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Message: You’re Not Promoting Safe and Fun Anal Sex

Anonymous: Um, no. You’re not promoting safe and fun anal sex for both male and female to enjoy. You are promoting EXCLUSIVE anal sex by using disinformation and manipulation. Your sister blog shows pics of girls looking like they’re in extasy. But people always forget: These are porn ACTRESSES. This isn’t real life. You’re manipulating people into thinking that it’s normal. It isn’t and it shouldn’t be. Or why else does anal need practice, proper preparation and so on? Get real.

I’m doing both. I frequently get asked about and discuss anal sex in general and offer advice on how to best enjoy it. And yes, I do promote exclusive anal sex—for people who are interested in trying it. Clearly it doesn’t interest you, which is totally fine, but I’m not sure why you feel the need to suggest it can’t interest anyone else either or that if it does, they’ve been manipulated into liking it by me. I certainly don’t have that sort of power or influence—I talk about what I like, and share what I find that other people have said on the subject. It seems that quite a few other people like it as well.

My porn blog is just that: porn. It does promote anal sex and anal only with porn captions using porn as illustration, and yes, they are actresses, and yes some of the content in that blog leans more to the fantasy side of things and will not appeal to everyone in reality even if they get off to the fantasy. I have in fact mentioned this myself a number of times, suggesting that people who find the fantasy appealing and would like to learn more about it in a real world context go to other sources like this blog where it is grounded in reality without the fantasy components.

That said, just because they’re porn actors doesn’t mean “real” women do not enjoy anal sex. I don’t care what assertions you may make to the contrary—I know for a fact that many women absolutely do enjoy it. Not all do—which is totally normal, because there are few (if any) sex acts everyone enjoys.

It seems that you’re suggesting anal sex is an illegitimate form of sex because enjoyment of it requires preparation and practice for many people. First, understand that the gradual process I encourage for people trying anal for the first time may be overkill for many but is encouraged to guarantee the most enjoyment for the most people, since everyone is a bit different and some can have a harder time than others, and I’d like everyone interested in anal to have the best experience they can rather than the unfortunate experience many have with a partner who rushes in and causes them pain. There are some who are able to jump straight into various levels of anal play with little difficulty and others who need to work up to it. This can be true for vaginal sex as well. Mastering most sex acts is a process and you need to practice to best enjoy it. Anal warmup before each session is essentially little different from other forms of foreplay, just specialized for anal sex. Foreplay is essential for most people for vaginal sex as well in order for them to most enjoy it. Also, there are women who experience pain and discomfort from vaginal sex no matter what, but not from anal. How do such women fit into your view that anal cannot be normal?

Second, it seems somewhat absurd to suggest that because something might involve a process to master, it therefore isn’t and shouldn’t be considered “normal”. There are all sorts of non-sexual activities that require great effort to master and which don’t come naturally to any people—should no one try to become experts at those things either because it isn’t normal to be able to run a marathon, climb a mountain, or any other great physical feat?

The bottom line is that yes, sometimes my porn blog uses hyperbole about anal only and suggesting it’s the only natural way to have sex, but understand that to people who really prefer anal and do not get satisfaction and enjoyment from vaginal, that’s how it feels. Now, in reality, of course vaginal sex is a natural form of sex and it’s how we reproduce and there’s nothing at all wrong with vaginal sex for any reason—pleasure or reproduction—if that’s what you enjoy and desire. But anal sex is a perfectly valid form of sex as well, with great pleasure potential for all partners involved.

I don’t expect I’ll change your mind, as you seem to be pretty set in the mindset that anal sex is wrong and that going anal only, even for people who already enjoy anal and have decided on their own they want to try it exclusively, should not be encouraged. Is it too much to ask that you at least understand not everyone shares your opinion and that many men and women do in fact like and *gasp* even prefer anal?

The original version of this post on Tumblr got the following responses from blog followers:

mastermadmikeI’ve been in anal only relationships with women in which there were times we had sex 3 or more times in one night and at least once daily. I introduced her to it and she loved it after the first time. After about a month she said it felt better in the ass and requested anal only.

slutprogrammer: My friend with benefits just proved this anonymous moron wrong again. She literally lubed me with her pussy because it got me into her ass quicker than finding the lube. I remarked that her pussy had apparently been demoted to lube dispenser, and she laughed & agreed that it had. The orgasms prompted her to remark that if she’d known about anal sex 20 years ago she never would have felt the need to smoke weed.

femmefatale4ever: I find this completely to be a misguided opinion that you have dreamed up. I can and do orgasm from anal penetration, and I 9 out of 10 times prefer it. I suppose women can’t enjoy giving blow job, either? Like where did you come up with this? I’m going to assume, since you like to also assume, that you probably at some point had a bad experience. Guess what, different people like different things. No one is telling ANYONE what to do. This is simply an site for people to come together to talk about a singular passion that they enjoy CONSENSUALLY with their partners.

Do You Have Something Against Vaginal Sex?

Anonymous: Hello! I’ve been following this page for a while, and I’ve been wondering, do you have something against vaginal sex? In some gif comments it seems that that kind of sex is being panned. Don’t get me wrong, I love anal sex, and when I marry I want to do it always with my future wife, but I’m just curious

analsexonly: This blog is called “Anal Sex Only”, and is advocating fully replacing vaginal sex with anal, so yes, vaginal sex is generally panned in content here. This is a porn blog, however, so there is always a certain level of fantasy mixed in. I do encourage people who love anal to try being anal only for at least a while and see what they think about it themselves. Some people end up loving it and stay that way, some decide it’s not for them, and others may go back and forth a bit. But there are a lot of people who love the fantasy of going anal only, even if they don’t necessarily do so in reality. This blog is intended for everyone with interest in the idea (or just people who like anal), whether they just get off to it or have strictly decided to never have vaginal sex again. As such, there’s a wide spectrum of anal only related themes, some more hard-lined than others.

As for whether I personally have something against vaginal sex—kind of, and kind of not. I don’t judge or look down on anyone who enjoys vaginal sex and wants to keep having it, either along with anal or in exclusivity. Everyone should do what they enjoy and what works for them. But I don’t like vaginal intercourse myself—physically I enjoy it a lot less, and I find it a lot less satisfying than anal. It’s certainly not a bad thing, I just find anal so much more enjoyable and satisfying that I personally prefer to avoid engaging in vaginal when anal is a better option.

For a less fantasy-based discussion about the idea of going anal only, see the Anal Only Lifestyle blog and forum.

Message: Anal Was Really Good, But Still Afraid

Anonymous: Hey there! First of all, great job with this blog 🙂 my BF show it to me and we talked and tried anal sex for the first time ! I than decided to share this unexpected experience with you :p That was very weird at first! I thought my BF’s d**** will never get inside. I guess I was resisting :p but afterwards, the feeling was honestly great! I mean new to me but really good. I’m glade we had fun! Now I’m still afraid of anal. Do you have any advice to avoid anal problems? Like incontinence…?

Thank you, and congratulations on an enjoyable first experience with anal!

Incontinence from anal sex is largely a myth. It can occur from severe anal damage, but even regular anal sex will not lead to this if you follow safe practices and avoid doing anything painful. Regular anal training and sex, especially if you incorporate plugs like toys and do kegel exercises, will end up strengthening the muscles rather than weakening them and leading to incontinence. The “looseness” people associate with anal sex is a combination of short term looseness after the fact, and conscious control of some of the muscles involved that can make penetration easier as you develop that control. But it always naturally returns to its tighter state when not being used.

Anal prolapse, another commonly cited issue resulting from anal sex, does not have evidence linking itself to sex, and it’s believed that people who get an anal prolapse already have the preexisting conditions that will eventually develop into that prolapse and that it has nothing to do with anal sex. (Many of the prolapses in porn aren’t true examples of the potentially serious medical condition of anal prolapse and are done deliberately for the camera by people who have developed the ability to do it.)

As long as you use lube and stop if anything is actively painful to take a break or use a smaller toy for a little while before trying again, or if you are bleeding, you should have no problems. With safe anal practices, there are plenty of people who have been having frequent anal sex for decades with zero health issues as a result of the sex.

Message: Squirting & Buttplugs

legalanalHey, I’m french I, have 18 years.I have two question?N°1, I want to discover squirt my girlfriend. How I can do it squirt ? N°2, what are the benefits rosebud (buttplug) for my girlfriend ? I like your blog ?

A lot of other people have written excellent guides to squirting, and as it is not directly related to the theme of this blog, I’d suggest that you search for and read through multiple such guides.

There are multiple benefits of a butt plug. As a training tool, regular use can make it much easier to engage in anal sex. But it can also just be an enjoyable toy to use, providing additional pleasure from passive anal penetration during masturbation or other sexual stimulation.

Message: You’re Misleading Men and Manipulating Women And You Should Be Ashamed!

Anonymous: I know you won’t publish this, because this is the internet and it’s full of cowards. But here’s the thing: Disinformation. That’s what you’re doing and you should feel ashamed about it. You are misleading men and manipulating women. Some poor and confused women might actually believe that they could benefit or even orgasm from anal penetration. But in the end it’s just a lie you tell people to feed your own twisted perversions. And you know it. Stop it. Right. Now.

Ah, good, it’s been a while since I got one of these. Speaking of cowards, nicely done with the anonymous accusation.

There is zero misleading or manipulating. Does everyone love anal? No—not all women or men do. But there are many women who do, and a decent-sized subset of those who prefer it. Is this really so surprising? What makes you so sure that it can’t be true?

I’m clear and open about my agenda of encouraging everyone to try anal sex in a manner that makes it likely to be enjoyable for everyone, and for people who enjoy anal sex to experiment with being anal only. What’s your agenda? How about you come off anon and have an actual dialogue about this rather than throwing around accusations?

The original version of this post on Tumblr got the following responses from blog followers:

beekahsweet: I’ve always liked anal, and now, with just 4 weeks of some dedicated plugging and training, anal has been easier than ever and I crave it multiple times a day.

ihavebeenexceptionallynaughty: I can sometimes come from anal sex and only anal sex and I most definitely have lady parts and identify as full-on lady. So yeah, it’s real.

rostarocksI love anal and cum way more and harder this way… and squirt uncontrollably! so that person is way mis informed. I’m not anal only but it is my preference!

kloudkush: Anal orgasms > pussy orgasms

Fucking LOL, what is wrong with people?
“I have a personal vendetta against anal penetration and instead of being mature and realizing that everyone’s sexual preferences are different, I’m going to demonize an entire sex act! I am right! You are wrong!”
Go take a closet of gross old man dicks up your butt.

Do women really enjoy anal sex?

This is the question asked by an Experience Project user, and the answers—mostly by women themselves—are a resounding YES, YES, OH GOD YES! If women are introduced to it in a positive manner with proper technique, they tend to be unable to get enough of it from then on.

absolutely! I have stronger orgasms when being penetrated via the anus. I think its a personal preference, but some of us are out there. I rather feel my anus stretch around a thick penis than having a large penis in my vagina.

I too have much stronger orgasms with anal. So I end up preferring anal over vag.

My wife absolutely loves anal sex. Better than regular vaginal sex according to her.

Absolutely! Way better than vaginal sex.

seems like the ones that do not only like it, but prefer it!!

This is almost a universal statement among women who enjoy anal sex—it gives better orgasms than vaginal. With that so often the case, it’s no surprise that going anal only continues to grow in popularity among women who love anal. After all, if you can have more intense pleasure every time you have sex, why bother with something that’s—while not necessarily bad for everyone—much less enjoyable?

Prefer anal penetration and analingus on a regular basis, both giving and receiving.

This is less universal, but is something I’m hearing with some frequency of late—women who prefer the pleasures of analingus over cunnilingus.

I am a woman who loves anal sex. Most times I’m having sex I will also have anal sex, either you hate it or you love it. I just LOVE it..

I imagine this remains the most common way for women to enjoy anal—as a supplement to vaginal rather than a replacement. There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s what you enjoy to do, but I do encourage everyone who enjoys anal at this level of to try a month or several with anal fully replacing vaginal.

I love anal sex! The feeling of the head of his cock pushing against my well lubricated tight little hole is amazing. Once I relaxed and accepted his cock I loved it and have wanted to have my ass fucked all the time ever since!

Once a woman has been introduced to the correct way to have anal sex and anal play I have yet to meet a woman who hasn’t yet told me she has been missing a tremendous and incredible feeling

This is the biggest factor—having good early experiences to realize the potential of how great anal can be. Most women who hate anal sex have simply never had good anal sex and so can’t imagine it could ever be good. That’s a real shame.

I love love love getting my butt pounded too! I will always let the guy know that my back door is always open 🙂 I love the initial feelings that I get when my butt is adjusting to having a penis inside of it. But the real pleasure is once my butt is nice and warmed up and the guy just pounds away at my butt like there’s no tomorrow. The feelings that I get when there is a huge dick just pounding and pounding and pounding away at my butt are almost indescribable! My whole body goes numb except for my butt which radiates waves of the most physical pleasure I have ever felt. Its a throbbing, pulsating feeling deep in my butt that I only have when getting my butt pounded as hard as the guy can!

Anal sex is clearly the best choice when it gives pleasure like this, far above and beyond what a pussy can provide!

I love anal sex, but I find most guys aren’t as into it as you would think. I have had few partners actively seek it from me.

As bizarre as this may seem to men who enjoy and prefer anal sex, it is a common complaint from women who prefer anal—they have a hard time finding men who are happy with just anal and don’t push to have vaginal sex as well. It seems to be a common issue for anal only men and women both to find partners who are wiling and accepting.

I had a girlfriend last year, she was a widow, 42, had 4 kids. Vaginally she was a squirter. Got so wet, that vaginal sex didn’t really matter. Was like having sex with jelly. Fun, but…..
Anyhow, I asked her if she liked anal sex. Oh god, yes, she said. So that’s what we did, abd from then on, that’s the only penatrative sex we had. Still wet from her pussy, and I still fingered her and made her squirter, but sex went to anal only.

It pays to communicate and experiment with your partners. You may both discover a shared preference for anal and may just naturally go anal only because it’s what’s best for the both of you.

But there’s always the contrarians, who often make broad statements about everyone as if they know what everyone thinks and prefers—and most likely they’re people who never experienced it properly themselves.

Nope. They say they do to please their partners. I have several friends and have never heard any of them say anything different than that. They all lie. Once they have anal sex with a guy, they fear saying it’s awful because they don’t want to hurt the man’s pride.

Other women who love it are quick to correct the naysayers.

That is total bull…. I love the feel of anal sex, it’s my husband that has been the resistant one. It took me a year of asking for him finally try it just last week. It was the first time for both of us. I was so amazed at how good it felt and I’m addicted now. My husband still has mixed feelings about it.


Message: Anal Training

I have just bought the Trinity Vibes 5 Piece Anal Trainer Set to start her anal training. Looking for advice on how to take this forward, this will be out first time I was thinking to make her wear each for 10 minutes a day for a few weeks is 10 min enough

You’ll probably want to approach it in a more flexible manner. Start with the smallest one and see how long she can comfortably wear it. If she gets comfortable with that one in, try going to the next size. You should only go up to the maximum size that feels comfortable each time, gradually working towards the next largest. Rather than having a set amount of time for each plug, do it for as long as it’s comfortable for her at the largest size she can fit at any given time, and just as long as it takes to adjust to each of the smaller. Definitely work through each size as part of each training session to warm her up for the larger ones, but as she progresses she’ll need less time at the smaller sizes.