Message: You’re Misleading Men and Manipulating Women And You Should Be Ashamed!

Anonymous: I know you won’t publish this, because this is the internet and it’s full of cowards. But here’s the thing: Disinformation. That’s what you’re doing and you should feel ashamed about it. You are misleading men and manipulating women. Some poor and confused women might actually believe that they could benefit or even orgasm from anal penetration. But in the end it’s just a lie you tell people to feed your own twisted perversions. And you know it. Stop it. Right. Now.

Ah, good, it’s been a while since I got one of these. Speaking of cowards, nicely done with the anonymous accusation.

There is zero misleading or manipulating. Does everyone love anal? No—not all women or men do. But there are many women who do, and a decent-sized subset of those who prefer it. Is this really so surprising? What makes you so sure that it can’t be true?

I’m clear and open about my agenda of encouraging everyone to try anal sex in a manner that makes it likely to be enjoyable for everyone, and for people who enjoy anal sex to experiment with being anal only. What’s your agenda? How about you come off anon and have an actual dialogue about this rather than throwing around accusations?

The original version of this post on Tumblr got the following responses from blog followers:

beekahsweet: I’ve always liked anal, and now, with just 4 weeks of some dedicated plugging and training, anal has been easier than ever and I crave it multiple times a day.

ihavebeenexceptionallynaughty: I can sometimes come from anal sex and only anal sex and I most definitely have lady parts and identify as full-on lady. So yeah, it’s real.

rostarocksI love anal and cum way more and harder this way… and squirt uncontrollably! so that person is way mis informed. I’m not anal only but it is my preference!

kloudkush: Anal orgasms > pussy orgasms

Fucking LOL, what is wrong with people?
“I have a personal vendetta against anal penetration and instead of being mature and realizing that everyone’s sexual preferences are different, I’m going to demonize an entire sex act! I am right! You are wrong!”
Go take a closet of gross old man dicks up your butt.

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