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Hello everyone. I really don’t have a lot to say, but never had I in my wildest dreams thought there could be a whole community speaking or chatting about anal only. I actually just saw the blog today, I am from Africa but down south. I must confess, I can’t stop thinking about anal. I have been like that for a long time I think since 16 years and I will be reaching 30 in a couple of years. I used to think that there was something wrong with me, I only started to accept it in my early twenties there was a time when I thought that I was the only one. Anyways I am passed that now, let just say I have found myself in a nutshell. But the painful truth is that I have never had anal sex in my life, I can’t seem to find a women who’s on the same train as I am. I wish I could know how it feels like, I am a heterosexual man with on children. You know, there is something about a women butthole, the only thing I have done so far was to rimming it, and fingering it but my penis has never been allowed to enter the anus.

Sometimes I am happy and other times I am frustrated with life in general. I mean for example this blog here is amazing, I wish I could live close to the girls on this blog. I have never heard so many girls talk about anal sex so much, it feels unreal. I don’t think I can stay in a relationship without any anal action, I think I am an ass-alcoholic of some kind. I think I have had enough pussy to last me a life time. I am kind of a good looking guy, have no problem with getting girls. The problem is anal!!!! I have noticed that there are not a lot of African women who would try anal. I think us African men shy way from it because of the stigma involved. So I just wanted to say thank you for this blog and thank you to the anal only women out there. I can only dream of such a chance in life, I can go and probably pay for such a service but somehow it doesn’t feel the same. I want someone who will open up to me. They must just accept me for who I am…..I am an ass man!!!!

For anyone interested please google Black Tantra – Gnostic Teachings or simply Black Tantra.

You will be amazed on how sex and religion come together. Peace!

Definitely don’t give up on your desire for anal only. Despite cultural trends making things more difficult regionally in parts of the world, I guarantee there are some women near who you also love anal, or will if willing to try and introduced to it with care and respect.

This forum and greater community is of course open to everyone, but there is an additional Discord community which you might also find relevant, for discussion of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle from the perspective of African people and people of African descent: Afro-Anal.

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