Month: November 2017

Message: My Body Was Made for Anal Only

Anonymous: What’s kind of funny is that is much easier for me to take cock in my ass than my cunt. I need a lot of time to warm up for vaginal and it often hurts at first, but as long as I’m having anal at least twice a week I can just lube up my dildo and hop on. I don’t need prep at all, but ironically always need it for vaginal. Its like my body was made for anal only.

I think that’s the case for more women than one might realize at first. Just because vaginal is “more natural” in a biological sense doesn’t mean that it actually feels better or is easier to have sex with. There are a lot of reasons vaginal may be unpleasant for someone, and in those cases, anal is often a lot easier. Especially once you get started and in a routine, anal just requires maintaining some frequency of sex/play to have it regularly with little preparation for most people.

If you aren’t already anal only, I suggest that you take this as a motivating factor to become so. Why waste time on your vagina anymore when your ass is so much better?

Message: Vaginal Uncomfortable After Giving Birth, Now We’re Anal Only, Part 3

Anonymous: Hi, I’m the woman you tagged 20171013, I didn’t think you’d reply to me eventually. Anal sex does give me pleasure, but to me it isn’t really sexual, it’s difficult to explain. It also never gave me an orgasm. I’m not used to touch my clitoris while having sex with my husband, he usually took care of it when we did vaginal sex, but now he doesn’t care about it any more. It’s frustrating, but sex is more frequent and passionate now, I don’t want to break that, and I’m healthier without the pill.

Hello again! I’m sorry for the slow response to your previous message, I was traveling for some time and didn’t get caught up on my Tumblr inbox for a while.

It sounds to me like going anal only is still an overall positive for the two of you, but could still be improved further for you. If you’d like to remain anal only (as it sounds you do), I can offer some suggestions.

First, to try and make it seem more sexual, you’ll have to change your own thinking about it. I suggest doing this on your own, to begin with at least. When you masturbate, start to incorporate anal stimulation into that each time. (If you don’t masturbate, start to do so at least several times a week.) Use a vibrator or rub your clit to orgasm, but finger or rub your anus at the same time. By doing this repeatedly and often, you will start to build up that mental association with other sexual pleasures for yourself and hopefully start to think of anal stimulation as something sexual as well because you’re masturbating that way. Over time I would suggest getting some dildos and butt plugs to use for that purpose as well. Doing this may also help you to start learning to orgasm from just anal, with further practice.

Then, during sex with your husband, try to change your mindset about it as well. Start just by explicitly thinking of it as something sexual, even if it’s hard to naturally think that way at first. It is sexual, so you just need to change your thinking about it to start seeing it that way and enjoying it yourself. Like you say, you enjoy it physically and you enjoy that you’re having more frequent and passionate sex, you just can’t get past the idea that it isn’t sexual somehow.

Something which some women struggle with is the idea of not being a proper sexual woman if their pussy isn’t being used for sex. Could this be a factor for you as well? As if somehow only having anal sex makes you less of a woman or not as feminine? It certainly isn’t true, of course. Whether a woman uses just her vagina for sex, just her anus, or a mix of both, she’s just as much a woman.

I hope you’re able to get to where you can embrace and fully enjoy anal sex and appreciate it as the very sexual, intimate and loving act that it can be and is. If you have any further questions or would like any other advice, please feel free to ask.

Message: Don’t Know Why I Never Thought About Anal Only Before

Anonymous: I just saw your post about No Pussy November and I want to try it. I really like anal a lot and it makes me cum so good. I don’t know why I never thought about trying anal only before, it just seemed like I was supposed to keep doing vaginal too, I guess. Thanks for making me look at things differently! I’m going to tell my boyfriend I want to try going anal only for a month and see where things go from there.

I’m glad to have inspired you to try going anal only and hopefully discover it’s exactly what you really want! I think there are many out there in the same boat, who prefer anal but don’t really consider the idea of becoming anal only, just because it’s not the norm. Good luck and have fun!

Message: Boyfriend Agreed to No Pussy November!

Anonymous: Yay! I showed my boyfriend your posts about No Pussy November and all the people trying going anal only this month and he agreed we should try it too! The idea of him only using my ass and mouth and both of us ignoring my pussy just makes me so wet and happy, I’m so excited we’re going to finally do it. We decided that we’ll ignore it completely, including my clit, and I can only cum from anal. (Which I can do easily, thank god!) This is going to be a great month (and hopefully more)!

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! It’s great that you’re both into it and want to try it—you’re both going to be in for a great time! I definitely encourage just sticking with it and staying anal only if you’re still enjoying it and having a good time at the end of the month.

Keep us updated!

Message: Anal Preparation

Anonymous: I want to do Anal only November but I don’t know a lot about anal prep. Like I know how anal works and have done it before but I would like to know what you think all the steps of prep should be.

I highly recommend participating in No Pussy November!

Everyone has different needs and preferences for preparation before anal. Some will want to clean out beforehand, others don’t much need to, as the rectum is generally empty except right before going to the bathroom. If you plan to, I recommend just using a small amount of warm water to only flush any residue out of the rectum and not get the water deeper into the colon. Repeat a couple times with just a small bit of water. It should only take several minutes. If you use more water and get into deeper enema territory, you risk causing a bigger mess rather than just cleaning up a little bit.

As for warmup, wearing a butt plug for a while before having sex can be an excellent and enjoyable way to do so, especially if you already have anal experience. A bit of dildoing can do the trick as well. If you’re less experienced, you may want to work through more of a gradient from something small like a single finger, then add fingers as you feel comfortable doing so, working up through the sizes.

If you have any other or more specific questions, feel free to ask!

Message: Husband Didn’t Want to Go Anal Only, So We Tried It For a Week

domesticatedhousewife7You have made my life amazing. My husband didn’t want to go anal only so I begged him to try it for a week, that was the beginning of September. We are still going strong and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop soon!!

That’s so great to hear, I’m really glad it’s working out so wonderfully for you. Sometimes a little push without a long-term commitment is all it takes for people who are initially resistant to the idea of being anal only to discover that their concerns about it aren’t actually valid and they really enjoy it in reality.

So for anyone out there who may have such concerns that are keeping them from going anal only, or who has a partner hesitant to try it, consider a short term trial period. No Pussy November is an excellent opportunity to try being anal only, whether for a week, two weeks, or the whole month initially. A good number of people over the years have done it for the month and ended up not going back afterwards because they enjoyed it so much and discovered how much better than vaginal it really is.

Anal Only Update: 5 Months AO, 2 Months Clit Denial

ilikeitintheass: Am sure you know that I’ve been anal only for a while. I can say that I’ve been ANAL ONLY for almost 5 months-shy a few days- ? and I’ve been on clit denial for about 2 months. The orgasms just keep improving I rarely miss clit orgasms. Anal orgasms are so much better.

Am obviously very proud of myself ?? I’m also with someone now so it’s a lot more fun and he’s very happy that we are anal only. He loves anal just as much as I do

Message: Anal Only For Two Years, But She Hasn’t Had an Anal Orgasm

My wife and I have been going anal only for at least 2 yrs now and she still hasn’t had an anal orgasm.  She loves anal and says it makes her feel good and very tingly but I would really like it if she could have an orgasm, any suggestions? Thx

It’s different for different people, and some can easily do it without effort while others need to really work towards it. Have her tell you when a particular position, angle or depth feels especially good to her or makes her feel like she could cum (or even if it makes her feel like she needs to pee), and keep focusing on doing what you were doing and try to get that feeling to build to orgasm for her. Try some other supplemental stimulation, like playing with her nipples at the same time.

That said, it sounds like she’s happy as she is even without an anal orgasm. Does she want them as well, or is it more just something you want? If you haven’t, talk with her about it, and see what her own wants are regarding it. Some women prefer the constant arousal and pleasure of not orgasming.

Message: Vaginal Uncomfortable After Giving Birth, Now We’re Anal Only, Part 2

Hi. No, you don’t understand, my husband and I have never done anal sex before, and vaginal sex being uncomfortable was just some temporary thing after giving birth. We would have never thought about anal sex without my gynaecologist mentioning it and detailing it to great length, explaining it was the best form of birth control (my body doesn’t handle the pill very well), how to have an appropriate diet, how to clean up, etc. But it was supposed to last two or three months, not be forever.

My husband was sceptical at first, and I had to insist we followed the doctor’s advice, but now it’s all he ever does. He doesn’t even touch my pussy or clitoris any more. When I suggested we tried vaginal again after the first months, he replied: “let’s not take any chance” and that was that. On one hand, our sex life was dying (less than once a week), vs. at least five times a week now (even several times a day), but even if I don’t mind anal, I’m not that much into it. But I like the change.

As I noted in my original response to you, it’s obvious that he likes the new anal only arrangement much more than before when you were having vaginal sex. This is not uncommon, as anal is generally far more pleasurable, appealing and intimate for men (and lots of women, too!). He enjoys anal more, fantasizes about it more, and clearly likes and wants the two of you to remain anal only going forward. This has led to a far greater increase of sexual activity for the two of you, which you note you appreciate and enjoy.

You say you don’t mind anal but aren’t into it much—what does that mean, exactly? Does it give you pleasure? Does it make you orgasm? Or is it just something that isn’t painful or uncomfortable but doesn’t do much for you otherwise?

Perhaps consider some sort of compromise where he has no obligation to touch or use your pussy or clit, but you can still rub your clit or use a vibrator to orgasm during sex, if anal alone does not provide orgasms for you. Some couples manage to stay anal only for intercourse between each other but include double penetration with a dildo for additional stimulation for her if necessary.

I suggest talking with him and trying to understand his perspective, while sharing your own, if it’s something that you want to change. Myself, being an advocate for anal only, am going to still be biased in favor of you staying anal only and instead of trying to return to vaginal, working to enjoy and appreciate anal more.