Month: October 2018

Message: I Need Anal, But My Partner Doesn’t Like It As Much As Me

fredflinstone-blogWhat do I do if my partner doesn’t like anal as much as me but I cant orgasm without some type of anal stimulation whether it be on me or her?

What does “doesn’t like anal as much as me” mean? Does it mean she doesn’t want to include anal in your sex life at all, or that she likes it but only on occasion?

Does she know you need anal in order to be satisfied and to be able to orgasm?

Is she willing to compromise in some way, whether it be always ending with anal sex, or you wearing a butt plug during sex, or something else along those lines?

Is she willing to explore anal further with you putting the focus on her enjoyment of it so you can over time get her to the point where she perhaps does like anal as much as you?

Communication and compromise are usually good places to start.

Message: Why Does Anal Leave Me So Horny?

Anonymous: Why does anal leave me so horny? It’s like I could go all day and night, then when it’s over I want another round! It’s all I think about till the next time! Is this normal for someone new to discovering anal in their late 20s?

Anal can be extremely arousing and tends to enhance both orgasms and arousal for women. That’s one of its many appeals, especially for those who enjoy the feeling of arousal.

In addition to anal just generally being arousing, anal only orgasms that don’t involve vaginal or clitoral stimulation will often not affect your arousal levels in the same way as a clitoral orgasm will and so don’t have the same post-orgasm crash many experience with other forms of orgasm.

I’d say to just enjoy it as much and as often as you can, and satisfy that arousal after sex with plugs and other toys!

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring, Part 3

Anonymous: It’s the woman who went anal only with her husband again. What do you think about clit stimulation? I can cum from anal without it but sometimes it’s easier to just rub my clit so I end up doing that a lot but it doesn’t seem like it’s really anal only if I do. Should I stop doing that too?

Yes, you definitely should. My answer on that is going to vary from person to person depending on each person’s situation, but from what you just said, clitoral denial would be perfect for you: you can already orgasm from anal, your clit just makes it easier. If I had to guess, I’d say that clitoral orgasms feel good but you feel kind of bad afterwards compared to anal orgasms, and anal orgasms you stay horny and can keep fucking or playing if you want to. That’s a really common thing for a lot of women, and a huge advantage of anal only orgasms with no clitoral stimulation at all.

Developing the self control to not use your clit and break those habits might be a little challenging at first, but it will be well worth it and I highly encourage it. The more you focus on anal only orgasms and stop short circuiting your pathways to orgasm with your clit, you’ll find it easier and easier to cum regularly with your ass, and you’ll start to find your clitoral urges fading over time as well, which will further reinforce your commitment to anal only.

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring, Part 2

Anonymous: It’s the woman who was going to ask my husband to go anal only. I asked him, and actually we had a long conversation about what we prefer first. I told him how much I love anal and want to do it more, and he agreed that he preferred it too, and I asked him if he’d want to go anal only. At first he thought that meant no oral but when I said it just meant no pussy he immediately agreed. So I think we’re both ready to just make it permanent already. We didn’t even fuck my pussy one last time!

Congratulations! That’s wonderful to hear. I’m not surprised he wanted to go anal only right away when it meant lots of anal and oral but no vaginal. The fact he already loved your ass so much almost always means he prefers it to vaginal, and eliminating vaginal just means more anal. Once you start to think about it, every time you do vaginal is just one less time you could be doing anal.

I think that’s the way to do it—no dragging it out by doing vaginal “one last time”, just making the commitment and going for it. Once you decide to become anal only, there’s no reason to look back, really, especially since you’ve both acknowledged now that anal only is what you want.

Message: Trash Talking Anal

Anonymous: It really frustrates me when people talk shit about anal without knowing the truth. I hear guys and girls both saying bad things about it, saying it’s bad for you, will make you have to wear diapers, hurts or is degrading to girls, liking it means you’re gay, etc etc. I bet almost none of them have even tried it! I’m anal only because my boyfriend and me love anal and don’t want to do vaginal, it doesn’t hurt and it’s not degrading, it’s just what we love! But if I say that, they’ll mock me.

Don’t worry about what people say out of ignorance. You know that you’re right, because you’re actually experienced anal and know that it’s not just great, it’s better than vaginal. That’s the reality. Like you said, they probably haven’t even done it or have only tried it once or twice with someone who didn’t know what they were doing. People who don’t know what they’re talking about with a sexual subject will often make fun of it or spread misinformation to try and fit in with the other people who are similarly ignorant.

That said, I think it’s a great opportunity to speak out and share the reality of anal with them. Just tell them that actually, you really like anal and do it all the time, and it’s not bad, it doesn’t hurt, it’s not degrading, etc. Share your experiences and your perspective and tell them how it’s your favorite way to have sex. More often than not, you’ll get some of them interested, even the ones who mock it the most, and they might want to learn more and try it for themselves. If they do, help them discover just why anal is so much better. You have an opportunity to make a real difference with them.

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring

Anonymous: The feeling of a cock inside my ass, filling me and stretching me open like nothing else, makes me feel so sexy and slutty. I’ve been having vaginal sex since I was 17 but it’s nothing like anal, it’s sort of just boring, if I’m being honest. I’ve been doing anal a long time too, but it hasn’t gotten old the same way even as I’ve started doing it more often. My husband really likes my ass, and I think he’d jump at the chance to go anal only, so I’m going to ask him tonight to try it for a while.

It’s amazing to me just how many women have the same revelation at some point, often after years of loving and preferring anal but still not making it their priority because vaginal is “normal” and “expected” even if it’s boring and anal is what they really want. Congratulations on deciding to break that cycle and not just make anal your priority but to go anal only. I’ve no doubt that he’ll be all for it, given what you’ve said. Good luck, you’re going to love being anal only.

Message: Changing Your Vaginal Arousal to Anal

Anonymous: Can confirm that the technique you described for changing your vaginal arousal to anal works! I started doing that a couple of years ago when I went anal only and I was able to totally shift my arousal and sexuality to anal only. My pussy does still get wet too and drips when I’m horny, but all my urges are to have something in my asshole. I love it so much and I’m so happy to have been able to completely abandon my pussy in this way.

Thanks for sharing your experience with it and confirming it worked long-term for you! Everyone’s results may differ, but it’s a technique that works well for some at least, so is well worth a try if you’re interested in becoming anal only long-term.

Message: Black Tantra – Gnostic Teachings

Hello everyone. I really don’t have a lot to say, but never had I in my wildest dreams thought there could be a whole community speaking or chatting about anal only. I actually just saw the blog today, I am from Africa but down south. I must confess, I can’t stop thinking about anal. I have been like that for a long time I think since 16 years and I will be reaching 30 in a couple of years. I used to think that there was something wrong with me, I only started to accept it in my early twenties there was a time when I thought that I was the only one. Anyways I am passed that now, let just say I have found myself in a nutshell. But the painful truth is that I have never had anal sex in my life, I can’t seem to find a women who’s on the same train as I am. I wish I could know how it feels like, I am a heterosexual man with on children. You know, there is something about a women butthole, the only thing I have done so far was to rimming it, and fingering it but my penis has never been allowed to enter the anus.

Sometimes I am happy and other times I am frustrated with life in general. I mean for example this blog here is amazing, I wish I could live close to the girls on this blog. I have never heard so many girls talk about anal sex so much, it feels unreal. I don’t think I can stay in a relationship without any anal action, I think I am an ass-alcoholic of some kind. I think I have had enough pussy to last me a life time. I am kind of a good looking guy, have no problem with getting girls. The problem is anal!!!! I have noticed that there are not a lot of African women who would try anal. I think us African men shy way from it because of the stigma involved. So I just wanted to say thank you for this blog and thank you to the anal only women out there. I can only dream of such a chance in life, I can go and probably pay for such a service but somehow it doesn’t feel the same. I want someone who will open up to me. They must just accept me for who I am…..I am an ass man!!!!

For anyone interested please google Black Tantra – Gnostic Teachings or simply Black Tantra.

You will be amazed on how sex and religion come together. Peace!

Definitely don’t give up on your desire for anal only. Despite cultural trends making things more difficult regionally in parts of the world, I guarantee there are some women near who you also love anal, or will if willing to try and introduced to it with care and respect.

This forum and greater community is of course open to everyone, but there is an additional Discord community which you might also find relevant, for discussion of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle from the perspective of African people and people of African descent: Afro-Anal.

Message: 1 Year Anal Only

My wife and I had been together for 9 years and only anal for 1. I’ve lucked out. Without issue, she can take my entire dick without a problem. Her orgasms are intense, so intense that we haven’t had vaginal sex in over a year. It was never some thing we discussed and decided to do. It was just the culmination of our sex life. Now, when we are in the mood, it’s just known that we are doing anal. I can feel her asshole pulsating, trying to pull me in. We use a lot of lube, and I always cum in her ass. We got to this point through good communication and making sure she orgasmed every time. Take care of your woman, and she’ll take care of you.

In my years of talking with anal only couples who have been together a long time, a majority of them shared similarities to yours, in that they ended up anal only through gradual progression towards anal and away from vaginal, and it was the result of a natural evolution and discovery of what worked best for them, rather than a planned act or one partner pushing the other towards it.

That’s not to say that other approaches are bad or don’t work—choosing overtly to try going anal only together or one partner asking the other for it can very much work as well, it’s just been interesting to see how common it is to naturally end up anal only without really planning to.

Thank you for the comment and good message, and congratulations on your first of many years anal only together!

Thoughts About Anal Only

mortallydelightfulstarfish: You seem to like a lot anal stuff as a woman. Are you anal only? What are you thoughts about it?

elegantphdap: Anal turns me on 🙂
Yes, I’m definitely anal only!

My Thoughts about anal only are:
– It is more intensive
– it is more intimate
– you can get an orgasm more often
– It looks sexier
– You don’t need to worry about getting pregnant
– …
– every woman should try to become one