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August is National Anal Sex Month, and for some years we promoted an Anal Only August event as part of the festivities. Due to its close proximity to No Pussy November, however, we have since switched to promoting Anal Only April instead.

Forum: Two Years Ago

… i was on vacation with my family on a small mediterranean island. It was that time i suggested to my wife to participate Anal only August. She agreed.

My wife and I were together for 15 years, raising a family with two kids, working hard, lot of stress. It was time for a change to renew our relationship. Also she was tired of hormonal birth control and wanted to quit.

After the tryout period we discussed it again and decided to go anal only for long term.

Right now we’re here again, on the same small mediterranean island, looking back on two very happy years. We made the change!

For curious couples reading this: just do it …

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Your Anal Only August Experiences

Though we haven’t promoted Anal Only August here for a while (which might change, given its popularity elsewhere!) there have definitely been other people practicing it this year. For those who missed it, fear not—there’s still No Pussy November later this year—but for anyone who did give Anal Only August a try, let us know how things went for you!

Message: Anal Only Orgasm Denial Is Driving Me Crazy

Anonymous: I’m practicing anal only orgasm denial (didn’t know anal only August was a thing until today!) and I decided to challenge myself. Today, I wore a thick, penis-shaped plug to work. I still have it in as I write this and it’s making me so wet feeling a cock up my ass in public. I feel like I’m squirming at my desk and it’s driving me crazy. All I can think about is the fullness of my ass, the emptiness of my pussy, and I had to tell somebody. I’m losing my mind (in the best way). ?

Thank you for sharing! Having a full ass and an empty pussy is an amazing feeling, isn’t it? That feeling right there, along with the increased pleasure and arousal from being anal only, as well as better opportunities for intimacy and more, are why so many go and stay anal only, not just as a short term challenge, but long term. It really is a much better way to be.

Message: Anal Only August This Year?

Anonymous: Will you be encouraging your followers to participate in anal only august this year? I definitely wanna give it a go but im scared!

Since we do No Pussy November every year, and August is comparatively close to November, as of this year we switched to promoting Anal Only April instead of August. That said, everyone is encouraged to go anal only at any time of the year, it’s just that we actively promote the challenge during April and November. If you do try it in August, or any other time, be sure to share your experiences just the same!

Message: Another Anal Only Month?

naughtygirlxx69Hey, maybe you should do another anal only month in June. Call it Just Butt June ?? Ps I love cock in my ass. Best fucking feeling ??

At present, there are two “official” anal only challenge months each year: Anal Only April and No Pussy November. These are (roughly) spaced out throughout the year, at times that are conducive to a lot of people participating. (And they coincide with good naming opportunities…) We probably won’t be adding any other officially promoted months life that at this time.

However! Those months are just occasional promotions to encourage people to try going anal only, with the ultimate goal of people choosing to go anal only on their own and stay that way long term, well beyond and outside of those months. So if you’re interested in going anal only, just go for it! When it’s already something you want for yourself, a month or longer commitment at first is a great way to get started and stick with it long enough to get into the habit and develop a sustainable anal only routine. And if by the end of the month you’re still loving it, just keep going. Be sure to post about it and share your experiences to help inspire other people to do the same!

You’re right, anal is the best feeling in the world. You should enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

Anal Only August

ilikeitintheass: Am happy to say that am still anal only. Enjoying it and loving it. It’s mid August and I’ve had a few anal sessions. But from today till the end of August, I plan on have anal everyday, or at the least anal stimulation every single day. Am also going to be doing clit denial.

Last time I only managed 1 week on clit denial. Hopefully I can keep up till the end of the month.

I am super excited

Message: Fiancé Agreed to Anal Only August!

Anonymous: Hi there, been following you for a while now, love your blog! When I started my relationship with my fiancé 5 years ago she was completely against anal. Over time and after building trust she eventually came round to the idea and we started to explore anal, playing with toys etc for a gradual build up. The first time we had anal sex it was incredible! We had it from time to time after but 2 days ago I suggested AO August and she said yes! we’ve fucked every day since, and I think she may stay 😉

That’s wonderful to hear! It sounds like she enjoys the idea a lot too. Keep her happy and satisfied throughout the month of AO, and there’s a good chance she’ll want to! You already know you want to be AO, so you should instead focus your efforts on her needs and making sure she thoroughly enjoys herself.

Message: Friends Trying Anal Only This August

Anonymous: Hi! I’ve followed you for a long time and me and my husband have been anal only 3 years now. We’ve had children, don’t want more, and both agree my pussy has served its purpose. We’re very happy and plan to stay this way for good. More recently though my friends were talking about anal, some liked it, some were scared, so I said I loved it and that we were anal only. They were all really curious so I gave them some tips and told them to try anal and AO. Two are going to try AO for August. Yay!!

That’s excellent! Thanks for sharing, especially at such an opportune time—not just because it’s Anal Only August right now and a perfect time to encourage others to go anal only for a month, but because I’ve actually been hearing from a lot of women lately about the topic of getting their friends to go AO too, often with good success.

This is something I think is really important, actually. There’s a lot of bad and wrong information out there about anal, and so many women get turned off it because of things they read or heard from friends, or because of bad experiences with inexperienced partners. So if you’re a woman who loves anal or is anal only, sharing that fact with your friends when anal comes up as a topic (or just sex in general) can really help them by balancing out that negativity that spreads out of ignorance and let them know that actually, anal feels really fucking good when done right, and that women can love it just as much, if not far more than men, and that you love it so much that you stopped using your pussy entirely for sex and have gone anal only for good.

Beyond just that, encouraging them to try—anal for those who haven’t done it before, or have had bad experiences; anal only for those who already like anal—can be really powerful. A lot of women get really curious about AO after hearing about it, but don’t always take the step to actually try it. Encourage them to do so, to spend a month AO either by themselves or with a partner, and that they can rely on you for advice and guidance and encouragement, and that they’re going to love it. Share your own experiences with it and how after the first month or two it was so good you had no desire to go back to boring vaginal sex, and the like.

Together, we can bring more people into the anal only lifestyle and help them to discover the pure pleasure that is anal only.

Also, it sounds like you and your husband have a lovely life together and were very lucky to mutually decide your pussy had no purpose anymore and should be abandoned. Thank you for sharing!

Anal Only August 2017 Week 1 Roundup

It’s the first weekend of Anal Only August 2017! If you are participating, now’s a good time to update everyone with how things have been going so far. Have you been having a good time? Any difficulties or challenges? Temptations to return to vaginal? Keep us informed, and we can help with advice and encouragement.

If you haven’t joined in, there’s still time—you can go anal only at any point and just extend the time so it’s still a month-long challenge for you. For more information, see the original Anal Only August post.