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A series of posts and questions from a woman who discovers how much the idea of going anal only appeals to her, and in the process gives up clitoral stimulation as well.

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring, Part 4

Anonymous: Yes that’s exactly right, when I cum with my clit it does feel amazing for a few seconds and then … not so amazing. I stop being horny almost right away and get kind of repulsed by sex and having something in my ass. But when I cum from anal, it’s still satisfying and feels good, but I don’t lose my arousal and desire and sexuality as much I guess. Thank you for the encouragement, I’m excited to try giving up my clit now too. And thank you so much for your blog, it really inspired me.

Then yes, stopping the use of your clit is definitely the right move and you should only allow yourself anal only orgasms going forward. I’m excited for you, you’re making a big change all at once but it’s going to be so rewarding and so much fun. You’re going to love it. Remember that even if there are some challenges in the first few weeks to month, it will keep getting better and easier, and sticking with it is the most important thing. Most people by the time they get to 1 – 3 months in, don’t go back to vaginal. (And if they do, they usually end up anal only again before long.)

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring, Part 3

Anonymous: It’s the woman who went anal only with her husband again. What do you think about clit stimulation? I can cum from anal without it but sometimes it’s easier to just rub my clit so I end up doing that a lot but it doesn’t seem like it’s really anal only if I do. Should I stop doing that too?

Yes, you definitely should. My answer on that is going to vary from person to person depending on each person’s situation, but from what you just said, clitoral denial would be perfect for you: you can already orgasm from anal, your clit just makes it easier. If I had to guess, I’d say that clitoral orgasms feel good but you feel kind of bad afterwards compared to anal orgasms, and anal orgasms you stay horny and can keep fucking or playing if you want to. That’s a really common thing for a lot of women, and a huge advantage of anal only orgasms with no clitoral stimulation at all.

Developing the self control to not use your clit and break those habits might be a little challenging at first, but it will be well worth it and I highly encourage it. The more you focus on anal only orgasms and stop short circuiting your pathways to orgasm with your clit, you’ll find it easier and easier to cum regularly with your ass, and you’ll start to find your clitoral urges fading over time as well, which will further reinforce your commitment to anal only.

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring, Part 2

Anonymous: It’s the woman who was going to ask my husband to go anal only. I asked him, and actually we had a long conversation about what we prefer first. I told him how much I love anal and want to do it more, and he agreed that he preferred it too, and I asked him if he’d want to go anal only. At first he thought that meant no oral but when I said it just meant no pussy he immediately agreed. So I think we’re both ready to just make it permanent already. We didn’t even fuck my pussy one last time!

Congratulations! That’s wonderful to hear. I’m not surprised he wanted to go anal only right away when it meant lots of anal and oral but no vaginal. The fact he already loved your ass so much almost always means he prefers it to vaginal, and eliminating vaginal just means more anal. Once you start to think about it, every time you do vaginal is just one less time you could be doing anal.

I think that’s the way to do it—no dragging it out by doing vaginal “one last time”, just making the commitment and going for it. Once you decide to become anal only, there’s no reason to look back, really, especially since you’ve both acknowledged now that anal only is what you want.

Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring

Anonymous: The feeling of a cock inside my ass, filling me and stretching me open like nothing else, makes me feel so sexy and slutty. I’ve been having vaginal sex since I was 17 but it’s nothing like anal, it’s sort of just boring, if I’m being honest. I’ve been doing anal a long time too, but it hasn’t gotten old the same way even as I’ve started doing it more often. My husband really likes my ass, and I think he’d jump at the chance to go anal only, so I’m going to ask him tonight to try it for a while.

It’s amazing to me just how many women have the same revelation at some point, often after years of loving and preferring anal but still not making it their priority because vaginal is “normal” and “expected” even if it’s boring and anal is what they really want. Congratulations on deciding to break that cycle and not just make anal your priority but to go anal only. I’ve no doubt that he’ll be all for it, given what you’ve said. Good luck, you’re going to love being anal only.