Anal Only August 2017

The time of the year for anal only challenges is upon us. While No Pussy November is our primary annual event, there are those who also enjoy celebrating Anal Only August and so I am announcing a challenge for anyone who would like to participate. It’s quite open-ended and anything related to anal only will qualify you to participate.

Possible goals for the month of August include: experimenting with a month of anal only if you aren’t currently anal only (either solo or with a partner), going a month of pure anal only without clitoral stimulation if you already are anal only and want to step things up, incorporating ass to mouth into your everyday routine if you don’t already do it, working up to 24/7 butt plug wear, or any other ideas you may have!

Feel free to share your goals and experiences with us here or on the forum in the Anal Only August 2017 thread.

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