Message: 1 Year Anal Only

My wife and I had been together for 9 years and only anal for 1. I’ve lucked out. Without issue, she can take my entire dick without a problem. Her orgasms are intense, so intense that we haven’t had vaginal sex in over a year. It was never some thing we discussed and decided to do. It was just the culmination of our sex life. Now, when we are in the mood, it’s just known that we are doing anal. I can feel her asshole pulsating, trying to pull me in. We use a lot of lube, and I always cum in her ass. We got to this point through good communication and making sure she orgasmed every time. Take care of your woman, and she’ll take care of you.

In my years of talking with anal only couples who have been together a long time, a majority of them shared similarities to yours, in that they ended up anal only through gradual progression towards anal and away from vaginal, and it was the result of a natural evolution and discovery of what worked best for them, rather than a planned act or one partner pushing the other towards it.

That’s not to say that other approaches are bad or don’t work—choosing overtly to try going anal only together or one partner asking the other for it can very much work as well, it’s just been interesting to see how common it is to naturally end up anal only without really planning to.

Thank you for the comment and good message, and congratulations on your first of many years anal only together!

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