Do You Have Something Against Vaginal Sex?

Anonymous: Hello! I’ve been following this page for a while, and I’ve been wondering, do you have something against vaginal sex? In some gif comments it seems that that kind of sex is being panned. Don’t get me wrong, I love anal sex, and when I marry I want to do it always with my future wife, but I’m just curious

analsexonly: This blog is called “Anal Sex Only”, and is advocating fully replacing vaginal sex with anal, so yes, vaginal sex is generally panned in content here. This is a porn blog, however, so there is always a certain level of fantasy mixed in. I do encourage people who love anal to try being anal only for at least a while and see what they think about it themselves. Some people end up loving it and stay that way, some decide it’s not for them, and others may go back and forth a bit. But there are a lot of people who love the fantasy of going anal only, even if they don’t necessarily do so in reality. This blog is intended for everyone with interest in the idea (or just people who like anal), whether they just get off to it or have strictly decided to never have vaginal sex again. As such, there’s a wide spectrum of anal only related themes, some more hard-lined than others.

As for whether I personally have something against vaginal sex—kind of, and kind of not. I don’t judge or look down on anyone who enjoys vaginal sex and wants to keep having it, either along with anal or in exclusivity. Everyone should do what they enjoy and what works for them. But I don’t like vaginal intercourse myself—physically I enjoy it a lot less, and I find it a lot less satisfying than anal. It’s certainly not a bad thing, I just find anal so much more enjoyable and satisfying that I personally prefer to avoid engaging in vaginal when anal is a better option.

For a less fantasy-based discussion about the idea of going anal only, see the Anal Only Lifestyle blog and forum.

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