Message: Anal Training

I have just bought the Trinity Vibes 5 Piece Anal Trainer Set to start her anal training. Looking for advice on how to take this forward, this will be out first time I was thinking to make her wear each for 10 minutes a day for a few weeks is 10 min enough

You’ll probably want to approach it in a more flexible manner. Start with the smallest one and see how long she can comfortably wear it. If she gets comfortable with that one in, try going to the next size. You should only go up to the maximum size that feels comfortable each time, gradually working towards the next largest. Rather than having a set amount of time for each plug, do it for as long as it’s comfortable for her at the largest size she can fit at any given time, and just as long as it takes to adjust to each of the smaller. Definitely work through each size as part of each training session to warm her up for the larger ones, but as she progresses she’ll need less time at the smaller sizes.

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