Message: I Need Anal, But My Partner Doesn’t Like It As Much As Me

fredflinstone-blogWhat do I do if my partner doesn’t like anal as much as me but I cant orgasm without some type of anal stimulation whether it be on me or her?

What does “doesn’t like anal as much as me” mean? Does it mean she doesn’t want to include anal in your sex life at all, or that she likes it but only on occasion?

Does she know you need anal in order to be satisfied and to be able to orgasm?

Is she willing to compromise in some way, whether it be always ending with anal sex, or you wearing a butt plug during sex, or something else along those lines?

Is she willing to explore anal further with you putting the focus on her enjoyment of it so you can over time get her to the point where she perhaps does like anal as much as you?

Communication and compromise are usually good places to start.

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