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August is National Anal Sex Month, and for some years we promoted an Anal Only August event as part of the festivities. Due to its close proximity to No Pussy November, however, we have since switched to promoting Anal Only April instead.

Message: Trying Anal Only August

Anonymous: Thanks for posting about Anal Only August! I showed it to my wife and she agreed we can go anal only for a month to try and hopefully longer if it works out. We’re going to also try ignoring her clit for the month. Wish us luck!

Congrats! She sounds like a keeper. I’m sure you’ll both have a great time and if other’s experiences with month-long anal only challenges are any indication, there’s a good chance you’ll both end up staying anal only full time by the end of the month.

Keep us posted!

Anal Only August 2017

The time of the year for anal only challenges is upon us. While No Pussy November is our primary annual event, there are those who also enjoy celebrating Anal Only August and so I am announcing a challenge for anyone who would like to participate. It’s quite open-ended and anything related to anal only will qualify you to participate.

Possible goals for the month of August include: experimenting with a month of anal only if you aren’t currently anal only (either solo or with a partner), going a month of pure anal only without clitoral stimulation if you already are anal only and want to step things up, incorporating ass to mouth into your everyday routine if you don’t already do it, working up to 24/7 butt plug wear, or any other ideas you may have!

Feel free to share your goals and experiences with us here or on the forum in the Anal Only August 2017 thread.

Message: Trying Again

Anonymous: Hello! So anal only August was a bit of a fail for me and my Master… We both got very busy so I didn’t achieve the gape we were both aiming for by the end of the month 🙁 but I am determined to try again! I am currently sitting here plugged with no intention of taking it out until bed time 🙂 if I stay committed, I can achieve the gape we BOTH want!!!

Glad to hear you’re sticking with it. It’s a process, and it’s not at all uncommon to drop it and come back later to try again.

Message: Thank You For Inspiring Me to Go Anal Only

Anonymous: I am going anal only for August and I just wanted to thank you for this page, it help keeps me on track. I have always loved anal but would never have gone anal only, even for just a month, without the help of this page. I am still training my ass with plugs and toys at the moment, as I don’t have a partner, but am hoping I have a well trained hole soon 😀 Keep up the work and thank you for keeping me going. K x

You’re quite welcome, and thanks for sharing. I’m glad I was able to inspire you to give it a try. Good luck, and feel free to send updates at any point if you would like to!

Message: Finally Had Anal After A Long Spell

Anonymous: Hi, I was the anon with 2 questions earlier today! Just wanted to say that I already started using your advice, and my Master and I finally had anal after a long spell. We decided to do anal only for the month, and I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait to have a nice gape and please him with just my ass and mouth &<3 Thank you for your help!!!

Excellent, I’m so glad to hear it. Good luck, and please keep us updated as the month progresses if you feel like continuing to share.

Message: Anal Gaping & Anal Only August

Anonymous: I actually have a couple questions if you don’t mind 🙂 Q1. I’m looking to stretch my hole and create a cute little gape, how do you suggest going about this? I know to use plugs but I’m not sure how many times and for how long! Q2. My Master and I are thinking about participating in AO August, however, we haven’t done much sexually in quite some time. I’m craving it but not sure if I could handle a whole month. Some tips? Thank you! 🙂

1. A gape is something that becomes possible as you gain greater muscle control and can relax at will, generally in combination with recent anal sex or play to help temporarily relax the other involuntary muscles around that area. Just keep training with plugs and dildos as regularly as is appealing to you. Wearing a plug while you walk around and do other things can really help develop muscle control as you retain it and keep it inside you. It’s up to you and your body how long you keep one in per “session”. Do it for as long as it’s comfortable or you are otherwise able, then take it out and put it back in at a later time. Over time, the duration you can comfortably wear a plug will increase. You also, of course, want to make sure you have a plug that’s comfortable to wear for longer than a few minutes and which stays inside easily and comfortably without wanting to pop out all the time. As you stick with this, gradually increasing the size you can fit, you’ll be able to relax more easily, and as you can do that, you’ll find yourself able to gape your ass.

2. Anal August doesn’t have to be a whole month of anal. It can serve as a first introduction to anal only of whatever length works for you. If you’re worried about a whole month, try a week or two. (And you could of course continue after that if you wanted.) Anal August is something that’s been around for a few years now, unrelated to and before this blog existed, and isn’t strictly Anal Only-specific. If you end up enjoying whatever duration of anal only you try and then want to go for a full month, keep an eye out for announcements later this year for the third annual No Pussy November, an actual full month anal only challenge. (Or try it on your own anytime!)

Hope that was helpful in some way, and feel free to ask more if you have any other questions.

Anal Sex Month: 8 Tips For Great Anal Sex

Here are ways make anal sex pleasurable for both you and your partner.

August is anal sex month, so I’ve put together some tips for how to try it without any pain and, possibly, find it orgasmic.

I’ll summarize the tips below and you can go to the full article to read the details of each.

  1. If you can’t see it happening, it will never happen.
  2. You must know your own body.
  3. Make sure you lubricate!
  4. Use a condom for all anal sex.
  5. Women in porn often stimulate their clitoris during anal play.
  6. Use your fingers or a small anal toy, like the Bendi Butt Plug, to warm up for anal sex.
  7. As Jayme Waxman said on Better Sex Radio, porn stars are sexual athletes.
  8. Women should use her muscles to push as she moves onto the penis.

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