Message: Fiancé Agreed to Anal Only August!

Anonymous: Hi there, been following you for a while now, love your blog! When I started my relationship with my fiancé 5 years ago she was completely against anal. Over time and after building trust she eventually came round to the idea and we started to explore anal, playing with toys etc for a gradual build up. The first time we had anal sex it was incredible! We had it from time to time after but 2 days ago I suggested AO August and she said yes! we’ve fucked every day since, and I think she may stay 😉

That’s wonderful to hear! It sounds like she enjoys the idea a lot too. Keep her happy and satisfied throughout the month of AO, and there’s a good chance she’ll want to! You already know you want to be AO, so you should instead focus your efforts on her needs and making sure she thoroughly enjoys herself.

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