeping very clean and having the best orgasms of my life with a denied, ignored pussy!

I am happy to answer more, here or privately 💕🎀💕


There really aren’t any health consequences from anal sex, even anal only where you’re having anal sex multiple times a week or even daily, so long as you follow a few precautions! Always use lube, make sure you warm up as needed by starting smaller and gradually working up in size, and backing off to a slower pace or a smaller size temporarily if something starts to hurt, as well as taking a break for a day or two if you get too sore rather than just pushing through any pain. Pain usually means you’re either overdoing it or going too big too soon before you’re ready. But if you’ve got no pain and you’re loving it, it’s all good!

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