Do women really enjoy anal sex?

This is the question asked by an Experience Project user, and the answers—mostly by women themselves—are a resounding YES, YES, OH GOD YES! If women are introduced to it in a positive manner with proper technique, they tend to be unable to get enough of it from then on.

absolutely! I have stronger orgasms when being penetrated via the anus. I think its a personal preference, but some of us are out there. I rather feel my anus stretch around a thick penis than having a large penis in my vagina.

I too have much stronger orgasms with anal. So I end up preferring anal over vag.

My wife absolutely loves anal sex. Better than regular vaginal sex according to her.

Absolutely! Way better than vaginal sex.

seems like the ones that do not only like it, but prefer it!!

This is almost a universal statement among women who enjoy anal sex—it gives better orgasms than vaginal. With that so often the case, it’s no surprise that going anal only continues to grow in popularity among women who love anal. After all, if you can have more intense pleasure every time you have sex, why bother with something that’s—while not necessarily bad for everyone—much less enjoyable?

Prefer anal penetration and analingus on a regular basis, both giving and receiving.

This is less universal, but is something I’m hearing with some frequency of late—women who prefer the pleasures of analingus over cunnilingus.

I am a woman who loves anal sex. Most times I’m having sex I will also have anal sex, either you hate it or you love it. I just LOVE it..

I imagine this remains the most common way for women to enjoy anal—as a supplement to vaginal rather than a replacement. There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s what you enjoy to do, but I do encourage everyone who enjoys anal at this level of to try a month or several with anal fully replacing vaginal.

I love anal sex! The feeling of the head of his cock pushing against my well lubricated tight little hole is amazing. Once I relaxed and accepted his cock I loved it and have wanted to have my ass fucked all the time ever since!

Once a woman has been introduced to the correct way to have anal sex and anal play I have yet to meet a woman who hasn’t yet told me she has been missing a tremendous and incredible feeling

This is the biggest factor—having good early experiences to realize the potential of how great anal can be. Most women who hate anal sex have simply never had good anal sex and so can’t imagine it could ever be good. That’s a real shame.

I love love love getting my butt pounded too! I will always let the guy know that my back door is always open 🙂 I love the initial feelings that I get when my butt is adjusting to having a penis inside of it. But the real pleasure is once my butt is nice and warmed up and the guy just pounds away at my butt like there’s no tomorrow. The feelings that I get when there is a huge dick just pounding and pounding and pounding away at my butt are almost indescribable! My whole body goes numb except for my butt which radiates waves of the most physical pleasure I have ever felt. Its a throbbing, pulsating feeling deep in my butt that I only have when getting my butt pounded as hard as the guy can!

Anal sex is clearly the best choice when it gives pleasure like this, far above and beyond what a pussy can provide!

I love anal sex, but I find most guys aren’t as into it as you would think. I have had few partners actively seek it from me.

As bizarre as this may seem to men who enjoy and prefer anal sex, it is a common complaint from women who prefer anal—they have a hard time finding men who are happy with just anal and don’t push to have vaginal sex as well. It seems to be a common issue for anal only men and women both to find partners who are wiling and accepting.

I had a girlfriend last year, she was a widow, 42, had 4 kids. Vaginally she was a squirter. Got so wet, that vaginal sex didn’t really matter. Was like having sex with jelly. Fun, but…..
Anyhow, I asked her if she liked anal sex. Oh god, yes, she said. So that’s what we did, abd from then on, that’s the only penatrative sex we had. Still wet from her pussy, and I still fingered her and made her squirter, but sex went to anal only.

It pays to communicate and experiment with your partners. You may both discover a shared preference for anal and may just naturally go anal only because it’s what’s best for the both of you.

But there’s always the contrarians, who often make broad statements about everyone as if they know what everyone thinks and prefers—and most likely they’re people who never experienced it properly themselves.

Nope. They say they do to please their partners. I have several friends and have never heard any of them say anything different than that. They all lie. Once they have anal sex with a guy, they fear saying it’s awful because they don’t want to hurt the man’s pride.

Other women who love it are quick to correct the naysayers.

That is total bull…. I love the feel of anal sex, it’s my husband that has been the resistant one. It took me a year of asking for him finally try it just last week. It was the first time for both of us. I was so amazed at how good it felt and I’m addicted now. My husband still has mixed feelings about it.


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