Bdsmlr: Getting Pregnant in an Anal Only Relationship

We received this message through our Bdsmlr blog, and it’s being replicated here to be viewed by a wider audience.

Anonymous: I’ve loved your blog for a long time, and I am glad that you’re active on Bdsmlr again like you were on Tumblr! I’ve reached out to you there before, a few years ago, but your blog inspired me and my boyfriend to go anal only way back in 2015. We’ve stayed anal only successfully since then and when we got married a couple years ago we vowed to be anal only together as part of it. We’re thinking about having kids now, and we’re going to try out non-vaginal ways of getting pregnant first, but it also seems like you’re okay with vaginal sex to get pregnant, is that right?

Thanks! I’m glad I helped inspire you and that you’ve stayed anal only since for the past five years! That’s wonderful.

Vaginal sex to get pregnant and anal for everything else is consistent with the ideas of the anal only lifestyle, for sure. But, as you’ve noted, many people who stay anal only long enough like the idea of never going back to vaginal, even to get pregnant, and so often try to look for other options, whether that be artificial insemination, or ejaculating during anal sex and spreading open her vagina to let it run out and back into her. Whatever approach you decide to take, good luck and enjoy your anal only future together!

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One response to “Bdsmlr: Getting Pregnant in an Anal Only Relationship”

  1. Stephen says:

    When it is time to get pregnant, vaginal sex should be fine. It can be enjoyable and I think you continue to honor the anal only lifestyle by knowing vaginal is for creation only. These are wonderful anal people and they should be doing vaginal to pass on their wonderful genes to another generation. Anal only couples should take a break to procreate and then its back to pure (anal) pleasure.

    I once read an account online by a British woman that married a foreign man, I think from Ireland or North America. The man had healthy sexual instincts and thus only wanted anal (and oral) sex. She let him train her and she wrote that she loved anal. She then wrote that when they wanted to have three children, they switched to vaginal and got her pregnant.

    She wrote that once she was pregnant, they immediately went back to anal and that once they were done reproducing they permanently switched back. She had been so sexually transformed from the anal only lifestyle that she stated she didn’t miss vaginal sex or even think about it when she imagined a heterosexual sexual encounter. Vaginal sex has its place as a tool for reproduction.

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