Message: Another Anal Only Month?

naughtygirlxx69Hey, maybe you should do another anal only month in June. Call it Just Butt June ?? Ps I love cock in my ass. Best fucking feeling ??

At present, there are two “official” anal only challenge months each year: Anal Only April and No Pussy November. These are (roughly) spaced out throughout the year, at times that are conducive to a lot of people participating. (And they coincide with good naming opportunities…) We probably won’t be adding any other officially promoted months life that at this time.

However! Those months are just occasional promotions to encourage people to try going anal only, with the ultimate goal of people choosing to go anal only on their own and stay that way long term, well beyond and outside of those months. So if you’re interested in going anal only, just go for it! When it’s already something you want for yourself, a month or longer commitment at first is a great way to get started and stick with it long enough to get into the habit and develop a sustainable anal only routine. And if by the end of the month you’re still loving it, just keep going. Be sure to post about it and share your experiences to help inspire other people to do the same!

You’re right, anal is the best feeling in the world. You should enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

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