Message: Anal Only Orgasm Denial Is Driving Me Crazy

Anonymous: I’m practicing anal only orgasm denial (didn’t know anal only August was a thing until today!) and I decided to challenge myself. Today, I wore a thick, penis-shaped plug to work. I still have it in as I write this and it’s making me so wet feeling a cock up my ass in public. I feel like I’m squirming at my desk and it’s driving me crazy. All I can think about is the fullness of my ass, the emptiness of my pussy, and I had to tell somebody. I’m losing my mind (in the best way). ?

Thank you for sharing! Having a full ass and an empty pussy is an amazing feeling, isn’t it? That feeling right there, along with the increased pleasure and arousal from being anal only, as well as better opportunities for intimacy and more, are why so many go and stay anal only, not just as a short term challenge, but long term. It really is a much better way to be.

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