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Since 2018, we’ve been promoting Anal Only April as our annual spring anal only challenge, a time when people new to or curious about the anal only lifestyle can try it out for a month (or less, if they aren’t ready to commit to a whole month). For those who are already anal only, it’s a good opportunity to incorporate something different into their routine.

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Announcing Anal Only April 2019

Craving something new? Why not go anal only for a whole month? Challenge yourself to Anal Only April.

This was originally meant to be posted a week earlier to give people more notice, but a scheduling error resulted in missing the original planned date. Apologies, and hope everyone is able to participate anyway!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try going anal only for yourself, or to bring up the idea with a partner, here’s your chance.

The rules of Anal Only April are simple: starting April 1st, whether on your own or with your significant other, stop all vaginal penetration for sex and masturbation, and replace it with anal instead.

Clitoral stimulation is optional. If you would like to go for a more advanced form of anal only, try doing it without touching your clit and only orgasming through anal. If you need your clit in order to enjoy anal, combine it with anal, but only rub your clit while also masturbating anally.

Oral sex is still allowed and encouraged, especially blowjobs and rimming. Cunnilingus is optional—some choose to exclude it, others still include it but don’t engage in any vaginal penetration as part of it.

Try your best to stick with anal only for the whole month—it’s a long enough period of time that while you might struggle a little bit with it at first, whether adjusting to the frequency of anal sex, or dealing with lingering cravings for vaginal sex or clitoral stimulation, by the end of a month most people figure out what being anal only is really like, and a majority of people who enjoyed their month trial either choose to stay anal only and not go back to vaginal, or return to it again later after a break.

If you’re already anal only, don’t worry— you can still enjoy Anal Only April yourself. Challenge yourself to have anal sex every day of the month, or to start wearing a butt plug or masturbate anally every day, or to experiment with clitoral denial and anal only orgasms if you aren’t already, or to start doing ass to mouth regularly, or to train your ass with bigger toys to be able to do anal fisting or double anal. The possibilities are endless for exploring new things as part of the anal only lifestyle. If you already enjoy double anal, consider trying making April a double anal only month—whether with two partners every time, or with a partner and a dildo, or two dildos.

Over the next week, get your plans in order, get your partner (if any) on board, and if you haven’t had anal sex yet or for a while, start working on training so that by the time Anal Only April begins, you’re ready to dive in!

If you decide to take part, let us know! Share your plans, ask any questions, and keep us updated as you start exploring the anal only lifestyle!

Message: When’s the Next Anal Only Challenge?

Anonymous: When is the next anal only challenge you’re going to do? I want to try going anal only with my gf but I think she would be more willing to try it if we were doing it along with a lot of other people.

We now officially do Anal Only April and No Pussy November each year, both of which run for the entire month.

Anal only challenges can be done at any time on your own, but as you say, some people find comfort in doing them alongside a larger group of people, so waiting until April could be your best bet in that scenario. If she does show interest in doing it sooner, though, you can always suggest trying it on your own anyway.

Message: Your Methods Deliver

It’s been a great summer and now many months since I first came to you.

No, we are not anal only yet, but I can see it as possible one day. It could happen any day or be a few years off but I feel very positive about our chances.

But when I compare where we were to where we are now, I wouldn’t have believed the progress if you had asked me at the start of the year.

Sure I’d prefer not to be doing her pussy at all, but for all the anal we have now it’s a small price to pay, so the advice I’d continue to give all your followers here is to BE PATIENT. Give her time and space to find her own preferences and she will.

Sex continues to be fantastic and I believe she loves all the anal fun we have as much as I do. Like I said before I don’t make any demands so she’s much more willing and as a benefit always relaxed about it. I can’t stress how much difference that’s making to her enjoyment, comfort and how long or often we have sex.

She’s still hanging on to some vaginal out of habit I guess and I’m ok with that. I know everybody is different but this has worked for us. Some might be uncomfortable even with minimal vaginal but I think it’s important to keep in mind the long term goal.

I’ll continue to submit more in the future so you know where we are at.

Thank you for following up, that’s great to hear! Maybe during one of the upcoming anal only challenge months—No Pussy November or Anal Only April—you could see if she’d be willing to try exploring just anal for a month and see how she feels about vaginal after that. Many who try anal only for a month or two lose any hesitations they had about the idea before that and want to commit to it full time after.

Message: Anal Only August This Year?

Anonymous: Will you be encouraging your followers to participate in anal only august this year? I definitely wanna give it a go but im scared!

Since we do No Pussy November every year, and August is comparatively close to November, as of this year we switched to promoting Anal Only April instead of August. That said, everyone is encouraged to go anal only at any time of the year, it’s just that we actively promote the challenge during April and November. If you do try it in August, or any other time, be sure to share your experiences just the same!

Message: We Did Anal Only April, Now I Only Want to Masturbate Anally

Anonymous: I never commented about it here but my boyfriend follows you and convinced me to do Anal Only April, which we did successfully. I don’t know if I want to go completely anal only, but I am considering at least getting rid of my vaginal-specific sex toys like my rabbit vibe and trying to only masturbate anally from now on. Could you give me some motivation for that? Maybe some anal masturbation tips?

Thanks for the message! I know there are a lot more people who try out things like Anal Only April and No Pussy November than those who talk about them publicly online, and it’s always nice to hear from more people and whether they succeeded, failed, had a good time, struggled, etc.

Focusing on anal only masturbation going forward sounds like a great idea! It can really make anal something very personal and help you focus on developing it into your primary pleasure source. It’s something I really encourage to help get into the anal only mindset and pursue pure anal pleasure. It can also, for many, really increase arousal levels, but everyone’s different in this regard. So I definitely think you should do that!

As far as tips, do a lot of experimentation. Use your fingers. Rub around the outside lightly as a warmup until you feel yourself relax, slip inside, add fingers if you want a stretch, try spreading your fingers inside your ass, explore for spots that feel particularly good to focus on, etc. A good dildo to fuck yourself with and ride is great to have as well, and experiment with angles and depth there as well to find things that feel really good and keep focusing on them. If you find something that feels like it could make you cum, keep doing it and see where it takes you. And get a butt plug or two if you don’t have any, for passive stimulation/training.

Good luck! Keep enjoying anal and keep it fun! Always feel free to share or ask any other questions that may pop up.

Message: No Intention of Going Back to Vaginal

Anonymous: Easter anon again. At the beginning of April as I said I was looking forward to doing vaginal again, I said to myself as soon as May rolled around my pussy would get some attention. Now we’re in May and we haven’t even talked about vaginal. I don’t know why, even though I haven’t had an actual orgasm since, well, March, I’ve enjoyed this past month so much it’s just more appealing now whether I can orgasm from it or not. For now at least we have no intention of going back to vaginal.

Congratulations! I think that’s a great decision to not return to vaginal. As you’ve discovered, it’s a lot more enjoyable to be anal only, and anal is a lot better even without orgasms than vaginal with. After all, there’s a reason so many people keep going anal only—it’s not just a kink or a fetish, there really are reasons and advantages to doing so and once you get enough into the routine you really tend to not want to stop and go back to the way things were with vaginal. Enjoy! It just keeps getting better from here.

It’s Over

littlegirl1222: Finishing off April was a bit harder than I thought it would be after having an orgasm… I had to really immerse myself with other things to ignore the want to touch my clit, but I managed!

I’m pretty proud of myself! Now that I CAN touch my clit I’m a bit hesitant…. I’m not sure why…..

Maybe because going anal only for the month unlocked something that felt right inside of you and you feel the need for more of the same?

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following responses.

littlegirl1222: ? fuck
dom-plays-with-dolls: That moment of humiliated realization when someone calls you out on your newly-discovered obsession with anal…after only one measly month.
msyounoavailable: and that’s how you get hooked on new kinks, at one point you just realize something turns you on 😀

Message: If We Still Love It In A Month, We’re Going Full Time Anal Only

Anonymous: That’s the plan! If we both still love it like we do so far we’re going full time anal only! I think it’s pretty much guaranteed tbh and I’m really excited, I’ve kind of fantasized about it for a long time but I was embarrassed to ask for it until now and I think he’s really into it too, so we probably should have done it before, but at least we’re doing it now! It’s so good! Thank you so much for your blog and inspiring everyone to try this.

Excellent to hear! I kind of figured as much, since in my experience when someone tries anal only and starts raving about how much better it is, there’s a pretty good chance they’re anal only to stay at that point. Good luck!

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

alwaysanalblog: It’s also an enormous sense of freedom to throw off the chains of stifling sexual conformity – AKA vaginal (procreative) sex. No longer doing what you are told to do, but instead with your natural inclinations and what feels best.

I don’t doubt at all that he’s really into it. He probably was as equally embarrassed to ask for what he wanted most. However, while most men are quietly enthusiastic about anal, it seems to be the women who are most vocal once they’ve tried anal.

Message: Cumming A Lot Harder Without My Clit

Anonymous: Checking in with Anal Only April! We’ve been doing it for a week and a half and it’s been really, really good! We decided to not use my clit at all this month unless it got too hard to continue, but I really like not using it. It can be kinda frustrating and hard sometimes and I still have to remember not to touch it, but it makes me a lot hornier without it and even just this far I’m cumming a lot harder than when I always rub my clit. It’s really true that it’s just better without it.

That’s great you’re having a good time with it! Enjoying and exploring is what it’s all about. Since you’re already seeing the benefits of being anal only and avoiding playing with your clit, it’s really likely that it’s going to keep getting easier throughout the month and you likely won’t miss either your pussy or clit much by the end of the month. If that ends up being the case, I strongly suggest just continuing as you have been and not returning to vaginal.

Message: Made It All The Way Through Anal Only April!

Anonymous: I did it! I made it all the way through anal only april! It was hard at first but this past week I kind of stopped missing my pussy so much and I feel like I really found the appeal of being just anal only. I don’t know for how long, but I’m going to keep going and see how things go from here. There’s a part of me that really craves staying anal only now that I’m a month into it, but I don’t think I’m to the point of fully committing to that yet. We’ll see!

Congratulations, and well done!

Everyone has a different way of becoming anal only, some knowing pretty quickly that it’s what they want and starting to identify as AO indefinitely, while others ease into it without a long term commitment, but over time find it’s how they want to stay. Do what makes you comfortable and if after a few more months of anal only you find yourself still enjoying it and having fun and wanting more, then keep doing it.