Message: Vaginal Is Just Boring

Anonymous: The feeling of a cock inside my ass, filling me and stretching me open like nothing else, makes me feel so sexy and slutty. I’ve been having vaginal sex since I was 17 but it’s nothing like anal, it’s sort of just boring, if I’m being honest. I’ve been doing anal a long time too, but it hasn’t gotten old the same way even as I’ve started doing it more often. My husband really likes my ass, and I think he’d jump at the chance to go anal only, so I’m going to ask him tonight to try it for a while.

It’s amazing to me just how many women have the same revelation at some point, often after years of loving and preferring anal but still not making it their priority because vaginal is “normal” and “expected” even if it’s boring and anal is what they really want. Congratulations on deciding to break that cycle and not just make anal your priority but to go anal only. I’ve no doubt that he’ll be all for it, given what you’ve said. Good luck, you’re going to love being anal only.

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