Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring, Part 2

Anonymous: It’s the woman who was going to ask my husband to go anal only. I asked him, and actually we had a long conversation about what we prefer first. I told him how much I love anal and want to do it more, and he agreed that he preferred it too, and I asked him if he’d want to go anal only. At first he thought that meant no oral but when I said it just meant no pussy he immediately agreed. So I think we’re both ready to just make it permanent already. We didn’t even fuck my pussy one last time!

Congratulations! That’s wonderful to hear. I’m not surprised he wanted to go anal only right away when it meant lots of anal and oral but no vaginal. The fact he already loved your ass so much almost always means he prefers it to vaginal, and eliminating vaginal just means more anal. Once you start to think about it, every time you do vaginal is just one less time you could be doing anal.

I think that’s the way to do it—no dragging it out by doing vaginal “one last time”, just making the commitment and going for it. Once you decide to become anal only, there’s no reason to look back, really, especially since you’ve both acknowledged now that anal only is what you want.

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